French restaurant "now and forever renal" chef's course with the summer Fireworks


Mokuren StreetA though it sat quietly、Define a dignified、Symbol tree can be viewed from the garden
"LENRI Trees"The great buildings with presence、
Here owner and transformed by collaboration and a new chef
Café & Restaurant "LENRI"。
2013December 3rd (Tue)To re-open as a French restaurant。
Chef will be here this timeOnoue, ShigeakiMr. a、
After finishing the training in Tajimi in Gifu Prefecture、"Grandxiv Lake' In Italian "Lucci Cole"In the、
務marete chef about ten years in the Italian and French came in、
Fully utilizing the technology have been cultivated so far、
Provided mainly subsistence by the fusion of Eastern and Western colonial France cuisine。
Here the image of European castles、Quietly nestled within the walls of the stone masonry is the、
Retreat-like atmosphere.


While watching the scenery ago your garden you can enjoy the four seasons、
Enjoy a delicious meal enjoy blissful time。
Okay this time、OnoeAsk the chef、
Volume in one 3 plate、Ordered to leave short course content.


Just、On the courtyard terrace facing red Crape Myrtle flowers in full bloom、A pleasant breeze that blows、Summer at dusk。
In this Courtyard terrace、8 month(march) endUp to "Castle beer"Is held、
Surrounded by walls, such as atmosphere of the Western Wall、
Under the green grass spreading Crape Myrtle flowers offers elegance and comfort.


Now and forever


Crape Myrtle (white)


Crape Myrtle (red)


Decided to get on the courtyard terrace is an aperitif.


"Astoria cold wine 9.5 Pink "Italy Veneto 4, 500 yen

A 9.5% alcohol from bottles has been heavily naming 9.5 and Italy's Veneto spumante。
The bottle is white coating and has、A pale pink in color and enjoy to be poured。
Here is、Wire parts in pink even Cork sole and pink decorated in、Now and foreverThe pink color 1 color!
A delicate pink color thin, fragile foam。
Refreshing taste with fruity and also feel refreshing sparkling wine it is.


Assorted appetizer

Proto feels the sweet savory roast、And finished in a rare feeling, the best State、
Well the plum marinated in honey and exquisite。
Broiled priacanthidae、Balsamic Ginger Sauce、Pickled Japanese ginger、Sphere of balsamic vinegar, served with。
Marinated Gulf of Suruga fresh red?、
Things feel bitter sweet red pepper mousse with、Ideal for the sake of.


"Crunchy sea bream Naoko Philoctetes '

Fried to a crisp to enjoy the texture of the scales of the sea bream、Muscat's sauce。
Horseweed、Three shakus is scraping、Okra、Served with fried chili。
Using white VinOnoeThe well-seasoned chef's beurre blanc sauce、
Add the sour taste of Muscat sauce、With limited sources is recommended at this time!
Fish dishes、Scales to crisp sure hits the spot!


"Chateau la Reverance 2011 Chateau La reverence "France ボルドープティシャトー

The Chateau reverence、France is in Saint-Émilion 'Chateau turnufieyu"Make wine。
Here is、Cabernet franc、Merlot grapes made in the raw、
Chateau names、From the movement adopts a "noble people knees bending and bowing to" etiquette also represent。
Dark purplish-red、Aroma of dried fruits and herbs、
A rich, full body、May meet drink。
Click here select meat dishes to match.


Roast of the fawn

In the mountains of the Akiba dam catching the morning portion of the precious filet of the 3-year-old Fawn and roasted with a stunning blow、
Green pepper sauce。
Malabar spinach and heat comes out sticky、
The crunchy Greens serve sweet potato、Chinese chive flowers、Potato dophinova、Red rice.。
The wild beasts、Winter body nutrition store、
The autumn is the season of the game、
Summer Fawn work better for muscular, and tight body、
So was the fresh aroma and taste and freshness、Treat yourself!
Goes well with zesty spicy Peppercorn sauce.


Brazil pudding

Brazil pudding using only egg whites、
In the whole、Like the best rich smoothness of Panna cotta and Brazil pudding dish in fine!
Now and foreverThe blueberries were harvested in the vast blueberry fields are、
Late that with us with plenty of time.


19oclockSince I was too、Coincidentally, was being held in nearby Fireworks started up!
OnoeFrom the chef、"2Veranda with floor seats!!"And you want me、
Immediately、2To the porch floor.


Think of it、This year yet with Fireworks first might be!
Long time、Was chased by Thailand post's (lol)
At the end of the summer、Was very relaxing beautiful Fireworks this year first and last night ended with ♪ (Raj)
Now、Now and foreverNow、New staff who enter the shop only、
OnoeAlso the chef every day in training and preparation、Busy has been sent。
The ranch is also booking always fight to get tough,、Time of night is recommended。
OnoeSan、Let's go to when things calm down slowly drinking again!

Café & Restaurant now and forever LENRI
8501 -2 Miyakoda-Cho Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City
Hours of operation:10:00To 22:00Closed on Mondays:Thursday

8501 -2 Miyakoda-Cho Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City

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