Maserati enthusiasts big buildup in the event organized by the Maserati Nagoya "autumn excursion touring!


Typhoon No. 19Whereabouts has been worried of2014On October 13 (months)The sports day、Had been planned beforehand "Maserati NagoyaTo commemorate the first series of regular meetings as an event planning, "Mr. sponsored"Maserati autumn excursion in Gifu"To have been involved。Well fortunately the 19th Typhoon progress was slow because and、But to fine result held carry safely、In the meeting placeKokeizan parking areaTo! So were most of participant Nagoya、Expeditionary Brigade from Hamamatsu、Our couples-only。People gather in time.、Our white Massé and decently the same 3200 GT、Spider、Turismo、Previous generation Quattroporte.、Gran Sport、Previous owner of the Quattroporte.、Its predecessor was the Ghibli、And due to bad weather as the Shamal loaner car Alfa Romeo spider Veloce's is a total nine start 15 guests and fun day!


Destinations、Will deepen the Exchange while Japanese restaurant in Mizunami, Gifu Prefecture have lunch, then slowly with Maserati enthusiast such as flow。Although the current car is one not、Maserati to come together just as the magnificent、Go camera while dodging the rain drizzle beating heart, followed by a State of excitement (lol) I only regret it was!。Truly great woman I zurasenakatta only the typhoon seems to have、I should thank that wasn't rain.


We have in this Maserati are planning an event in Nagoya after-sales master technicianTanaka thenAsk me induced ♪


Bellwether、Blue collar Gran Sport。Kokei mountain parking area、Drove the car to the West, go with safe driving.


Maserati to curve over。As a good distance, enjoy a smooth ride while defending the statutory rate.


Through the tollbooth of the Mizunami IC, and running R19、Drive approximately 30 minutes driving。


At the regular meeting of the tooling for these cars、Where is parking available and 集maremasenn。Here's Japanese restaurant、There is also a heliport、Large tracts of land in 30 is good space is、All vehicles could take photos but do not line up.


1963 VentureThe "See's shop"Mr. a、Heisei first yearThe relocation the head office to the present location and、Hida beef brand began to establish at this time will mainly Hida beef menu。And the "beef" Hida、In Gifu Prefecture, Japanese black cattle Wagyu cattle species、In the only outstanding beef Wagyu beef brand brand、Its flesh is fine-grained, soft、Melts in your mouth like flavor has a reputation for。Here you will、And use only the highest quality, carefully selected from the origin directly bought Hida beef、Yaki Shabu Shabu yasuki、Staple, such as steak and other beef Maburaho do any original cuisine has developed、Popular!


1Floor front


Up on the stairs on the second floor seats in the balcony、Spacious private rooms and、Green Mt. ENA's blessed from the window and Toki Kiyoshi et al can enjoy the flow、Is a very scenic place.


Many of the first meeting to、First of all, introduce yourself to the each。It used a unique car that Maserati、Nice owner of abundant individuality is just like!


It has in the after-sales master technician of Maserati NagoyaTanaka then.、Through a greeting when meeting in this event and will talk about the development of this keep is was!


"Hida beef Matsutake Gozen (fillet)" 6,000 yen (in the case of loin will be 5,000 yen)
Hida beef tenderloin grilled plate、Grilled mushrooms、Earthenware teapot steamed、Small bowl two、奴豆腐、Vegetable salad、Steamed egg custard、Rice、Pickles、Miso soup、Dessert。

I ordered this on the menu of this restaurant。Seasonal mushrooms、Received the Japanese Matsutake can be caught in this area and luxury、Thick-sliced Hida beef tenderloin with lots of choice in the price range is the o安 of the surprise! Hida beef、With salt or sweet sauce are the、Down with your choice either with garlic soy sauce。The sauteed vegetables、Onion、Pumpkin、Sweet potato、Carrot、Green peppers、Pleurotus eryngii、Guests can enjoy the corn。Tofu is not included here is、Nagano Japan wild organic soybeans、Homemade tofu by using natural brine。More than anything、And the softness of the Hida beef Teppanyaki grilled scoot... is the best! Pine-mushrooms、And enjoy the fragrant dish、It is well-balanced in both and enjoy the texture baking set!


Small bowl two


Earthenware teapot steamed


Domestic Grilled Matsutake


Domestic Grilled Matsutake


Rice, miso soup, pickles




Fun time even while talk the depth of the love for Maserati in each while the meal will continue past quickly is ♪


1st Maserati enthusiasts regular meeting commemorative photo


And his family gave to the charge for the event we have to photo! And found the "Aya" links of the same name that cute Lady and what a coincidence、Something serious please feel around the edges (lol) as you will find them really, thank you!


But does not stop the rain、To try to dissolve before becoming earnest、This was only lunch。The next time、Spring seems to have been going so、Let's hope fine.


From Gifu to Nagoya as well as meteorological and heads to the East。


Pair earlier than typhoonYahagi River bridgeTo the arrival (laughs) really saved Was ♪ in the rain to the extent that does not appear to impede the operation


In souvenir than this Maserati Nagoya's "Maserati cap"We have! Navy color red Trident really stands out, really nice! Thank you very much! Everyone was participating in the event、I was very happy, fun to share! So I also hope next time together we participate in to、Please thank you!

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Hours of operation:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

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