Fujieda French "L'AGAPE Lagup" A classic French restaurant that is happy with its unchanging deliciousness

A French restaurant in the corner of a tenant building along Qingdao Junior High School Street in Aoba-cho, Fujieda City.L'AGAPE"In the、For the first time in a long time, we went to Fujieda lunch!

Is your store、Owner-chef Takayuki Matsushita、Tokyo、Gain some experience in your stores in the Kansai region、After France also trained independent in September 2008。The inside of the store is a simple modern construction based on simple white、It will be a restaurant full of private feeling like a hidden place with about 10 seats。Here you can enjoy classic French cuisine based on French regional and traditional cuisine.、It's one of the shops we've been going to for 10 years since we got married!

Lunch menu starts from a casual A course with dessert of 2,600 yen (* A course without dessert is 2,000 yen)、It will be a 5 course that can respond widely up to 10,000 yen for a special E course using seasonal ingredients of Chef Omakase、In the course of all Pan (pork Rillettes with)、Soup, and Cafe、Dessert included、This time the、Order a B course 4,200 yen for each of the B course where you can choose one dish of your favorite thing for both appetizer and main dish、We will select and share the main dish with fish dishes and meat dishes!

The store shelves are lined with freshly baked homemade bread to accompany the course。

Dessert、I choose from what is written on the blackboard.、Because it is also possible to take each one little at a time、If you have room in your stomach, let's go to all kinds by all means! Ice confectionery (glass、Sorbet)、You can choose two types from what is written on the blackboard!

Because this day is an expedition in Maserati、Unfortunately, wine is a treat, so、Order water with gas。

It was said that this was not much affected by the corona disaster、Lunchtime during summer vacation is、Madame doesn't seem to be there.、In a quiet interior、I was able to enjoy a moment just like a private kitchen!

Appetizer "Foie gras plum compote stuffed terrine"

The first dish I order almost every time, "Foie Gras Terrine"! Foie gras is flavored with cognac and white Porto liquor and made into a terrine.、This version had a plum compote tucked in the middle.。Honey mixture of nuts and raisins served with brioche。If you take a bite, you will be stunned by the smoothness and rich taste depth that melts on the tongue! You can enjoy the taste that you can feel the very careful work in the preparation and cooking method!

Appetizer "Hokkaido Tokishizu Smoked Thick Sliced Poiret"

Even if it is said that this is the main fish dish, there was no doubt that an appetizer came out (laughs) Smoked thick sliced poiret of salmon from Hokkaido、After marinating overnight、Keep it in good condition with a dehydrated sheet、Baked crisp and fragrant on the skin surface、White wine-based sauce with a sauce entangled with blue laver from Lake Hamana。Mashed potatoes underneath、Accompanying vegetables are like summer、Served with okra frites or roasted tomatoes。The knife crisply enters the fragrant skin of crispness、I can't stand the feeling of moist and fluffy inside! Enjoy it with the gentle aroma of blue laver!

Homemade bread

Fragrant French bread with whole grains and rye、コーングリッツ(とうもろこしの粗挽粉)を塗したふんわりもっちりの香ばしい丸パンの二種をいただきます飴色の玉葱と白ワインで煮込んだ豚肉を丁寧にほぐして煮汁と焦がしバターで練り上げる定番のポークリエットとの相性も抜群です!




本日の鮮魚料理は嬉しいことに私たちの大好きな「甘鯛の鱗焼き」!発酵バターのブールブランソースにトマトを加えていただきます。Served with vegetables、Carrot、Yellow Zucchini、Leo thank you、Eggplant、ペコロスのグリル甘鯛の鱗の美しさに思わず見惚れてしまいます!こちらの皮面の火入れも絶妙で、Crispy、サクッと心地良い音が鳴り響き香ばしい香りと共に食感が楽しめフワッと溶けてなくなる身の柔らかさは極上の一皿となります!

「フランス・シャラン産 窒息鴨のロースト」

こちらのお店で私たち夫婦の一押しメニューがこのビュルゴー家シャラン産の窒息鴨です。Do not eat the duck in this shop!、Will life.、きっと(笑)
And étouffée (suffocation)、Originally、Put the needle to the back of the neck、And in a State of suspended animation、The bird carcass without removing blood.、Is there a way to ETFE with electric shock in recent。By letting ETFE、With engorged blood in the body of the duck、As a result、血が肉全体にまわります。Thereby、Strong flavor of duck meat containing iron is delicious。エトフェ(窒息)した鴨肉に煮詰めた蜂蜜を塗って、The aroma increases by roasting the skin surface with impatience、It is finished without missing the umami of the meat。This time too, with a splendid fire、At the moment put the knife、A smile fills the elasticity of the flesh lying with a pull-up.。Dressed in a sauce stewed with honey and red wine、When chewed, the aroma of the skin becomes umami.、The thick part has moderate elasticity、Juice overflows.。And the rich taste that feels sweet with the juice is transmitted、The body is soft and moist and full-bodied and smooth。It is a dish that I do not know how many times I have already received、It is a dish that leads to bliss without getting tired of the unchanging deliciousness!

Dessert assortment

Because you are also ordering all kinds of luxuriously、It will be a luxurious platter! The two kinds of glass are、Honey ice cream with nougat grasse and chestnut flowers on top、The cake is a three-kind, smooth texture and full-bodied crème caramel、Tart tatin filled with summer apples from Fujieda、Lots of rum raisins with gateau!

It's still a little early.、8Chef Matsushita celebrated his husband's 46th birthday on the 14th of the month as a surprise! You remember it well! I feel ♪ very happy about this kind of casual care.

"Happy Birthday TAKAHIRO Congratulations"

The master's face also melted at the unexpected celebration of flying birthday、Very happy ♪ this sorbet selects pineapple and yogurt and two refreshing kinds!

"Peach Compote Jelly"


We will have tea confectionery and coffee after meals!

After eating, hold a status report meeting with Chef Matsushita who has free hands、From around the middle of next month、It seems that you can enter the construction to renovate the interior of the restaurant、You can close the shop for about 2 weeks! I think I was able to visit at just the right time! I can't wait to see what the renovation of the store that has been in operation for 14 years will look like!

Current、At Lagap, we are looking for serve staff to help us with the hall! If you are interested, please contact us!

Mr. Matsushita、We look forward to seeing you reopening! Please come and stay in Hamamatsu during the renovation holiday!

Address:Shizuoka Prefecture fujieda-Shi Aoba-Cho 3-3-28
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00、18:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:Mondays and other irregular holidays (* Please contact the store directly)
Parking lot:Yes in front of the store

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