Also baked in the authentic Italy born in "Il pomodorino" Naples oven I dust pizza


In the battleground of Italian and French in a quiet residential area ikeshita
2012On June 27.To be opened and、The Trattoria has been loved by authentic ItalyFirst store in Japan
"IL POMODORINO IL pomodorino"Naples favorite Japanese owned。
Introduction to Neapolitan baked in wood-fired oven、Under the supervision of head office Italy、Authentic Neapolitan cuisine。
Subway Higashiyama lineIkeshita stationMore in just a few minutes walk.、Although the parking is in front of the shop units、Banks shall not become。


Shop、In the bare concrete, with casual attire、Furnished with all 87 seats, spacious。
In the back、Private rooms are available、Also for children and family-friendly as possible、
Support will include Charter、Available in large parties, etc.


Naples pot looks through the glass at the corner of。
Vesuvius volcanic stone wood-fired kiln with wood-fired hearth、
400Enjoy the Neapolitan cuisine and wine while enjoying the scene at once baked at high temperature ° C near。
On this day、Entrepreneur husband nit during meal with was when I was a brand new、
You invite you to shop our、
For a casual lunchAmalfi course 1600 yen (appetizer platter、Pizza or pasta、Drink)I ordered!


Assorted appetizer

Sweet Sour fish escabeche、Marinated bonito with tomato and garlic shallow、
Roast pork Ham with balsamic vinegar sauce.、And the salad will be!



Is bread with service。
Soft and light、Witty and seasoning with salt baked in、Good well with olive oil.


"Cabbage"and "Shirasu" aglio Olio peperoncino

From the pasta of the day four、We select the vegetable oil system and。
Pasta noodles.、Boiling is best in the spring the salty sweet taste of cabbage and fish is the best!



Flour dough is what Italy 100%、Plenty of fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese、
And using fragrant fresh basil and、Is a plump potato from ear to ear。
Margherita、The old、Queen Margherita's White Green this pizza with Basil and mozzarella、Red tomato sauce and、
"As if to represent Italy flag"And、Known this from so called favourite it seems!



That more recent expedition to Nagoya to、Also her husband is so happy to be reunited。
Also lots of stories、Many also work in common、
Just a few moments, it was、You could spend a happy lunchtime!
Also、During the visit to Nagoya、Office will let me wander it.

Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya-Shi Chikusa-Ku, Koyo 1-11-14 pond under Holmes 1 F TEL:052-752-1080
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00( L.O.13:30-、18:00-23:00( L.O.22:00-
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

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