Premium Dinner at "Il Aoyama" Nagoya Michelin 1-star Italian

The reservation is filled up to more than six months in the past, and the Italian "Italian" in NagoyaIL Aoyama Cucina ItalianaSpecial dinner time at (IlAoyama)!

Since it opened on October 23, 2014、Continue to compete only for fully booked dinner、It will be a restaurant that attracts attention in Nagoya with one star in "Michelin Guide Aichi, Gifu, Mie 2019" announced in May this year!

On this day、The potter of Toyama that we are supportingWing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)That you're going to make a triumphal tour of Nagoya.、A French restaurant that has won two Michelin stars in his bowlReminiscence – ReminiscenceMasaki Katsura (Masaki KuzuharaSpend a premium time with Owner Chef!

In fact, "Ilaoyama" has adopted a lot of vessels of Mt. Tonaga、Half of the eight dishes of this course dish were filled with a bowl of Mt. Senaga!

The shop in Higashi-ku Izumi, where the cherry trees are beautiful, is made chic and modern.。

Evenings, birthday、When a soft light is turned on, the simple inside of the shop starts to move quietly.、Only eight counter seats are available for the chef's hand.、It is provided with a space where foodie adults can feel comfortable to gather!

Cheers at the elegant Champagne "HENRIOT BRUT SOUVERAIN"!

[COURSE 8 dishes and wine MENU]
"Mikawa-produced migratory kites"

Salt、Sherry Vinegar、It's simple with olive oil.、With plenty of Top quality Osietra Caviar in Belgium、Bud green onions、Add color with Hanahojiso!
It is a classy dish that can be thought of as Japanese food.、Moist duck pulp、The combination with the quality caviar is amazing!

"Homemade Focaccia"

Focaccia is made with a lot of water content.、Even though the thickness is firm、When I hold it in my hand, it waves like a phimpurun and chiffon cake!
Although the surface has a crisp and fragrant、Inside, you can taste the texture of focaccia that has never been eaten softly!

The saltiness is shaken gently.、Add extra virgin olive oil if you like!

"Shrimp potato manyo beef brezaola roll" container:Mt. Sasanaga mars Deep Pot

Shrimp potato with moist, smooth stickiness and texture from Tomitabayashi, Osaka、A beautiful dish made of Brezaola (raw ham) aged for 12 months in an Italian ripening warehouse of Manyo beef from Tottori Prefecture!

The golden chicken broad is poured along the elegant gold deep pot of Mt. Seinai.、Softly cooked shrimp potatoes give off a refined aroma、The potential of wagyu's raw ham is exceptional.、Silky melting fat and deep aroma will get through your nose!

"Matsuzaki's white sweet bean paste and Mikawa Bay's fretto" vessel:Mount Tsujinaga ge Iron Bowl

The frit is a hosekihata caught in Mikawa Bay, which is a high-quality fish of Matsuzaki.、Moliterino al Tartufo Bio (Moriteruno al Tartufo) with hard-type pecolino cheese kneaded with summer black truffles in the dough and served with microherbs、Enjoy the richness and aroma of the fragrance!

White Wine "Bourgogne C'te d’ A;Or Blanc" “Les Equinces” 2017"

Organically certified chardonnay in Burgundy、A lively mineral feeling, youthfulness, and expressive wine!

"Mikawa's Ainame Homemade Karasumi Seigoin Sauce" bowl:Mount Sasanaga Thin Bowl

Local、Fresh eelced in Mikawa Bay is steamed by noon.、Homemade carnami with tomato and anchovy crumbs with texture accents、I will put together the sauce of Seigoin-an based on Ainame's Ara!

Show me the crows in the middle of drying.、These are salted one week、One week without salt、The crows made by turning over the drying two weeks or more every few hours and taking time and effort! Last year, I was salted out with Chardonnay, so it seems that it is salted out with Sauvignon Blanc, and the fragrance is more gorgeous! It is a delicious taste that you want to take home one whole!

"Arrabbiata of natural Tiger River pork white child"

Stretch the dough with the pasta machine in front of you、Freshly made homemade pasta cut thickly with a kitchen knife、It is pursued the goodness of the throat to match the milky shirako、With a truncing texture、If you eat with Shirako entangled, the creaminess will increase!

The sauce is finished in a taste that feels the spiciness to pull back slightly!

"Risotto of Sumiika in Mikawa Bay"

The risotto of the freshly caught watermelon in Mikawa Bay is fragrant.、Because of its freshness, the blackness of the ink is also superb.、Even if you put it in your mouth carefully, your teeth are black as a matter of course.、The upper and lower lips are also beautifully finished in ink color.、Feel as if you've become a member of a suspicious visual band! LOL to see the same face together!

Red Wine "Audiffred Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2017 (Audifred Burgundy Pinot Noir)"

Pure and delicate fruitiness spreads gently in the mouth、The condensed umami becomes a aftertaste and a cup that will entertain you!

The main meat dish was to choose from three kinds.、We were specially offered three types in small potions each!

"Three kinds of meat dishes grilled on charcoal" x bowls:Mt. Sasanaga gen table dish

1.Charcoal grilled deer loin in Nemuro, Hokkaido

Muscle of loin meat from Hokkaido、Remove all fat、It is baked using only delicious places!

2."Aomori Prefecture Short Black Charcoal Grilled"

Charcoal-grilled with short black loin meat made by Mr. Narita, a producer of Japanese short-horned beef in Aomori Prefecture, combined with black beef!

3.Charcoal-grilled Chita beef fillet

Charcoal grilled fillet meat of Chita beef which has become a staple of Ilaoyama!
This is the open kitchen.、I'm glad to see the charcoal grill.、The waiting time until it is ready also feels like a luxurious time! Simple Salt、Each of the three parts served with pepper has its own characteristics.、I will chew it deeply!

"Souffle of Sudachi and Mascarpone"

You gave me a plate to celebrate my birthday with a surprise.、Fluffy souffle that is fresh and puffy、Italian fresh type cheese mascarpone and vinegared tachibana、It will be a dessert to enjoy a refreshing aroma in the richness!


I go to the market at six every morning.、After that, it was said that it spent one day fully preparing it.、Chef Aoyama is so stoic that the appearance facing the dish is attached to the "de"!

Every dish has a way to bring out and combine ingredients that make you feel the elements of Harmony.、The recipe has established its own expression.、Enjoy the core cuisine that makes you feel the temperament of Chef Aoyama!

Also、always around on the chef's support side、While showing a sharp return、It is also wonderful to have a wife and a chef's relationship to soften the place with the charmingness of the joke!

At the timing of the dessert, Chef Katsura and Gaku-kun also gave us a surprise present!

From Chef Katsura、"Imabari Towel Brand" which is adopted as "Oshibori" in your own restaurant is proud of "IKEUCHI Organic Co., Ltd.Bath towel!
The exquisite harmony of organic cotton and bamboo for suppleness and light touch、It is a supreme bath towel full of functionality rich in water absorption! The deep colors of Bordeaux are also well-in-the-way with my taste! And joy comes crowded!

From Gaku-kun、New work will be [gen Nakabachi]!
This is a medium pot designed based on the "Goblet 7.5 x H7" which is also in my house.、A dish made by a famous coffee shop in Kanazawa!
with a sharp look、The texture of gen with a good squeeze like leather、Whether you include Japanese or Western, delicate items will look good!

Chef Katsura、Yue-Kun、The Hearty Surprise of The Two Of You、Thank you very much!

With two chefs who are passionate about cooking、Thank you very much for the premium dinner, which is a valuable experience where you can see the real clash with the potter who has captivated the chef!

il AOYAMA cucina italiana (Ilaoyama)
Address:Izumi 2-8-7, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
TEL:052-508-7967(Appointment only)
Hours of operation:18:00- All at once start、20:30- Two-part system of the simultaneous start
Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays

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