A fun conversation and wine bar "Kokubo" shopkeeper coherent while the wine pleasures and including


Wine bar located in 2f Nagoya orangetown Bill "Kokubo KOKUBO"Mr.。
Went up the stairs and left back shop。
The withers in the taxi "To Orange town"And then it is OK。
Is the mailebyuart our log eating better transported to、For the ratings high so I had become、
"LA VAGABONDE la vagabond"Is it's night after 〆 carries a foot!


Bordeaux area of France's Michelin three-star restaurant "Georges Blanc Hotel Restaurant Georges Blanc-Vonnas"In the
Sommelier experience you've got、Importer、Served as an advisor to La Grand table de Kitamura, brought
The sommelierKokubo, YusukeShop Mr. opened about 6 years ago.


Shop、L-shaped counter seating only and are small、The shopkeeperKokuboWith the conversation enjoyed while、
Has become a wine bar you careers selected wines and delicious cuisine.


Wine、Budget to tell them in advance、Wine it will offer at reasonable prices and can。
Also、On board the wines by the glass on top、For each three presented with champagne, red or white、
Would you order from there。
Match wine to food and variety、This menu is written on the Board。
While cheese is、KokuboJust bought something otherwise aging independently、
Could you please provide the cheese fits your individual taste if you like and if you tell。
This day is already stomach full for、I ordered wine to each.


"Pierremoncui"-France champagne 1700 Yen

Champagne's Cote des Blanc area of the best mature Chardonnay 100%。
Guests can enjoy good throat fruity, refreshing taste.


"Saint-Aubin / 1 er 2012" France Burgundy 2000 yen

Headquartered in Puligny old Domaine Jean-Chartrons。
Formal permission village to village of Puligny-Montrachet and Puligny village headman was the founder。
Dense overflow、Is strength.、Blend well with fresh fruit taste and moderate oak
Long elegant aftertaste of wine!


At that time、KokuboHer three-star restaurant "Georges Blanc"Showed us a valuable wine in the Christian。
Lineup tourney interest is curious.


See chromalgarenu 2008 Chateau marojalia "France Bordeaux 2000 yen

Saint-Emilion、振rimaita MEDOC first garage wine maker Valand law and topics
Margaux marojalia second label。
And use a younger age plants grapes、18Aged in new barrels of French oak month month。
Thick, lustrous dark red、In the rich flavor of black fruits and coffee、Dense and sweet and soft。
In a soft manner of saying、Hey, dry、Insightful wit like a walking dictionaryKokuboWith the conversations very pleasant correctly、
Lightly going to Cup、I will end up with Nagai。
The next time、KokuboAnd it's I want to enjoy the food!

Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Higashi-Ku, Izumi 1-17-3 Orange town 2F TEL:052-951-1500
Hours of operation:Closed unknown:No regular holidays

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