Pre-opening third store filled with momentum in the newly opened "Barrick" Nagoya young owner


In Nagoya, here and opened a restaurant in quick succession during the years、
Known to everyone through Nagoya's gourmet、Add food and beverage industry
Young ownerTaro YamaguchiIs it's third store should be commemorated and which "Barrique Barrick"Mr.
In Higashi-Ku, Izumi2015On June 2,.The means will be open、
On the eve of opening we intrude into the pre-opening of this。
Of the ownerTaroAnd it's operated "Miprovini co., Ltd."Now、
2012Two days in October.The Italian opened Takaoka "VINI DEL BOTTEGON bottegon"And
23 o'clock at nightFrom champagne to open "Nagoya CHAMPAGNE Club"Being operated。
And the third store in this open and becomes、
Owner does not know to stay like the face to understand I want to see a talented swing。
It's a weeknight near midnight、
Pre-open may、Many fans to celebrate repair Chamaeleonidae.


Shop、An building in depth with a high ceiling.、Filled with a sense of openness。
Unleash the brightness of natural wood to simple taste、
In a casual dining atmosphere、I feel the ease of care。
In the back、Around the kitchen counter seating also available、Alone in Mendenhall, feel free to。
The name "Barrique Barrick"、That the wine aging barrels。
By Barrick refers to the oak of the barrel with a name、
I'm sure、Many other wine shop in vent Plug and、Will be entertained!


Repair of the celebration will champagne Magnum bottles!


Of the ownerTaroIs it's earlier work is、The Midland square "ENOTECA PINCHIORRI NAGOYA"Mr.。
At your place、After the experience of being independent、
The charming Fannie face、Per frank and friendly manner、
And ran inside to beans than anyone else on the staff、Really run around with a smile、
Our people makes us feel the pleasure of hospitality and cozy。
"Taro-CHAN、I came! 」、"Taro-CHAN、Oh and yet?! 」
And、Hung out every pleasure that Russia alligator soul behaviorTaroSan。
Many fansTaroAnd I think that here is why yearns for!


"Pierre-Le Gras and champagne Grand Cru Magnum bottle of" France champagne

1662Born in the yearPierre Le GrasMr.、Sigh and start activities as grape growers、
350Over the years of generation、Continues the family cabinet-making until today。
Ultra rare champagne Grand Cru Shii's 100%!
Cultivation and sticking to strict Rutt resona, has stuck to be ripe grapes from harvest。
Fine lather、The ripe fruit is rich flavor and aroma to emit、Guests can enjoy the creaminess!


Ladies glasses will be so empty and、Nice gentleman can be a smart serve。
Nagoya、An Italian gentleman ladies can really is (laughs)


Ham salad


Carpaccio 3 varieties.


No soup smooth noodles


And if new members have one after another。
Nagoya gourmets will appreciate、Very broad horizontal ties、Is your friend!


"Batard Montrachet / Ignacio Ramonet (Magnum bottles) "France Burgundy

Chassagne village based on the position、Got highest rating from all over the world?、I said to chassagne NO.1、Ignacio Ramonet。
Grape varieties:100% Chardonnay
The superior upland batard-Montrachet is called of the Côte de Beaune、The thickness of the soil there、
Fruit wines from Montrachet to finish。
Enjoy a rich taste and rich flavor and large body heavy, sturdy frame.


The terrible events celebrations、Nothing gourmet eating us like people, not、
Many people like managing food and beverage outlets also showed!
And many food and beverage stores between horizontal ties、Is a kind of very close friend.。
In late will have a nice husband and wife、2014On October 23.To
Popular Italian was opened in Takaoka "Il IL AOYAMA Aoyama"The owner and his wife are。
Current、Nagoya are likely facing eateries open rush、
It is still a hot night of Nagoya culinary still unfolded like a premonition。
Oh yes、Taro who after this、2Was she squats on the floor (private room)!
2Pictures on the floor and NG, not、Moist an adult was the private room with karaoke。
You want to be available?、TaroIs it to it please let us know!
Taro's、Congratulations to open!

Hotels in Nagoya、Please friends thank you very much!

Barrique Barrick
1F Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Higashi-Ku Izumi 1-17-15 T.Y building
Hours of operation:Moon-tree 18:00-25:00、Friday... Saturday... Sunday 15:00-25:00
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

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