Celebrate the new year and forever renal, peas in a pod of Onoe chef special course in Weifang


Mokuren StreetA though it sat quietly、Define a dignified、Symbol tree can be viewed from the garden "LENRI Trees"The great buildings with presence、Here owner and reborn through collaboration and a new chef café & restaurant "Now and forever renal"Mr.。Two years ago2013December 3rd (Tue)To re-open as a French restaurant。Chef will be here this timeOnoue, ShigeakiMr. a、After finishing the training in Tajimi in Gifu Prefecture、"Grandxiv Lake' In Italian "Lucci Cole"Is it the 務marete chef about ten years in the Italian and French came in、Fully utilizing the technology have been cultivated so far、Provided mainly subsistence by the fusion of Eastern and Western colonial France cuisine。Here the image of European castles、Quietly nestled within the walls of the stone masonry is the、Retreat-like atmosphere.


While watching the scenery ago your garden you can enjoy the four seasons、Enjoy a delicious meal enjoy blissful time。Now、This time the、In the last yearChristmas dinnerIn the course we were too great to、Here's to the new year!OnoeIs going to ask in advance、1People7,000CircleIn the ordered Omakase course.


Before I got to the seat、On the table、OnoeSann直 brushYour shinagakiProvides、To amuse "Smoked"The characters are。Now and foreverMr. so、Beside the location to store the wood-burning fireplace in the on-site shopSmoking roomHas been established。Just、With just the smoked salmon is produced to this day by、Showed us around.


Smoking roomWhen I opened、Cherry treesThe smell got wind、馨shii fragrance-a mouth-watering experience。Brightly colouredSalmonFor it is appear.


"Salmon dowries in the cherry trees fruit cream grape.

Thinly sliced salmon dowries in the cherry tree to、Must be accompanied by olive oil cream a refreshing grapefruit。By smoked、From the mouth to the back of the nose flavor is spread、Sweetness and flavor are tightly confined、About enjoying a nice fat salmon!


"In the cariflowerbrammange tomato consomme Hamana Lake wrapped shrimp、Scorpion fish、Abalone、Camas、赤i Saki.

Under the paved surface in a Blanc-Manger of cauliflower、Are we wrapping consomme made from tomatoes。On top of that、 Scorpion fish and shrimp from Hamana Lake、Abalone、Camas、Lighter red grunt offers flame grilled。You can enjoy the flavor of the material if you let the、And dressing and cauliflower tasteful Manger、The mellowness and richness also joined、Well its great dish。The strawberry sauce.、In white wine and honey in the condiment style.


"Hamana Lake industrial drop Oyster cream sauce pasta.

Drop Oyster the Hamana Lake large、Oyster sauce and seared the preppy! Small cut the oyster from flavor, squeeze、Will be in a rich cream sauce with plenty of mushrooms。Along with enjoying a meal of purple broccoli。But cream、Not heavy、No persistence of pasta。OnoeIs it on pasta for the first time we have、... Delicious!




Soup of native yellow Shinoda in producing clam Royal Hamana Lake

Shino made yellow turnip、Enjoy luxuriously sweet yellow turnip soup to finish、Served with Cumin espuma。To the bottom、And in big big Hamana freshwater clam、Has become a Royal。OnoeIs it the soup、Every time what you have is a rarity.


"Fishing with snapper、Crab、Sea Urchin、Hamana Lake from seaweed、In the scallop mousse cabbage wrapped steamed beurre blanc sauce.

The quick seared snapper、Enjoy a soft texture and sweet taste、Crab and sea urchin、Trapped in a fluffy mousse of scallops Hamana Lake from seaweed、"農+NOTICE"Mr.CabbageThe steamed to finish。And、OnoeAnd it will fit the best beurre blanc sauce。Brightly colored in shades of greenCabbageTo join the Red Snapper、See the beautiful、While each utilizing the material taste、Exemplifies the sense of oneness with source.


"The variety of organic tomatoes.

A wide variety of organic cultivation was cut by half a tomato、According to homemade tomato juice、We also tried。Without any seasoning, salt、Only the vegetables taste alone! Delicious tomato dish is from。After a while a red-purpleVioletBreeds that are、Anthocyanin content、Are grapes somewhere like sweet and sour tomatoes.


"Caught grilled fillet of tateuri and tongue spiral beetroot and parsley root confit with roasted Jan jumble source.

The last timeDeer tenderloinTo cont.、This alsoOnoeIs it good game dish、FreshlyPeas in a pod of filet mignonEnjoy。Peas in a pod and Bou、Children of the wild boar。A hard life、Win a punishment if you don't welcome。Even those with weak smell of wild boar, Bou smell or habit so delicious you may。The prisoner who is tinged with a distinctive fleshy inomoto came in strong wild taste and flavor filled with lean。This time、My first experience of was the band tongue grilled、And elastic than beef tongue、As chewing flavor is intense and more、After flow out from the after taste! This too I think! And served with vegetables、Confit of sweet carrots, such as burdock root parsley、Roasted Eel potato filled with sweetness and spiral beets and juicier, hatamanegui (cipolletti)、Jan jumble Ginger Sauce with great gusto.


"Atsatsutartotatan with glass Banyu.

OnoeIs it finish in the course of the whole body of dessert、This time the、Toro was the Tarte Tatin with a spicy tuna! In the sense of caramelized appearance、Petite boobs as and appears to be strong sweet、It is no、Together when you finished simmering Apple with vanilla ice cream、Visit the Bliss tea!



Also unusual, coffee not、Order tea。Now and forever, tea、In the domestic Japanese tea using tea I want to tear from the shibukawa、After the fragrance、Like tea, not tea、Like coffee, not tea、Trying refreshing taste is characterized by。OnoeAnd I chef's choice of course and I think that、Current、Is that the most favorite restaurant in Hamamatsu! Food is of course、2000Surrounded by extensive grounds of natural、Castle like appearance、It's really nice!OnoeSan、IshikawaSan、Thank you very much! I will come again?!

Café & Restaurant now and forever renal
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Cho 8501-2 TEL:053-428-7000
Hours of operation:10:00To 22:00Closed on Mondays:Thursday

8501 -2 Miyakoda-Cho Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City

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