Such as retreat to lurk in "amba Taipei Zhongshan" underground "music bar Mud"


As my Taipei trip accommodation that is very much "Zhongshan amba Taipei"The、
Located in the Central Mountain area in the center of Taipei for、
By making the MRT transportation、Is easy to navigate to various areas。
The nearest stationZhongshan stationUntil the、Approx. 5-minute walk away。
Nanjing station (formerly named:Nanjing East Road Station)From the transit station、I came back to the hotel.


Talking about the 1st floor the hotel restaurant "ACHOI"The atmosphere of the night、
Decorated with Moody lighting、It is different from the face of the daytime attire。
Actually,、In the basement of the hotel、A retreat to lurking quietly in、
You would like to visit。
From the hotel、ACHOIThe street to the basement in the back take the stairs。
The general public、And in the back alleys of the hotel's entrance、From there are allowed.


A no-frills mineral stairs。
Leading to the underground bar and this stairway、It is suitable for a retreat to the most。


1920DatingOf the prohibition era in the United States、Many people hiding in the dark secret hidden bars (dive bar) had enjoyed a。
Hotel owners want the style are reminiscent of that era、
"Music bar Mud"Has opened in the basement。
On the wall、All over the place and decorated with horns、
Greets colorful Nordic antique chair was established at random.


Counter bar

Wine and distilled alcoholic beverages prepared from a wide variety of cocktails、Can you provide!


1950DatingThe DJ booth with MACKINTOSH McIntosh tube amplifier and ALTEC Lansing speakers。
Private Hall、Although it is possible to hold a party。
Enjoy a Taiwan night on the secret bar exactly say the retreat!

Zhongshan amba Taipei (Taipei Zhongshan Italian House Hotel) amba Taipei Zhongshan
Location:Taiwan Taipei Zhongshan North Road two-57-1,
Contact TEL:+886 2 2565 2828
Reservation TEL:+886 2 2525 2828
Local toll free number:0800 88 2828

Music bar Mud
Location:Taiwan Taipei Zhongshan North Road two-57-1, B1F
TEL:+886 2 2565 2898
Hours of operation:Sunday-Wednesday 18:00-24:00
Thursday-Saturday 18:00-25:00

No. 57-1 Zhongshan North Road in Taipei Sec

AMBA Taipei Zhongshan Hotel

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