Retreat of the Italian store "La vena del renno" Nagoya

Ikeshita-Cho is famous Italian in Nagoya at "il Vecchio Moreno" chef with trainingUchida Yuki (Uchida Yuki)Ms. independent、2009On March 5 of the wife of confectionaryChie Uchida (Chie Uchida)Italian and opened with "la vena del legno La vena del renno"To!

In Nagoya, your favorite one in Italian、Enjoy dishes filled with warmth and passion、Shop little hideaway。
You want to feel the season is about how they、Most of the menu offers seasonal selection、Serving dishes playing in only a chef and his wife complete with marital discord.

"vena", Italy's "pattern"、"legno" is "tree".、"del" means "of" in English。
This means that "vena del legno" is "wood".。
Click on the "la" means a single head、"The number in the grain of the wood、Part one "the meanings、Become the "only one" for your mind, so named。

Store in Brown's poise and warmth and、Such as seating and kitchen placement、Many of the furnishings in antique、Provides for pleasant relaxing time on your。
Shop、Counter 4 seats、Table 10 seats and、Views from the kitchen of your eating pace to table up wall-side only。

On this day、Due to limited time、Come early for lunch、Irregular pasta course (appetizers、Soup、Homemade bread、Pasta for dinner、Dolce、Drinks) we ask at 2800 Yen!

First of all,、From the cold soup of beans harvested in Nishio family。
Taste of tender green beans with clemmie is dense joining!
The faint smell of extra virgin olive oil after is a pull the taste!

The source of Ayu confit with watermelon confit 8 hours low temperature cooking and、With vivid Horseweed、The beautiful contrast of the Red-Green-1!
With his head、That tender, slightly bitter, bones and internal organs such as、Guinea fowl and soft and the best taste! Watermelon is sweet and will fit!

Main dish pasta、We recommend seasonal offers dinner pasta helped me!

Savory corn and crispy guanciale、And sprinkled with pecorino Romano "in Miyazaki Prefecture Industrial Goldrush tagliatelle with summer truffle sauce" is、By tagliatelle noodles in thick intertwined grain corn is better、Feel the aroma and sweet taste、The saltiness of the cheese and Bacon、More like complement the sweetness of the corn、Further Tickle nose with rich aroma of summer truffle、Will dish Springs out appetite.

Dessert、By his wife Chie-CHAN!
Stewed in red wine "with fig compote from" ice"cool attire with jelly。
Chai-like aroma with spicy ice cream finish with adult taste is delicious!
On the breast of the sommelier qualification taken Chie-CHAN、Sommelier batch sparkling glow!

It was the timing of the book、Approximately 2 years online I have become、"But renno's stable taste! ' and catching、Could you eat after a long absence and Uchida and his wife slowly enjoying the conversation. Uchida-Kun、Chie-CHAN、Thank you for always.

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