I rented Fujieda's French restaurant with a friend to celebrate my "Lagap" birthday.

11Monday, September 9、47Celebrating my birthday when I'm 20 years old、Fujieda's "French Restaurant Lagap L'AGAPE" was chartered by my husband and friends!
In the last few years, birthdays that we welcome overseas have become a standard.、In this corona、Because even outings outside the prefecture, let alone overseas, are under severe conditions、Select your favorite shops in Shizuoka Prefecture this year!
The other day、With the opening of the shop、Takayuki Matsushita of restaurant Lagap gave me a wonderful celebratory flower.、I was allowed to request it from my husband ♪ "I like Lagap for birthday"!

I got on the train for the first time in a long time.、Swaying and shaking、1 hour to Fujieda Station。"Mask"、"Disinfect your hands in small numbers"、"Spacing with Social Distance"、We who have learned such actions as a matter of course。I think that there were a lot of people who spent quietly with few conversations on the train.。

Restaurant Lagap in a corner of a tenant building along Qingdao Junior High School Street in Aoba-cho, Fujieda City。
Matsushita, owner-chef Takayuki (Takayuki Matsusita).、Tokyo、Gain some experience in your stores in the Kansai region、After training in France、2008Independence in September、12To the restaurant where the years flow。It will be our favorite restaurant that we have been going to for more than seven years since we visited here in 2013!

Simple white interior colours and、A restaurant full of a sense of privateity with about 10 seats。What's more, thank you.、Because it becomes a charter reservation this time、You can use the table seat in a free way! (Thanks)
Lunch menus from casual A course of 1800 Yen、Up to 10000 Yen course with Chef's seasonal ingredients and capable of handling 5-course、In the course of all Pan (pork Rillettes with)、Soup, and Cafe、It will be with dessert.。On this day、Tell Chef Matsushita what you like、We will enjoy a blissful time with the wine brought in in the Omakase course!

Mr. Aki Sugiura, a friend from Fujieda who attended the meeting,、He's been on lde a few times.、I'm a little wonder if you know、If you were active as a manager of the opening staff of the former "Maserati Hamamatsu"、Now it's independent、New cars and used cars、We have opened a sales company "Garage Sugiura"!
Because it corresponds politely regardless of the manufacturer and the car type from a classic and rare car to a standard car、If you have any problems with your car、Please feel free to consult with us.。My mother is also very much indebted to me.、If you say "Mr. Sugiura when you are in trouble" and say a voice、Because it flies, I can leave it with peace of mind!

Now、As a congratulatory Champagne、Here's to The Perrier Jouet Grand Brut!

Based on Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier continues to feel the depth and aftertaste of fruity mellow roundness and thickness and complexity、This wine is suitable for the beginning of an elegant course!

"Terrine Caramelise of Foie Gras"

Why don't you come here?、This appetizer is a dish that can not be removed!
Marinated with Madera and Sherry、Caramelize fragrant terrine of smooth foie gras melting in the mouth。Served with toasted brioche and red ball puree、The time of bliss came every bite of rich foie gras.、Enjoy the deep taste、Excellent compatibility with champagne!

"Hokkaido's Shingo Shirako's Potato Crepe Wrapped in Baked"

Eggs for the inca's aim、Milk、Flour、Crepe dough made with butter wrapped in a true white child is wrapped and baked.。
The sauce is made with cream sauce made with Madera and white wine.、Fluffy crepe with the fragrant aroma of potatoes and butter、It is gently licked by Shirako as if it were a duvet.、It faints to the white child who is a creamy in a torotoro!

"Smoked Taro Garrett from Lake Hamana Oysters"

Smoked marinated oysters、Garette with Taro。In winter, you have to eat oysters before you start! Oyster fries are a staple in our house.、こんな風に調理されたら牡蠣も幸せに感じていることでしょう!甘味と滑らかな食感が楽しめる里芋のガレットにニンニク風味のソースが食欲をそそります!

「マルセル・ダイス・ゲヴュルツトラミネール2007(Marcel Deiss Gewurztraminer 2007)」


「湯種自家製パンとフランスパン ポークリエット添え」



Onion、Potato、Cook with boiled milk and water to make the base of the soup、After lightly boiling the leaves of the chrysanthemum in it、a soup that has been smoothly finished in a blender。Elegant and mellow soup、鼻に抜ける芳しい春菊の残り香が春菊好きには堪らない一品!

「根室産鹿肉サーロイン ロースト」

こちらで毎年仕入れられている根室産の仔鹿。Roast only the core of the back meat part、Red wine-based sauce with charred butter flavor、Red wine and vinegar for garning、Braised red cabbage stewed with honey and simmered carrots with charred butter、1000000000000000000000000000000000000000。Ragap's main cooking potion is hearty、噛めば噛むほどに野生の旨味が感じられるジビエ料理肉厚ならでは旨味と食べ応えが楽しめます!

「フランス・シャラン産 窒息鴨のロースト」

こちらのお店でわたし達夫婦の一押しメニューがこのビュルゴー家シャラン産の窒息鴨です。Do not eat the duck in this shop!、Will life.、きっと(笑)
And étouffée (suffocation)、Originally、Put the needle to the back of the neck、And in a State of suspended animation、The bird carcass without removing blood.、Is there a way to ETFE with electric shock in recent。By letting ETFE、With engorged blood in the body of the duck、As a result the blood into the meat rotates。Thereby、Strong flavor of duck meat containing iron is delicious。
The aroma is increased by applying boiled honey to etfe (suffocating) duck meat and roasting the skin with scorching、It is finished without missing the umami of the meat。
This time too, with a splendid fire、I can imagine the taste of the knife the moment I put it in.、Get big smiles。When chewed, the aroma of the skin becomes umami.、The thick part has moderate elasticity、Juice overflows.。And spread, rich with juice、Body and soft and moist and rich, smooth。
It is a dish that I do not know how many times I have already received、飽きることなく至福の時に導いてくれる一皿です!

「オスピス・ド・ボーヌ(Hospices de Beaune) ドメーヌ・ポンソ(Domaine Ponsot)2010」

Previous、台湾に訪れた際に「台北西華飯店 The Sherwood Taipei(ザ・シャーウッド台北)」オーナーの劉恒昌(Mark Liu)からプレゼントしていただいた貴重な記念ワインだけになかなか開栓の機を逃してしまっていたのですが思い立って今回の記念日に抜栓することに致します!
2010年に香港で開催された150回目の「Hospices de Beaune(オスピス・ド・ボーヌ)」のチャリティーオークションに参加されているシャーウッド台北。Since 2011、2013年と続き「Hospices de Beaune(オスピス・ド・ボーヌ)」を落札。Among them、2010年はブルゴーニュで最も偉大なワインを生み出すCôte de Nuits(コート・ド・ニュイ)で造られた1バレル228リットルのマジ・シャンベルタンを落札されており有名なワイン醸造家である「ドメーヌ・ポンソ(Domaine Ponsot)」に醸造と瓶詰めを委託されホテルオリジナルのエチケットを纏った大変貴重な代物です!
Got with a rich deep purple-Crimson、エレガントな黒い果実の香りと芳醇なフルーティーさを放ちながらも官能的でクリーミーな味わいを誇り余韻が楽しめるワイン

Choose from written on the Blackboard for dessert.、Because it is also possible to take each one little at a time、お腹に余裕のある方は是非全種類行きましょう!

「クレームキャラメル アングレーズソース」



栗の渋皮煮とマロンクリームがたっぷりと詰まったダコワーズ生地のザクザクタルトは、Answer of eating there、栗を存分に楽しめる仕上がりで絶品!




貴重な時間を共有してくださった松下さん、Mr. Sugiura、そしてお祝いの場を設けてくれた旦那様素敵なバースデープレゼントを有難うございます♪
L ' AGAPE ragap
Shizuoka Prefecture fujieda-Shi Aoba-Cho 3-3-28 phone:054-637-0290
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00 18:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:月曜日・その他不定休有(お店に直接お問い合わせください)
Parking lot:Aerobic

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