Hamamatsu "China Wakabayashi Lurin" overwhelming volume and cospa's strongest cheap lunch!

Hamamatsu will go to "Chuka Wakabayashi(Lurin)" in a corner of the residential area south of Hamamatsu West Post Office in Nishiiba for Chinese lunch!

Lunch menu is overed at the entrance、Choose from 5 main dishes.、Lunch time despite the set meal style、The strongest cospa of surprise with a uniform 900 yen!

1.Ma Po tofu(average)
2.Char siu noodles
3.Ankake Yakisoba
4.Chicken with medicinal sauce
5.Sauteed Meat Dumplings with Black Vinegar
All main dishes are soup, rice, and greens (rice large serving free of charge)
900 yen each (tax included)

On the board in the store、Handwritten "Mapo Yakisoba" and "Spicy Chilled Dandan Noodles" and additional lunch menus are also described!

Mr. Takashi Terada, the owner、Sichuan cuisine for about 20 years、I was trained in Shanghai cuisine for about 4 years.、On July 21, 2018, three years ago, Hamamatsu opened a residence and store in Wakabayashi Town! Wakabayashi of the shop name comes from the place name!
The number of seats in the store is 4 counter seats、Table 4×2 people、2 × 20 seats = 16 seats。Lunch time is full!

Photos and signs of memories with Chinese iron man Kenji Chen are also posted on the wall! Since the owner Terada's parents have learned the home of "Chen Mapo Tofu" in China、has inherited its taste、Using sansho and sansho oil, we offer mapo tofu with a taste that becomes a numbing habit peculiar to Sansho!

We ordered "2.Char siu noodles" and "4.Chicken flavor sauce sauce"!
At the moment it was carried, I was a little singed with a sense of volume that I would unintentionally say "I'm glad I didn't have to make rice big"! (laughs)

"Char siu noodles" 900 yen

It looks like royal ramen.、Are you using sweet soy sauce?、In a mellow soup with a taste like no other、The noodles are soft medium-thick straight noodles.。The ingredients、The main char siu rides with 4 pieces and thick slices that are eaten、Menma、Wakame、1000 green onions。The presence of wakame with a smooth texture is an interesting accent!

Two small children are next to me and I have them bed from my parents.、I was seen cheeking this ramen hard.、Because it is easy to get used to in Hamamatsu、I think that it is a taste that children like!

"Chicken with Flavor Sauce" 900 yen

"Chicken flavor sauce sauce" that appeared in the mountains、Fried chicken with a crispy texture with starch towers over the bowl like a tower、The number of、I was honestly surprised that there were 12 pieces piled up! At this price, this amount can only be said to be a great service!
The medicinal sauce is easy to eat with a sweet and sour sauce with reduced acidity、This is also finished in a taste that even small children can enjoy!

As a small vegetable、On this day, kinpira beef 蒡 with it.、I'm glad to have such a side dish.、The best dish to accompany rice!
Soup is soluble eggs、Wakame、It is a gentle Chinese soup with sesame seeds! Because this soup also attached to ramen、My husband was about to get hungry!
When I saw the amount of rice ordered in large quantities、Because it was rice of a splendid size feeling of the chawanyama platter which appeared in the cartoon、Ally the couple managed to flatten it out、I was relieved that I didn't really want rice! (laughs)

Considering this cospa with a gutsy focus on volume、I think that this is a very conscientious Chinese restaurant where you can see how the family with small children surrounds the table with everyone!

Wakabayashi, China
Address:2819-3 Wakabayashicho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu-ku, Shizuoka
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00、17:30-21:00
Closed on Mondays:Monday、3rd Sunday
Parking lot:Fully equipped in front of the store

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