Nayuta "[kochuten]" Yamazaki Mazak Museum underground was (s) of Orthodox French


Located in Nagoya shinsakae "Mazak Museum"The、2010April 23.The Museum was opened in、
Garage and kefalos、Marc Chagall、Many works of art such as Monet exhibits。
On the Mazak Museum building in here、The restaurant is four stores.、
French is one of these "[Kochuten]"Mr. a、2001 yearFrom the start from the small French restaurant at the corner of shinsakae、
With the opening here of Mazak Museum building in the transfer renewal open。
The hotel features an on-site parking lot、
[Kochuten]Mr. so、5000On 30 yen or more tickets.And will be。


Sequence and look down to the second basement side restaurant、[Kochuten]And I will will be back。
No big sign、Logo was written on the door only。
Our first restaurant、May tend to get overlooked。
However,、Near the door until he told us、Madame us meet and greet so helpful!


And build unique and spacious interior、
Periodically round tables are spacious, fully equipped。
The name "Restless (Koch..Tenn)"The、Yasuoka MasahiroObama's words "6 in view of"A"Bottle organic heaven"Taken more、
Here is secular left free to enjoy paradise where you can enjoy extraordinary。
At the same time、In my view of the world "The fusion of Japanese and Western"Spatial Express、Convey implications that。
Owner-chefKamii, DaisukeMr、France restaurant of Gifu "Ramone de La Lumière"ofY. YOKOMINE YamamuraMr. seeking nurses、
27Across Europe by age (1996)、In Italy "Le calandre"、In France "Chez Michelle"Such as in training。
After returning to Japan "Ramone de La Lumière"Introduction、After several food stores、2001 June,32Years of ageIn the independent, where it remains today。
On this day、Weekdays onlyA course 5000 yen (your appetizer, Antipasto, fish or meat dish, dessert, coffee)Order。

[Lunch course]
Menu A 5000 yen (weekdays only)-Menu B 6, 500 yen / Menu C 9000 Yen / Chef's Suggestion 13, 000 yen (reservation required)


"La vena del legno la vena del renno"ofMr. and Mrs. UchidaMore here
[Kochuten]And I'm in senior sommelier can be served as a sommelierToda, JapaneseSan。
Soft casual and personality of the manner、And in the selection of his wines have a reputation for。
1977 yearOfKakegawa cityBorn in、Husband seems to have begs is strangely!
On this day、Nice greetings。
Good news is thatTodaMr. more、We have non-alcoholic cocktails。
Thank you ♪


Non-alcoholic cocktail

With the reputation of France's Alain Miglia to creator's、The PEAR nectar、In a divided by the carbonic acid and lemon cocktail、
And its rich flavor and texture and slightly fizzy、Is the cup full of flavor was the bite!


Your appetizer "ham、Parmesan cheese tart、Fran.

PersoIn Japan's Gifu Prefecture Seki said Parma craftsmen approved only one.
"BON DABON"ofTADA Masayoshi,Just built 2 years aged prosciutto、
Has a sweet pink、Soft and light、Increases the flavor with rich aroma。
The greasy feel to look more、Quickly melted, so mellow。
Parmesan cheese tart、The oyster cabbage、
In addition to the soup to remove ham on、Smooth, melting mouth made in foam form、Enjoy enjoy the sweet taste of the cabbage in the dish。
Cup、I fit the ham broth and egg flan served with 蓴菜、Full of umami taste。
Nice 1 dish consisting of ham, perso.


Your appetizer "Sakura shrimp Brulee'

Dry up the aroma of shrimp Brulee、Available in 2 layers of flaky texture and smoothness.


Appetizers smoked trout with white asparagus, France

Is France a respectable white asparagus、Moist and tender offer is、
Here is、Light texture, flaky and crunchy texture of the fiber can be enjoyed。
A lightly smoked trout is greasy filled with sweet mustard sauce and fresh。
British salt to your liking,、With the rich scent of cardamom coriander!




Fish ' grunt sauteed anchovy butter sauce "

Savory baked crispy skin is the grunt、When you are finish and and、
Ocean green onions、Eggplant、Green asparagus、Asparasobergiu、Maitake mushroom、Cauliflower、Along with white shells, there are volume。
Will be in a rich cream sauce made with anchovy butter.


"Miyazaki beef Prime roast"

The rare parts removed from the lamp only parts of the marbled Prime、Lean meat is springy.、
Is also fine marbling、Luxurious gem combines the rich plain of lean and marbled softness。
Improves foaming and mouth sweetness and flavor per bite。
Root vegetables and potatoes、Must be accompanied by asparasobergiu。
Overall sense of the potion as yaki-Niku、Because of tenderness to feel taste of elegance、
Is the course gently can't believe my stomach tired from eating more!


"The scent of Orange Kiwi sorbet with yoghurt espuma"

Small 1 dish before dessert。
Sweet Sour fresh Kiwi sorbet and yogurt spread espuma
Will be mixed with the scent of the Orange clad on the。
Delicious desserts in it came out perfect quality!


Dessert "jasmine and tropical fruit

Papaya、Pineapple、Kiwi fruit and passion fruit sorbet、
Under the jasmine cream、Fruit Jule、We will mix with the gentle acidity, fleshy Begonia flowers。
While Jasmine candy、Refreshing fruit taste with texture and crisp summer dessert!


Petits fours "Opera、Petit cream puffs was nuts、The pineapple part d fruit.

Opera's thick bite-size pieces、Petit cream puffs was savory nuts、Refreshing pineapple parted fruit and
Nagoya、Even petits fours final in which French restaurant will delight!



Staff it's healed serve a warm and cosy atmosphere、
Could spend in very spacious lunch on the last day of the Nagoya。
TodaSan、Thank you very much! I want to hear again!

Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, Higashi-Ku, AOI 1-19-30 Mazak B2F
Hours of operation:11:45-13:00( L.O )、18:00-20:30( L.O )
Closed on Mondays:Every Monday、3rd and 5th Sundays
Parking lot:Yes (5,000 yen or more on 30-minute service)

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