Next brand of noodles ya yan "swallow hatching" is thickened soup with chicken yamadaya is popular!


As well as local、Edam in Shizuoka all super popular Ramen "Menya yan"And it's as the next brand2013On March 9th.To open "Yan hatching"Mr.。Along Route 1 in the parking lot is spacious 16 is reserved、"Ramen shop Shimada"And I'm in is the next。Boasts a popular ramen yamadaya soup line is different from the bird's head with。The Ramen here is、One day is held on new year's Eve each year in yan as an exclusive new year's Eve noodles2011 yearThe suggestion provided the frame got popularity too from the regulars who seems open to。In fujieda, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan、From the morning eating ramen noodles"The morning RA culture"And、And fujieda、In the area of Shida, Shimada、Have many ramen shops are open from early in the morning.、Yan's head office in the morning and from 6:30 has been opened in the early morning、Yan Maple abcdasset too in that one of the has been opened 9:00 morning!


This entrance, there are ticket vending machines soon。"Chicken & paitan Ramen in the base started.、Japanese-style、Black、Shrimp、Include a lineup of noodles。Click here to visit the、Interviewed on the opening day of last year since about one year is coming and a half。Fujieda city hospital that there's where it destroys the physical condition of makinohara my mother, was admitted、Decided to stop by on the way to visit her family.


Shop、Counter 6 seats、Table seats 4 people x 3、Beside the counter seating as built 2 additional seats, had grown to a total 14 seats。In a simple and clean the white store、Umbrellas look feel Showa bare light bulbs lamp has warmth.。Perhaps people lined outside the shop Windows, see、You and eat ramen noodles、You beat a hasty retreat, is spinning really fast!


10Eating only chicken warm water noodle 750 Yen

Ramen here with refreshing and distinctive design in、Smaller bottom is a deep instrument to shape like an upside-down Fuji、Amount, amount of seemingly less feels satisfied with the ordinary。Here is a product developed for the Shizuoka ramen Festa、1Day 10 limited edition chicken warm water-based soy sauce flavored ramen。Yamadaya soup rich flavor taste are intertwined mellow soy sauce。Noodles、Clean good broth with thin noodles.。Topping、2 green onions、Auricularia、And will be、Seasoned soft-cooked egg half.


Shrimp & paitan ramen 770 Yen

Standard & paitan broth smell of shrimp right burst into knocking、Full spread aroma。Clemmie is concentrated、No nagging feeling。Just、Shrimp is a little tedious and have been eating slightly tired causes。Is my personal impression。Anyone who likes shrimp may be good to。Topping、Dried shrimp、Green onions、Auricularia、Sweet miso, Szechuan、Barbecued pork、Seasoned soft-cooked egg half.


"Chicken & paitan Ramen" 700 yen

Standard chicken & paitan ramen here is、Took the head yan soup chicken over high heat new Gala a colleague about 4 hours、Whole body strained to creamy chicken pieces to the finished soup.。Quirky flavor、In the chicken warm water with plenty of high-quality aroma collagen、When we first opened、"Not so plainly a taste of ramen! "The rave and、Drink soup all unusual in our couples is back、While not coming within、Staff will then look like、Transformation was achieved relatively fashionable thick soup。There are thick:、The 絡mimasu securely into thin noodles、It feels a little nag。So was favored many times previous soup、I had personally a bit disappointing。Topping、Green onions、Auricularia、Lettuce、Paprika powder、Barbecued pork、Seasoned soft-cooked egg half. remains a popular soup is changed。By the way、Recently in convenience stores Circle K limited edition noodle soup here as instant noodles again new was launched! Her husband wants to eat you while you look best is (laughs)

Yan hatching
Shizuoka Prefecture fujieda city, Qingdao 660-1 TEL:054-646-0705
Hours of operation :9:00-14:15 Closed on Mondays:Tuesdays、No. 3 Wednesday

Shizuoka Prefecture fujieda city, Qingdao 660-1

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