Vini del Bottegon, a casual Italian restaurant in Nagoya

Taro Yamaguchi, who operates "MIPROVINI Co., Ltd.", which operates wine dining mainly at Italian restaurants in Nagoya, opened his first Italian restaurant in 2012 at vini del BOTTEGON!

Mr. Taro, the owner、"Enoteka Pinchioli' , 'Ritz-Carlton Hotels"Introduction、I have been active as a sommelier in various Italian、Using that experience to launch a company,、There are many restaurants!

Including fresh fish from the local Shizaki and Irako、In addition to abundantly handling fresh pesticide-free vegetables from the 60th Peninsula、Because Taro is from Shiga Prefecture、The main dish is shiga's "Meat SakaeThe best aged meat and Omi beef purchased from "Ya" are used, etc.、Carefully selected ingredients are finished in a unique style。By the selection of Taro who is the sommelier owner、It is a wine and dining where you can enjoy more than 3,000 bottles of wine at any time!

The inside of the store is cozy with the warmth of wood and a calm classical atmosphere、Although it is corona disaster, it is loved by many regular customers and is a very popular restaurant every day!

I finished my work in Nagoya on this day.、After the peak of lunchtime、I was prepared the counter seat which was barely vacant in the slip safe in time for the last order at the last minute!

We love to enjoy the realism of the kitchen at the counter seat err than the table seat。I love restaurants with counter seats!
Chef Hori's serious look at the appetizer platter。The delicious smell is built in and the appetite is whet!

Because it's a time between jobs、It's a good feeling that you can't enjoy wine with this dish.、I am glad that I can take lunch time after a long time! There are a lot of restaurants that I want to visit when I come to Nagoya for lunch.、When it comes to eating smoothly in a short time, it is not only a course dish、After all, shops with à la carte are available as an option.。You can enjoy both course meals and à la carte dishes here.、Thank you for adjusting!

Assorted appetizer

From the front、Irako Bonito Carpaccio、White peach and ullahta cheese、Braised Omi beef cheek and three kinds of platter。
First of all, from the strongest combination with peach, which is a seasonal fruit, and fresh and creamy ullahta cheese。And fresh bonito ed with sea grapes from Izenami Island, a remote island in Okinawa where the petit texture is unbearable、Taste and deeply enjoy the grilled eggplant grilled with charcoal with the flavor。Finally, it is a luxurious antipast mist that you can enjoy Omi beef despite lunch!

Chef Hori and Mr. Nakagawa seem to be going around the full store.、While you're going to be busy、We have responded politely! (Thanks)

Homemade Focaccia

While soft and fluffy finish、Focaccia that you can enjoy a chewy texture that is easy to eat、Salted plums are also a good feeling!
I will put it on the pasta sauce!

"Spaghetti Fresh Fish Ario Ario e Peperoncino Bottarga Flavor"

Because bottalga (karasumi) is shaved in plenty of finishing、Knocked out to the scent that can stand in when it is put out in front of you!
It is a popular menu that goes well with thick white fish finished plumply and softly!

"Mushroom paste spaghetti with plenty of Australian winter truffles"

The menu said Italian summer truffles.、On this day, they shaved off australian fragrant winter truffles! Winter truffles with a more mellow aroma than summer truffles。Plenty of pasta to hide。The very ultimate in luxury! It is wonderful because it is offered in this quality even at lunchtime!

"Spaghetti with cream sauce full of raw sea urchin from Rebun Island, Hokkaido"

Mullet roe、Following truffles、Its overwhelming presence! It is the offer of the raw sea urchin of rebun island of the remote island in the northernmost part of Japan!
Cream pasta made with raw sea urchin from Rebun Island, which is highly praised as having a rich and flavorful taste among raw sea urchins from Hokkaido!
Not only to attach it on top、Because tapuri and raw sea urchin are also used for cream sauce、The rich taste is unbearable!
I enjoy it with focaccia while entangled in the sauce with the sweetness of rich raw sea urchin!

"Dolce today"

For tiramisu with a modest sweetness、Ripe mango with a thick richness、And I enjoyed milky gelato and dessert!


I realized that I was the last customer.、I am very satisfied with a full time while inging coffee after meals!
Taro's、Staff、Thank you very many! I would like to visit again slowly!

Vini del Bottegon
Address:1F, Tsukasa Building, 2-21-3 Izumi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Hours of operation:Monday to Sunday lunch 11:30-15:00( L.O.14:00-、Dinner 17:30-24:00(L.O.23:00-
Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays
Parking lot:No

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