90 see valve one"anniversary Special menu the chef Omakase"kaiseki seasonal".


Foundation1924And at the end of last year90AnniversaryEstablished Hamamatsu greeted relishes city "Japanese cuisine Benichi"。
Their appearance not only food, tasteful、For each sum of the quiet room。
Arranging and great number of indicators、And、And gathers the shopkeepers attention at the bar、
At that time in the season, carefully crafted and、In the spirit of hospitality。
3TeenThe handed over the main current of goodwill has been in perpetuity、Junichi SuzukiSan。
0/1991From the shop up、That started.、We shake the arms request from across the country hard to find ingredients and seasonal ingredients、
For a wealth of knowledge of sake suited for cooking and wine、Would be good to leave。
Advantage of the ingredients、Some even while sum based on Western elements、
Can be enjoyed neat meals rich in originality.


Counter seating

Is your store、1Name-10 to accommodate private room available only。
A full seat warmer for、Legroom is easier to、It is possible to spend hours slowly。
For the counter、1Become a private space for your pair of (reservation required)。
Sitting comfortably on Mario Bellini Chair、Wonderful dishes, guests can enjoy the best sake。
This time the、Also a work meeting at the counter for dinner。
Current、90th anniversaryBecause the period commemorated the dinner menu was very popular、
90Special anniversary menu seasonal kaiseki 6000 yen (tax & $)We have reserved.


750 Yen beer GARGERY (Gallery)

"GARGERY (Gallery)"The、Domestic premium beer produced in food and beverage stores limited。
Stand out personality、On the other is not an attractive beer、
The various flavors vary depending on temperature、Tasteful、Rich and full of、
Guests can enjoy a drink brought about by an exquisite balance of sweet and bitter and ease of use.


"Squid and herring roe masago sauce、Grilled chicken、Aspic of pike conger.

Squid and herring roe masago sauce on、Served with pickled Japanese ginger、The airport thumbing texture can enjoy refreshing beaten、
The grilled chicken with elastic、Garnish with balsamic vinegar into a smooth puree and cream together pumpkin。
The aspic of pike conger、In the taste of the broth.


"Flow of Italian good Lake Cape fresh octopus mixed with Yam hat"

The fresh octopus mixed with Italian good Lake Cape 漁reta、And full of flavor and soft texture and bite、
Flow made of Yam hat is、Guests can enjoy a crisp texture and refreshing flavor。
Accompanied by flower color、Vinegared mellow and happy!


Sashimi "Hanna from the Mai Tai、Horse mackerel.

Fresh snapper 漁reta at maisaka、Clean with upholstery in tender for、Feel the sweetness in every bite!
The horse mackerel、As and riding a nice fat taste。
堪rimasen already IMO lushly crisp texture.


Valve oneThe、For good sake、The shopkeeperJunichi SuzukiIs going to let、
According to sashimi and tanrei whats the recommended Japanese sake!


"Seamount 8"

Who serve with the best material titanium gourd bottle、Brewers treasured liquor is not commercially available "Seamount 8"It is。
"Drink 8 seamount、I will drink more"AndSuzukiSan。
And tanrei elegance elegant palate feel、Full of fresh sashimi to be perfect!


"This Kyoto Kamo Eggplant、Shrimp、Red pepper fired together.

A splendid book Kamo Eggplant fit the shrimp in the vegetables。
True I rounded body thickness of Kamo Eggplant、Foaming and freshness is overflowing.、Rich and sweet、
Chewy and sauce and the shrimp is also good!
Will feel slightly bitter and pungent sweet red pepper accents.


' Unfiltered nico_arburg King St. junmai ginjo sake-the ecological "

Small collection of higashiizumo, Shimane Prefecture、"King St. brewery"The ' unfiltered nico_arburg King St. junmai ginjo sake-the ecological.。
Beside the large label "-" drink names、
On the right side"Mountains catch the fish woman"、On the left side"Catch the landscape"And written and、On the back side"Jogakuen fish"The picture is written。
King St. distillery products、In the unfiltered, without any blending or mixture、Contains the number of tanks was trained, will be shipped。
Even the Executive Director of the length that Ishihara diameter Brewer ago shipment all sake tasting and、Pretend that we do not sell only alcohol can convince sticking?。
In addition、And store in the refrigerator for 5 ° c、
For the sake of King St. is understandable、Can't afford to ship only the dealer can explain it! (Surprise)
The palate is、A fruity fragrance with a gentle sweetness、Layoffs-as there are in your throat due to the fine carbonate、
I feel the US soft flavor during the acid palate。
Remain pleasant long aftertaste.、
Typical cloudy was exasperating not、Both taste good in your throat、
Is a suitable image of exactly what nature blessed with delicious drinks!


"Water of the 気田 River、Misakubo Mulberry leaf Tempura、Tateshina vinegar.

Grilled with aromatic 気田 river water、Serve with Tempura misakubo in Mulberry leaves。
At Ayu in the river、Just、To grow in floodplains Tateshina、
For that scent of Ayu has been refreshing refreshing Tateshina vinegar uses。
In the Muromachi period when literature is written and Tateshina vinegar on the fish、It would widely accept the wisdom of the ancients.


"New politics No6 X-TPE excellent"

Kuramoto was handed down as the 8th son of University of Tokyo "New politics sake Brewery Co., Ltd."Of"new politics No.6 X-type excellent.。
The new politics brewery、Known as the oldest extant Association yeast "No. 6" the birthplace of、
8The Hokage clanSATO YusukeLet's make [No.6] series、
In the new new politics with young forest, they built up from No. 6 yeast、
The label also is unique in the uncharacteristic sake has!
In the new politics [No.6]、R-type and s-type、By X-type、R-type is、In the regular R special junmai class、
The S-type、At superior's junmai ginjo and junmai daiginjo、X-type is junmai daiginjo class。
While spread sweetness and rich flavor、And to taste refined temper is clear, clear、
With the overwhelmingly sophisticated palate、Jump over the concept of sake is delicious!


MASUIZUMI junmai daiginjo SUPECIAL 2008

Even her husband's familyToyamaKuramoto to represent in
"Masuda sake Brewery Co., Ltd."Of the MASUIZUMI junmai daiginjo SUPECIAL 2008、
A junmai daiginjo, made painstakingly in sake, Masuo fountain
銘醸 House of France Bourgogne "Ramonet Ramone"The barrel aged sake"Montrachet"on、
"Junmai daiginjo, aged for six months barrel aging after half a year stuffed with bottles of wine、In further maturation after shipped。
It also matures superlative class junmai daiginjo sake in、A luxurious dish。
Plump, deep flavor of thick、I feel the unique junmai daiginjo soft palate and a fruity flavour。
Coupled with the smell of oak barrels from there further matured in oak barrels、Is mysterious, elegant taste。
Exactly what、You could say the new brews the sake and wine worlds!
On this day、Will most of your favorite liquor.


Masuo fountain junmai daiginjo Kotobuki Platinum

Also seeMasuda sake Brewery Co., Ltd."The daiginjo sake Masuo fountain of Masuo fountain representing"Kotobuki"is。
Junmai daiginjo "Shou" and even increased premium degrees so Platinum here.。
Raw rice、Using the total premium best sake rice in Hyogo Prefecture, Yamada Nishiki、35Preparation carefully, %、
After enough years storage period、And shipping limited edition flavor is、1Book 1 book listed the product number and the brewing year this!。
NotoBrewer seems to be thick in、Is tinged with berries with a fruity aroma reminiscent of ripe richness.、
Guests can enjoy a refined taste.


"Sea bream rice、Miso soup、Pickles.

Luxury Red sea bream in rice、You served with homemade, topped with bonito and pine nuts、Cheek was a lump flavor。
The miso soup from the bone of a sea bream、Tasteful、Rejuvenate at the sweet tofu。
Because the Japanese ginger and cucumber pickles、Texture as in pickles left the Suns、And will let me finish!


"Village," junmai daiginjo "黒村,"

"" Junmai daiginjo "village, 黒村, in the village, Japanese sake in Niigata-Shi, Niigata。
Murayama KensukeThe President and master brewer、Over the years, wasanbon sugar high-quality research and quality、
Gentle and elegant aroma、Taste light and clarity expressing myself.、"The village," he、
Built a strong position as the past few years undisputed popularity's sake。
"Village," junmai daiginjo "黒村," all have built-in in the "village," power, caused a stir!
Bouncy sensual sweetness、Fragrance、Taste、Afterglow、Sharp、And satisfaction come from alcohol。
In the ultimate balance of all the exquisite gem、The finish is perfect for traditional Japanese sweets sake as our digestifs。
Valve oneThe、And the sake of sleeping、
The shopkeeperSuzukiLet's put out and look to be、So will select the meal、
It is best to leave.


Source of Chamomile port wine jelly melon

Fuses Japanese and Western-style dessert。
Enjoy the scent of Chamomile jelly、Spread thick with melon sauce sweet mouth、
There come accented with port wine jelly tart。
While this dessert、
黒村, licking the bite and、It's another great marriage!
Start talking to talkative about KusuSuzukiAnd it's thanks to the、Become a fun dinner party。
SuzukiSan、Thank you very much! I will come again?!

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