French restaurant "LENRI" 4 year wedding anniversary to celebrate chef's course


Mokuren StreetA though it sat quietly、Define a dignified、Symbol tree can be viewed from the garden
"LENRI Trees"The great buildings with presence、
Here owner and reborn through collaboration and a new chef café & restaurant "LENRI"。
2013December 3rd (Tue)To be re-opened as a restaurant from、As early as 2 years have passed。
The chef has been active in hereOnoue, ShigeakiMr. a、
After finishing the training in Tajimi in Gifu Prefecture、"Grandxiv Lake' In Italian "Lucci Cole"In the、
務marete chef about ten years in the Italian and French came in、Fully utilizing the technology have been cultivated so far、
Provided mainly subsistence by the fusion of Eastern and Western colonial France cuisine。
Here the image of European castles、
Quietly nestled within the walls of the stone masonry is the、Retreat-like atmosphere.


The restaurant on the first floor、25 table seats including the semi private rooms、4 counter seats overlooking the courtyard and、
Dark brown calm can enjoy spacious and dignified atmosphere in the floor and stone walls in。
2On the floor、Provides floor can be used as a private event space, including.


A vast area of 3000 square meters is proud、Blessed with a Blueberry farm and herb garden restaurant。
While watching the scenery ago your garden you can enjoy the four seasons、
Enjoy a delicious meal enjoy blissful time.


Our wedding anniversary-4, year2016February 22To ask、
Celebrate Memorial Day、OnoeAsk chef in advance、We ordered the Omakase course.


Lake Hamana "Grandxiv Lake"In seven years or so、
OnoeHe used to be with the chefNakamuraAnd I'm officially 3/2016 are are welcome as employees。
NakamuraAnd I was born in Hamamatsu is、The last couple of years "XIV Hakone detached Palace Garden"To have access to
OnoeIs it a tongued voice、Is the firm decided to return to the local。
As a high-value experience Hall staff、It expects to provide stable servicesOnoeChefs are delighted to find some!


"2011 Hugel Riesling Estate"

This wine is、France, Alsace's Domaine "Famille Hugel (famille Hugel)"Inviting、
"Wine Maker’s Dinner Vol.4"We at
"2011 Hugel Riesling Estate"We have to bring!
As Hugel's new products、Rieslingesteite has just been released a few months prior to the、
More than half of the grapes has been used Grand Cru shnan ball、
In a vineyard in Burgundy and the same marl soils at steep slope、
Great personality with the most complex mineral
Taste、It is a drink of Riesling!
HugelThe event will be introduced later.


"Beneath the smoked oysters cherry wood chips from Hiroshima Prefecture pandepis salad.

Roasted, smoked oysters, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan、We will fit your pandepis sweet。
Red、Yellow、Slice orange peppers、Red leaf lettuce、The dill、
Made you ache shallots, Sherry vinaigrette、Salt、Pepper、When mixed with good olive oil dressing、
Salad with marinated like moist with a sense of good will.


"Crab Sauce Mango dome.

OnoeChef's new menu and let me out!
A colorful mango dome is outstanding aesthetics.


During the dome with wrapping sliced ripe mango.、
Live snow crab Chionoecetes opilio after loosing、Whipped cream and homemade mayonnaise、
Guests can enjoy a rich and clemmie flavor in small amounts of ketchup and curry powder and chili pepper-flavored with accents。
Mango and white balsamic vinegar、Made with olive oil
Better compatibility with mild sauce is thickened and the crab、In the fresh dill flavor、Today is a taste one!
AlwaysOnoeDifferent chefs and taste、Could feel the freshness.




"Cauliflower soup, Royal style Seared Scallops braised in Hokkaido.

The fresh scallops from Hokkaido、Torn by hand in order to feel the sweet, & tasty.。
Beneath the thick and clemmie cauliflower soup、
A smooth Royal has been charged、There is also a sense of volume。
OnoeChef using seasonal ingredients making soup is always delicious!


Sturgeon sautéed Noire source

Finishing with a sauteed sturgeon is farmed in the mountainous region of the tenryu-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, Haruno-Cho、
Rich noilly sauce。
Sturgeon sautéed、Candid white.、And have a hug like springy texture、Filling。
Cartilage wearing a gelatinous texture is unbearable and coriccoli delicious!
Celebrate Lei、Hump takana、Shimonita (Suzuki farm)、Taro fritters、Served with kumquat。
Kumquat is a pickling、Brings out the sweetness of the kumquat has。
Current、The sturgeon is farmed in the town of Haruno、After 6-caught caviar in seven years or so it will。
It is fun too!


"Duck of Naturel juice sauce.

Breast of duck painted on the skin surface Japan honey、To be served with chopped lemon and lime peel、
Comes to you with a refreshing aroma and flavor。
Grill roasted duck leg meat and smoked cherry chips in,。
Has been condensed in texture and flavor。
orange、Purple、Three species of white carrots roasted and parsley root、Yellow turnip、Root vegetables, such as swirls beats the、
Thrive sweetness and rich flavor to roast、It is very delicious!
Will fit a rich Naturel juice sauce.


In celebration of a wedding anniversary, was specifically for commemorative plate ago dessert! (Thanks for inspiring! )
OnoeChef's Tarte Tatin with vanilla ice cream。
In chocolate、Be married couple of swallow bird happy to carry the iconic drawing。
2 swallows flying in this together in、Happy stay happily married couple forever!


"Chocolate souffle.

Baked hot fluffy texture you can enjoy rich chocolate soufflé。
At the finish of the pulp、Dense yet light texture is for、Savouring excellent!



OnoeFun food discourse with the chef、Cozy is good for、I have long。
4Fit first year wedding anniversary、Courses should be commemorated now!
OnoeSan、Thank you for always.

Café & Restaurant now and forever LENRI
8501 -2 Miyakoda-Cho Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City
Hours of operation:10:00To 22:00Closed on Mondays:Thursday

8501 -2 Miyakoda-Cho Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City

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