Okinawa folk music played by Mamoru thanked buckwheat Okinawan shamisen and voice relaxed with at popular stores

"The Ritz-Carlton, OkinawaThe Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa) "From across the city、Okinawa last lunch and let's!

Take a fast ride、Arrived at Naha on about 1 hour drive!

Just、For the celebrated lunch、Expected return shop. been near Okinawa Soba and Okinawa cuisine "Follow bow near"In the、Will be the last in the Okinawa diet!

Here you will、Day 12:00 ~ 14:00In between the、Is an Okinawan folk music.、While enjoying a meal、And enjoy a moderate voice relaxed with the rhythm of Okinawan folk song、Not to mention the locals、Popular restaurant full of tourists.

At lunchtime、Okinawa beside daily Okinawa's rice "juicy!" or "Inari.、"pickles"、There was a set with "dessert" in "today's specials" 805 Yen、Specials of the day is "near a set of pork and eggs"、This is New York!

The number of seats、Table 40 seats、Zashiki-90 seats、The bin is total 130 seats、This day was great bustle of packed a thank-you note!

The menu is、20Started over Okinawa Soba.、In addition to meat and fish dishes、To the product, such as soy sauce and stir-fry、From rice set meal served in a wide variety!

We have、And has also become the name Mamoru thanked Soba 710 Yen "out-near ' order for 680 Yen!

Good news is that、You can choose the firmness of the noodles and the soup base!
Soup、"Pork bones easily.、"Rich"、Choose from three types of skipjack tuna-flavored、Noodles、See who noodle.、Choose either "soft noodle"!

Follow bow buckwheat 710 Yen
Pork bone based simply on how to protect bow soba noodles ordered!
Soup of water and is kodawara、Has been using PI、Provided from the soup simmered overnight sleep、Pull has a mild taste!
Should pork be、Hasn't persistence、And good balance of flavor、The pork with bone、And that soft braised in holoholo texture、In size if there is filling and hearty!

How noodles are wavy hwayoung and noodles、Very chewy because、Nice choice!

"Out-near" 680 Yen
Ordered with bonito flavored soft noodles "out-near"!
The bonito with light、A gentle can't believe my stomach、And slightly sweet finish、Can of stewed pork and Okinawa boiled fish paste!

A soft noodle became by、Moderate firmness in ease of eating there!

The Okinawa Soba、Comes with a gentle sweetness "zenzai"、As a dessert after a meal with a little one is happy!

After greatly enjoying lunch while wrapped in a mood of Okinawan folk music、"Volkswagen (Volkswagen) "The new beetle special"Aqua car rental(AQUQ Car Rental) "to return the beetle (Beetle)、As well as go in the vanagon minivan type、I'll have to pick up from Naha airport!

And arrived at Naha airport in only 5 minutes、Flight time to check-in time!

They go back to Hamamatsu、Reordered into the frigid temperature 10 ° C to cut world!
And beams.、Winter travel only in the area of global warming! Okinawa hail! "And I want to! (See you again! ) "

Follow bow near
Address:3-7-27, Kora, Naha city, Okinawa Prefecture
Hours of operation:11:30 ~ 20:30(L. O.)
Closed on Mondays:Seven days a week

Aqua car rental (AQUQ Car Rental)
Address:1F, 1-4-20 and Phoenix akamine, Okinawa Naha akamine
TEL: 0120-782-025

Naha (Naha Airport)
Location:Okinawa Prefecture, Naha, pleural fluid 150

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