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Just opened in Taipei last year. "Mandarin Oriental Taipei"Visited in February! Luxurious buildings built over eight years, European-style looks good、Color of the East and the West、An elegant design that combines tradition and modern rooms boast of Taipei's largest。Resident and staff、Luxury hotel in Taipei, you can stay here at lade in detail introduces。Easy booking of restaurants and Spa information is packed! Please click the image below each post!

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"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"In Akasaka, Tokyo"TAKAZAWA"In inviting Mr. Yoshiaki takazawaSpecial dinner eventsWill be。"TAKAZAWA"The American luxury Gourmet magazine"World life-changing restaurants top 10"For being nominated as one、World's 50 best restaurantsAlso had cited、Current、European and Asian millionaires and royalty, celebrities, foodies and top restaurant chefs, including、Is to attract attention to bookings from all over the world。Please contact the contact information below if you are interested in。

Would you like to 5/7/2015 (Thursday)、8(Fri)、9Day (Saturday)
Amount to NT $ 11,500 10% 9, only NT $ 7,000 10% course also available in limited quantity
Book 02-2715-6888 motpe-dining@mohg.com

* We are closed events。250And join our customers over and became a great success! For more informationTAKAZAWA FacebookPlease visit。

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Mandarin Oriental Taipei
Location:158 Dunhua North Road, Taipei 10548, Taiwan (10548-Taipei dunhua North Road 158-go)
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888

No. 158, Dunhua N Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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