Gorgeous Taiwan hospitality food behave Sankai 樓 early modern Western-style building was renovated


In the early Showa era1932 yearIn the built、At that time、Japanese doctors lived in modern and classical two-storey building and renovation、Last year2014In the spring ofTo be opened and、High-quality Taiwan cuisine "Mountain House (sanchailowe)"Mr.。And vegetables grown organically grown transported daily、Commitment to the port of fresh seafood、Customers to behave in recipes using traditional techniques、Taiwan hospitality cookingArranged in a modern style and are provided。Place、ZhongshanThe "The Okura Prestige Taipei Okura prestige Taipei"The one along the alley at the back in、Zhongshan StationThanApprox. 3 minutes walking distanceIs!




On the table、That appeared to be a large sign shall not、
Like nameplate in Japan written in western gate. "Sea House"The characters emerge in the light
Look、Included in the restaurant for its appearance.、Adult retreat-like ambiance。
Through the garden is in very good condition well maintained、To bother you at the front door and
Tea pots to reception organically grown high-quality tea leaves well feeling in us.


1The water tank located near the entrance to floor、
Every morning、Penghu (Hoko) IslandsOne was flown fromKeelung (Geelong)At just 漁reta crab and shrimp、Such as sea bream swim gracefully
In the blessings of the natural environmentSouthern Suao, farmIn cultivated、Heaps of organic vegetables just arrived the morning outpouring。
Is available for order by use of food ingredients and.


The spacious interior、Utilizing the atmosphere of the time、Has become a fusion of contemporary and modern classical space
10So people hang the round table and 4-6 people hung corner table in、It is possible to accommodate up to approximately 42。
Previous、This is on a Shanghai restaurant、It seemed to over turists
Owners our of your intention、In the living room of the home, such as spend relaxed atmosphere
It was 仕立te直sa in this space to enjoy a meal。
And full of retro feel the delicate filigree of the ceiling, where nostalgia and sense of openness、It is a very nice space!




Original wooden window frames are used as、Is the atmosphere.、Owners may be paying attention to the furniture as。
All tables in the restaurant are dignified an order made.、
The felled wood from Canada、Obsolete records in the photo surfaces on the Board one piece。
Black lovely sculpture、Owners who are made
Built in Feng Shui and good location、Right on the money、Left hand silver、Seems to works that represent the wealth!


On the side of the stairs、And reflect the State of dairy farmers and organic farmers will be used in the restaurant
An obsession with food and safety、The safety!


22Name accommodates 2-floor private room


16Name accommodates 2-floor private room


8Name accommodates 2-floor private room


"Sea House"Is it of the Omoto、Organic food delivery service company "GREEN&SAFE"Mr. on
Well as organic vegetables、Meat、Fish、Perishable items、Other frozen products、Seasonings and processed foods、Grocery stores
Is Taiwan a wide assortment of organic store shops and。
Also、Organic fire pot store "Hitoshi privately-owned aircraft Chinese hot pot"And I also run.。
For the ready sharing of affiliate store and ingredients、It can always use fresh ingredients.


"Organic oolong tea"
Elegant fragrance and taste for oolong tea


On this day、Taiwan's famous blogger 'Eat Taiwan"Is it the was accompanied by。
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Eat TaiwanAnd the、Taiwan Taipei in JapaneseAiwan.
Tour the Taipei primary、While local food and conveying in the heart of Taiwan
Describing the Taiwan food blog。
Taiwan resident Japanese and Japanese tourists would be helpfulTaiwan versions of the eat logYou would say。
This time the、Get tips about the dishes recommended to shop!
(Japan language menu is also available)


Mountain and sea delicacies platter (large) NT $ 1,980 (Japan yen and then around 7,720 yen)
In one of the specialty-store、1920In the ~ 1950'sOur classic recipes had been put out as a welcome dish based on
Provided with modern arrangement of。
Boiled pork heart and ginseng、Ham pork leg、Fried Minced pork liver、In the sugar-cane smoked chicken
40Days aged pidan (century egg) with salted egg yolk Squid Rolls、Boiled abalone, etc.
Spices used by Aboriginal peoples of Taiwan"We,"Or works as a secret ingredient
1One stage one takes a very hassle free recipe for、Are a valuable food normally inedible did not。
Large size、6-Became a size 8 by 取ri分kereru、Size 2-5 minutes may。
To know the classic cuisine of Taiwan think good dish!


Organic vegetable steamed NT $ 980 (Japan yen and approximately 3,820 yen)
Brightly colored organic cultivation of steamed vegetables
(Turnip、Yellow Zucchini、Carrot、Cauliflower、Young corn、Purple sweet potato、Peas if peas, etc.)
Good texture、Taste opens up the flavor of the vegetables.


Steamed vegetables and organic、Noiseless edible flowers, rose salt and olive oil in Italy will be out your favorite。
Rare edible roses、Fragrance、Shakishaki as interesting texture、It is delicious!


"Fish & seaweed natural pancake NT $ 680 (Japan yen and then around 2,650 yen)
Ornament cut cucumber beauty also natural that while
Crispy baked dough texture luxury luxurious with colourful seaweed and fish pancake。
And served with the seaweed salt、Also the flavor of the sea increases、It is delicious!


Homemade Taiwan pickles
White and red sweet and sour pickled turnip、Is resting in good taste!


Steamed dishes of fresh fish (market price)
In the steamed dishes large tilefish
Pineapple and melon sauce based on fracture Yuko (habushi) black bean soy sauce、Spring onion oil、Beans stir fried、Steamed with garlic, such as。
A nice scent of cilantro、Enjoy a classy sweet concentrated flavor and soft texture of sea bream.


Fried rice noodles NT $ 580 (Japan yen and then around 2,270 yen)
The vermicelli rice 100% homemade dried shrimp and shiitake mushrooms、Penghu (Hoko) dried squid、Use equipment of seasonal vegetables, etc.。
That flavor has been condensed in the dry、Is a fine rice vermicelli flavoured.


Lofty wine (white)
20Year of lofty wine (white)He served!
High-qualityHighUsing the beams、800Over the years ferment in the traditional skills have been passed down、Long-term matured sorghum liquor (white)。
Rich aroma and rich flavor、And my throat is hot enough alcohol。
Taste and haven't felt cheeks blush、Enjoy the meal!


Four treasures soup salt eggs NT $ 1,480 (Japan yen and approximately 5,770 yen)
The soup was popular in the stand South precious beauty House
Penghu (Hoko) dried Octopus、Hokkaido dried scallop、Pig hormone、Stew as the four treasures of cartilage。
Without the use of seasonings, taste of drawer.、Enjoy the mellow taste with salted egg soup。
I am happy so far Japan ingredients also thanks for using!


Salt egg yolk
The salted duck 4 treasure soup into egg yolks。
Click here、Put crushed in the soup instead of seasoning, will mix.


The clear soup、Reacts to the moment the egg yolk protein and、Dyed white-tinged yolks become mellow.


Each material becomes a soup、Enjoy the pure taste of classic soup.


"Red bean oyaki" NT $ 280 (Japan yen and then around 1,100 yen)
In one of the traditional dishes of the South、Glutinous rice mixed with red beans, fried。Glamorous glass ornament、Chewy texture is a dessert of sweet humble。
Speaking of Taiwan's gourmet、Night city, Xiaochi (a simple dish).Such impression has
Continue and inherits the classic dishes such as Taiwan's culinary culture history must be。
Sea HouseMr. a、Of the Taiwan culture and living、The history of eating and drinking、The important culture
Taiwan cuisine to evolve, plus modern twist on age-old recipes has been aimed at。
In a historic building with modern space、Relax and dine、You might try learning a Taiwan food culture.

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Mountain House (sanchailowe)
Zhongshan North Rd., Taipei, two-stage 11 street 16 號 TEL:02-2581-5760
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 17:30To 22:00

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