Soba was moved from 3 months, pottery near positive 10 percent near * 2013 10-closed


Moved the shop in 3 months,、I was OPEN to the red bean rice cake noodles porcelain near a positive。Here is、It is a homemade Soba in Shinshu produced using homemade flour noodles。Previous、So since I was 3 months, had heard the rumors、To hear know that were transferred to the nearby.。Masaki, Tomoaki's owner、It was awakening flow Soba from the hobby ceramics、50And walk in second life at the age of Sarah is a brick and mortar shop、Before next year as a Soba restaurant in round 10 would seems to。The pottery was in fact taste、3 months Sonny Rena ware hand made products (forest of the Rainbow workshop:Pottery class) of other、But after firing at the pottery staff in primary、In the over-the-counter、With Cup of buckwheat、Your work has been used, by Takashi Inoguchi。So "pottery near" and the name stuck as well.


Shop、Counter 7 seats、Table 8 seats。Shopkeepers provides teaches alone.。Buckwheat、Lamina:8 Mt.、Tateshina、Sawing milled buckwheat on the foot of Mt. Asama in costume and used、Kaeshi is soy sauce.、Mirin、Crystal's kaeshi。Rishiri konbu dashi.、This dried bonito、SOTA section、The server section、Use mackerel section。On the menu、10%、8Well written,、Basics in 10% 8% is not almost done。As the land、Unusual deer sashimi served。Be eaten as tempura、Nagano Prefecture (minamishinano) water Kubota, wild mountain vegetables,、Tara、Demon browsing、Mt. Udo、Bud's litter、Under the snow、Slimy cum too、Dioscorea、Depending on seasonal shimonita onion、Many things in the home-grown?。As the sea、Shrimp:Lake Hamana in the White Tiger (made in Indonesia) is in stock now at:、Shrimp from enshunada、Small fish has been used。


「蕎麦茶」”最低2分は蒸らしてください”と言いながら出してくれました。Take a breath with the scent of buckwheat。It is really tasty buckwheat tea。


Green tea Soba buckwheat whole rich brewed、Also includes a kind of polyphenol of rutin。In this component、Is antioxidant to eliminate reactive oxygen species.、Because the plants defend themselves from ultraviolet radiation effects、By taking measures against ultraviolet rays in the summer also will。And high blood pressure.、Heart disease、Hardening of the arteries、Diabetes mellitus、And prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, such as liver disease、Children and pregnant women is safe because it does not contain caffeine。


「ざる蕎麦 荒挽き10割」 900円

In foreground、Buckwheat stabbing in a different texture taste funny.。10It is good example if % in no just nice lengths。Enjoy your throat and fragrance。好みをいえばもう少し茹で時間が短くても良いかもしれません


「おろし蕎麦 粗挽き10割」 1,100円 おろし蕎麦は先ほどのざるそばにこのおろし大根が付いてきます


おろし大根は辛味が強くさっぱりとしており、And the owner the home-grown scallion、Put plenty of Kagoshima in sweet soy sauce、Under the soba noodles here、I sipped my boobs would be good if beaten。程好い辛味と醤油の甘みとコクが相まって夏の蕎麦にオススメです♪


「天ぷら」 600円

Shrimp 2、Tara、Mt. Udo、Tomorrow leaves.、Slimy cum too、むらさき芋のきんとん風これだけの天ぷらがこの価格でいただけるのは嬉しい限り沖縄の天日塩と茶塩でさっぱりといただきます塩がまた美味しいですね今時期山菜の天ぷらをいただくことが多いですがぬるっぱは初めていただきましたツル性の食べる葉のようですがぬるっとした粘りがあり面白い食感でミネラル分を多く吸収し栄養価が高い葉で5~9月の収穫が楽しめるようです他の山菜も揚げ方が良くどれもサクサクッとした食感で美味しくいただきました特にむらさき芋のきんとん風は甘さが嬉しくほっこりしますよ♪




Pottery by the positive
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, red bean rice cake 2-32-12 Maruyama mansion 1F TEL:053-439-0139
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00 18:00-20:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday、On Tuesday * 2013-10-closed

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, red bean rice cake 2-32-12

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