French chef was trained in Nagoya "mass druvand" France's traditional techniques


Nagoya is located in many renowned restaurants、A gourmet will be migrating its leading restaurants there too。
Such gourmet between Nagoya friends、
Last month2015April 6th.In the open、That did not yet exist in
Hot topic in French "Mas de Lavande Mas de ravand"Mr.。
Place、Shin-sakaemachi stationFrom 5 minutes in walking distance "Hotel mystays Inn Nagoya Sakae"ofBasement 1In may!


At the young age of 21 and France in Tokushima prefecture、
France is "Michele Gellar' , 'Jardandesanz"Such as one from the star three star experience and、
After training in various parts of Europe restaurant、
Elected to the most beautiful villages of FranceGordes (Gordes)The "Le Mas Tourteron"The lift served as a chef for 7 years、
2013And then come back in、Local Madam owner/chef was independent in NagoyaNishino, HiroyukiSan。
The wife of confectionaryHiromiSan with、One hired a staff of France, has been comes in three。
12Using traditional techniques developed over the years France France
"Essential (indispensable basics).、"Elegance (elegance).、"Equilibre (balance).、Emotion (emotion / passion)
These4ESpecializing in the South of France except for Champagne wines with delicious French provides important!


There are specialties of Provence in southern FranceLavender (Lavande)Have a name、
During the soft tones、Could you pick up in a set of tables with bright Lavender color。
Shop、Has been small and seats about 10 seats、
On this day、Charter shop in gourmet friend teacher friends 10、Enclose the gastronomic Association。
In Nagoya、The popular book store、Thus taxi prior to the 貸切ru more、
Among close friends、Has been heartfelt members can join at that time every day。
Timely teacher invited me so、Ready joined a new topic, and am very glad!
Dinner courses click here7,000CircleAnd from、Dish of the day10,000Courses wine's circle in
1Per capitaAbout 20000 YenThe budget is。
So before food preferences and allergies、
This time the、Reputation for goodBouillabaisse and duck dishesHas been requested.


Thanks for Champagne France staff。
KitchenNishinoWere France to one another in conversation with Chef、
Is a nice woman to serve in the Hall will receive answer in fluent Japan language possible.


France champagne Bollinger special cuvée

The Bollinger、Born in Wurttemberg of Germany whoJoseph BollingerBy Mr
1828 yearTo be established、Its name is the brand name and。
About 80% of the grapes used in Grands Crus and Premiers Crus vineyards.、
Tank、Or through a primary fermentation in oak barrels、Are aged in the cellars for at least three years。
And appeared as a champagne love James Bond movie "octopussy"、Champagne enthusiasts popular picks!
Grape varieties:60% Pinot Noir、25% Chardonnay、15% Pinot Meunier
Solid foam and summer feels nice acidity and verve!


With everyone involved in the beauty of the Nagoya and gourmet!


Amuse "with foie gras confit rezmba get、Tomato mousse.

Enjoy the intense flavor of the foie gras confit、
White two-tier、On the gentle acidity and a smooth tomato mousse served with tomato transparent jelly、
If product mix while refreshing beaten。
Growing expectations、Start from the feel and flavor your appetizer!


Appetizers "langoustine new garlic coulis"

The shrimp scampi was lightly burned、Exquisite elasticity and taste、Sweet pride.、
3Shun not only weeks Aomori Prefecture, new garlic soup、
Instead of no mind garlic smell、Sweetness and flavor is a rich flavor is delicious!


"Condrieu in Vitale / M... Chapter"France Court du Rhone

Occurs only in the field of natural yeast fermentation、Stabilize the wine、
Malo-lactic fermentation is made in order to balance the wine taste better。
After the wine is、Some are aged in oak barrels。
Grape varieties:100% Viognier
Got a faint greenish golden colour、Rich, exotic fruits and、Striking aroma of flowers such as lilies and Acacia, 馨shii。
And very rounded taste、Has a sense of volume.


Homemade bread

Also gone is your liking topped with homemade bread, served with butter。


Foie-gras sautéed green asparagus Hollandaise

Large freshly boiled Nagano Prefecture, enjoying the texture and green asparagus、
Served with foie gras with crunchy surface。
The acidity of the lemon is strongly、Hollandaise sauce taste the richness of the egg yolk firm and strong。
The earlier new garlic sauce was delicious with a new sense、
Is a good source than this staple staple in the hollandaise sauce is where our very memorable!


See Châteauneuf du Pape Blanc / Domaine de Bernard "Rhone France

The Domaine Bernard、7Wine produced in the family for generations。
80-Built in a 100-year-old tree special cuvée、Cuvee de bowarenard is very valuable、
6Barrels (approx. 1,800 bottles) produced only、In Paris, about half the three-star restaurant around the country。
Grape varieties:30% Clairette、20% Grenache Blanc、Boolean Boulin 25%、22% Roussanne、Picpoul and picardan 3%
Lovely mango、A nectar as a ripe PEAR fruit、Creamy texture while the spicy taste.。
Kindly select fit the next cooking bouillabaisse!


ChefNishinoWho has come out of a bouillabaisse in each dish。
While friendly, manfully character、His passionate cooking energy poured is very refreshing!



The condensed flavor of the seafood bouillabaisse、First bite from soup。
Taste full of richness in the mouth、Even if rich、He comes into the stomach、
Spoon to mouth bring remains silent so delicious!
White fish、Potato、Baguette and simple so brings out the flavor of the soup.


Roasted duck in Maine now available!


"Hermitage / Mark Soler "

The Mark Soler、One of the Hermitage's top brewery。
3Winemaking from generations ago.、Brewer attracted to lovers who love to his father Henry, died when after、
Beaten his father Mr. Marc winemaker and owner and head are making。
And full of sexy, rich fruit flavours、The spiciness is ready、There is a plump, fleshy。
We have selected next duck dishes to suit!


Flavored epic duck Roti

A moist finished beautiful rose color wearing thick roast roasted duck meat。
Instead, convection using modern low-temperature recipes、
In the salamander oven experience for themselves based on senses rely on classic cooked and、
Spoke about the importance of handicrafts。
To make roasted, nutty flavored with spices, coriander seed and other spices to wrapping with plenty of skin surface、
Motivating the appetite of peculiar smell like curry spice、It is perfect for the summertime flavor!
Herbs and spices often used just South in the traditional cuisine of France、
Laced with Nishino chef's unique flair and sense, born gem。
And memorable dishes really something like this I think!


"Mint Granita"

At this time offers a refreshing Mint Granita.


Muscat de Baume de Venise France Rhône

Is the smell of honey and milk.、Strong flavors、Peach and apricot、With tropical fruit flavor.、
Delicate and long、In the enjoy the aromatic Muscat dessert wines、If Robuchon also rave!


"Jelly melon Terrine with grapefruit and honey Sherry flavored with fresh cream cheese ice cream"

The whole body of the wife of the confectionary desserts、
Soft feel with plenty of thinly sliced melon with sour sweet jelly layers superimposed、
Goes well with fresh cream cheese melts in your mouth and taste the ice cream.


Petits fours "Bonbon de Chocolat、Mint can、In the biscyishampagne with raspberry cream.

To see beautiful, pretty petits fours。
Crispy texture and light biscyishampagne。
Bonbon de Chocolat's dense and moist and smooth mouth melt is also delicious!



You can choose from coffee, tea and herbal tea。
Whats the espresso with rich chocolate。
Combining the best of!


Nishino chef and his wife Hiromi's Center、Everyone in the photo!

There are many great gastronomic Association、Also look forward to seeing you again!

Mas de Lavande Mas de ravand
Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya-Shi Naka-ku, East cherry 2-23-22 B1F Hotel mystays Nagoya Sakae
Hours of operation:18:00To 22:00(The lunch appointment)
Closed on Mondays:Sunday

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