Asahikawa ramen "Menya Michinoya" Sister store of the original Sapporo Ramen Yokocho famous store "Special One Tomoya"




Staff I contact to suggest、人気メニューをオーダー!夏になるとついつい素麺や冷やし中華など冷たい麺類に走りがちですが汗をかきながら熱々のラーメンをすするのも良いでしょう!


スープには江戸時代より大阪の食文化を支えている1765年創業の鰹節専門店「丸与 岡田商店」から仕入れる鯖厚切削り節を使用鶏ガラは北海道知床で育つホワイトチキンを使用し鯖節とのバランスを考慮し調和の取れたスープに仕立て上げ、Add the aroma of charred lard to the rich depth、It is characterized by a taste depth like no other! It's not as dark as the color it looks、It is the best soup where you can feel the depth of umami!

The noodles seem to be sent directly from a long-established noodle shop in Tokyo every day.、The smooth, thick and curly noodles with a good throat and elastic texture are also your favorite taste! Char siu uses "Andean highland pork" as a special pork in pursuit of safety、Soaked in homemade sauce that has been added since its establishment、Thin slices of shoulder loin with little fat dyed with good taste。The small technique of decorating boiled eggs with a single effort shines brightly!

Salt Ramen 850 yen

The most popular salt ramen is hakodate、Scorched lard is also used here、Although there is a refreshing feeling unique to salt、It is salt ramen with a umami that feels good enough to eat! It's not as impressive as soy sauce ramen.、It is good for rich salt ramen lovers!

This is particular about water and vessels.、Water uses body-friendly "pie water" that is said to be as close as possible to biological water.、The bowl is considered so that the soup does not cool down easily by making it thick Minodate toyaki!

"Lunch Service Char siu rice bowl set"

At lunch、Set price with various ramen at 1000 yen、Usually 350 yen char siu rice bowl is attached for 150 yen!
Scatter green onions on the color、Char siu cut into corners is gorod and goro、White rice with homemade sauce soaked in char siu has a gutsy eating response、A nice service for those who are not enough with ramen alone!

To counter、Equipped with a place just like the general Shigeaki Michino、I was at a delicious ramen shop that greets me with a gentle smile!

Address:2249-1 Nishiyamacho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-ku, Shizuoka
Hours of operation:Morning Ramen 7:30~9:30、11:00~14:30※ Closed as soon as soup runs out
Closed on Mondays:Tuesdays and Wednesdays、Monday night
Parking lot:店舗前有

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