Ramen crowd "wonton Hotels' frequent binge drinking gluttony finish frame!

The second is、Ramen is Hill elementary school near Hamamatsu City AOI enters Hime kaidō from Takaoka district 'Wonton hotels"To!
Here is the original、"Home Hotel"、See nybyri.、"Next next hotels.、"K"、In the shops has been involved "in the wilderness" to General and produced by morishige、Toyota's current owners transferred management rights and the Ramen is following in the footsteps!
Ryoko kuninaka likeness of Cayo's wife is teaches in the two small shops in、Always crowded with regulars who see wonton hotels.。Line and reasonably priced menu of drink on!
In "beer" and "highball" and toast for 2、Deep fried crispy and make homemade noodle cheese stick 500 yen and potato "ramen noodles" 800 yen on "oil-less" order!
To finish、No more apparent color depth and the shina Soba 650 Yen、Sour smell of dried bonito and pickled plum becomes a habit "Japanese plum salt Ramen" 800 yen、Kick with plenty of garlic noodles Sesame bijin 700 yen and noodles are "thin taste" in order、In addition、And complete the mix on the plate "teppan grilled fried" 500 yen "griddle-baked omelet" 500 yen with four people sitting and、Gluttony and night junky! That is the best diet for the wedding bride and groom、After the ceremony、Is satisfied with the bursting of the stomach showed good to ban shows a healthy appetite (laughs). 2 people I、I also go.
Wonton hotels
Address:3-44-3 East Takaoka, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City
Hours of operation:11:00-14:00 17:30-23:00
Closed on Mondays:Thursday

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