2 nights in the "Sheraton Golf Parco de 'Medici Hotel & Resort" with a beautiful garden


27Hotel in Rome is surrounded by golf courses with Hall and landscaped gardens "Sheraton Golf Parco De’ Medici Hotel & Resort Sheraton ゴルフパルコデメディチホテル & resorts"。Located on the outskirts of the EUR district of Rome、Historical centre is 13 km and relatively good、Provides shuttle service to the airport and the city center, even。The rooms are、Using modern and classic furniture, hand-made、Amenities include indoor and、From the indoor garden.、Swimming pool、Or golf course views、Blessed with a vast Green、Will be the hotel you can relax and spend!




Italy tours last two consecutive nights will be hotel。In the spacious entrance、Check-in at atmosphere of classical lobby。


Deluxe twin room






American breakfast is buffet style here、Hot bacon or sausage、Scrambled eggs may。The hotel's buffet-style usually continental breakfast (breakfast bread to the Center) or American breakfast (breakfast United States) either。Hot dishes is served is pleased、Hotel Touring than any hotel breakfast was great、Very helpful!


Bacon, sausage,Egg




Ham and salami salad




Cut the bread、Green Salad with ham、Across a cheese sandwich try、It was delicious! Pacifier, the tour also had the、Still, green salad and fruit can be most happy、I really think so。This fruit that is soaked in sparkling wine、Transderma vivacity and juicier but most delicious Bliss morning welcoming coffee I had refills several times (laughs)、Stroll lovely gardens still had plenty up to departure time.


Upon checking in at night、And there is a large garden didn't have、In the warm、Opens up a nice scene so I enjoy an outdoor event or tea time!


Seasonal the there is、25other amenities include outdoor pool as m。


Got a large garden in a quiet location in Rome、Golf and bridal、In the hotel you can respond to a wide variety of events、Resort feel even better! The next time、Remains buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius volcanic pyroclastic flows、Introduces the world heritage site of Pompeii.

Sheraton Golf parcodemedici hotel & resort
Viale Salvatore Rebecchini, 39, 00148 In Rome, Italy TEL:+39 06 65288

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