At a local restaurant world bean serosal great Taiwan hot popular No. 1 challenge to eat soy milk


1Day 3 Taiwan food cultures often overwhelmingly people eat out。Morning、Before the work is、In the stalls or dining room、Without breakfast is traditional and healthySoy bean soupIt seems to。In there、At a local restaurant where many locals gatherSoy bean soupI tried to experience、Has been reported in the media to the tourists is famous "King of the world"Is he in turned out。Here is、ZhongshanOfAmbassador HotelThe position in the、Stands out because the large sign hanging on the corner。Morning at 8.To visit、So the matrix is made of local people's。Immediately、Let's entry!


Is near the entrance of the restaurant、Has become the people who wait for takeout column
Expands the dining room table seats and go back。


Spankin' hot Xiao Long Bao are appear from the steamer。
Next to the pork buns in the steamer、The big pork buns or buns。


Wake up, in brilliant yellow dining room table。
The local people、Before the work alone is more、Most of the groups of tourists is。


The menu is primarily、Soy milk soup started.、IPAP mochi (danbin)、Hong Kong S.A.R.-radish rice cake、Xiao Long Bao、Steamed meat bun、Taiwan-rice rolls, etc.。
NT $ 10 ~ 40 (Japan yen and then around 39 Yen to 160 yen)And it is cheap!
Menu boards are pasted on the walls is Chinese、When we visited on the pop include the Japan language menu。


"Port type luobei creeping $ 9. (Hong Kong S.A.R. expression daikon radish cakes)" NT $ 25 (Japan yen and then around 98 yen)
So you went you prefer Taiwan soy (like a thick sweet sauce) on the table.。
Beyond potato、Nechannecha texture。
Favorite flavor is daikon rice cakes in Japan。


"Saline bean serosal (sendugian) NT $ 25 (Japan yen and then around 98 yen)
Bean serosal (dujan)The、You can choose and not have the sweetness。Here isPopular No.1The soy bean soup、But sweet ingredients with。
Soy milk in the dried shrimp、Deep fried bread、Sesame seeds、Meat、He got a potherb mustard, etc.、Vinegar、Is flavored with soy sauce。
Isolate in this hot soy milk with vinegar、Because the texture of the tofu like dare
In such a shocking appearance。
It looks、Texture leaves a sense of bosoboso。I would say better、Is soy milk instead of soy milk drink, eat (laughs)
The palate is、Soy milk, thin thin to go stretch、A few drops of vinegar or soy sauce snotty tangy flavored soup。
Unfortunately、This is our tongue is totally did not match the。


Xiao Yu Pao (8 pieces) NT $ 70 (Japan yen and then around 270 yen)


For skin tight eyes in thick、Also I rather click than、They claimed only the skin is。
It is like seed and a little bit more juicier。
King of the worldThe、There are many outlets for、Hear and taste different depending on the store。
Also、Bean serosal KingWith shops is also。
Because the choice is、Search for your favorite store may。

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King of the world
Address:Taipei City forest in North Road 310 Street 27, TEL:02-2567-3115
Hours of operation:6:00-11:30、18:00-23:30
Holidays:No regular holidays
Japan language menu with

Turning Linsen North Road in Taipei City 310 Lane, 27th

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