In "dry professional Katsuya" selected fishing sardines make soup is delicious!

Strong impressions of the local ramen noodles black Toyama black Toyama、Less rigid cultural image、Here is increasing years authentic ramen shops!

Delicious food is asking local people know good food! By saying that、Toyama is connected with FB's gourmet House,Daisuke Hayashi (Daisuke Hayashi)Is it to meet、He told us the restaurant、Told me recently addicted ramen!

It's、Opened Toyama shinjo-machi in 2011 "Dry specialty Katsuya(SHOw-YA) ".

The shopkeeperHosoda Katsuhiro (Katsuhiro Hosoda)Just the specified farm chicken and pigs、And、Sardines 漁reru from at least six carefully selected from across the country from taking stock、Drawer sticking up in no making soup a refined taste and flavor.、That have captivated fans like ramen!

In addition to its base、Knowing that contains plenty of shrimp and lobster extract frames、I ordered a shrimp dried small sardines Chinese noodles 800 yen and pepper flavor Red Chinese Soba 800 yen!

Both in small bowl size、In a voluminous easy sitting even for women!
Smell the sardines with a steaming fragrant whets the appetite!

Shrimp dried small sardines Chinese Soba soup was less color saturation is not finished、The sardines well added sweetness of shrimp condensed、The sarcastic without rich flavor!
Flour whole wheat flour is mixed with another note Hokkaido used noodles、Leave the bunch curly noodles。"Noodles firm is prohibited! "That complaint with the respondent makes people feel good!
To enjoy the texture thick menma、Savory broiled pork using a medicine,、Or wave a sense of satisfaction in the dark-eyed seasoned and flavorful!

With plenty of vivid green scallion "onion pork Bowl" 300 yen is recommended is good! Winter, noodles day was warm up yourself with fluff!

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