It directed to the middle generation from Young "amba Taipei Zhongshan" Comfortable hotel life in a good location


2015Year 5Opened in January "Zhongshan amba Taipei"The、
In the Zhongshan North Road lined with trees、
"AMBASSADOR Taipei"2012 yearThe second brand established。
And even in the Centre of Taipei、Is located in Zhongshan area、
At the epicenter of culture、All around multimedia & creative, rife with the air of life。
Museum of Contemporary Art,Taipei、In addition to art-related, including the light spot Taipei Film Center spot、
Will Chinese 咖 caffes in store、Garden city life style bookstore、Dotted with fashionable shops, such as light spots Cafe Lumiere and distinctive restaurants。
Natural、History、Art、Culture、Music、The area you can enjoy a sense of well-being, gourmet produce。
In my Taipei trip、This Design Hotel "Zhongshan amba Taipei"The staff in、
We were allowed to spend a very comfortable hotel life ♪ (Xie Xie ♪)


1970Dating"The old office buildingEco-friendly、High-tech、Creative"Renovating three concept、
2015March 5The newly opened Design Hotel in the "amba taipei zhongshan"The、
2F~9FまでAll 90 roomsNext、5Divided into types。
This time the、3F "310We were allowed to stay in the large room type of "!
The area of the large room boasts a simple and stylish design、
Average 9.1 square and became a Studio 30 m²、
Relax on the King size bed luxuriously comfortable。
With older children 1 adults 2 +12-year-old following up、Although it is possible to add one extra bed。
The large room、Equipped with bathtub and separate the 2 head shawer、
A bathtub is required to travel、This large room only、Please select here!


The front entrance in front of the、Is characterized by simple, stylish modern clean design。
As well as try Japan staff day and night together as much as possible will be reside、
It is possible to stay without trouble in the language with confidence!
Antique bicycles in the owner's private property "Free"The images、
Are on display in the front.


"amba taipei zhongshanCheck-in "is15oclock in、Check out12oclock (noon)And spacious。
Thanks to Japan staff、
We were safely able to finish the check out without any problem!
Where to stay hotel next to convey to staff、Go by taxi, have note paper listed in "English"。
"AMBASSADOR Taipei"For this was opened as a second brand、
Young and middle generations of guests have to order、
Many relatively young age groups of staff、And full of freshness、
Katahiji This friendly cozy perfect score in the corresponding that is not stretched!
The hotel managerElmo ChenSan、Jeanie MakSan、Brenny ChengSan、
Staff、Welcome to photomaniajp.


Zhongshan North Road in front of hotel、In the main street、A taxi to travel frequently、
Relatively、It is possible to easily catch!


To the taxi driver、Japan is often speak English, not to mention、
When you ride、Show your destination must be noted [English]。
Taiwan is a fairly safe country is、
If、Or check the counter charge properly、
Also、Forward making sure progress way, Google maps, etc.、Don't forget your attention in order to prevent trouble.


Taxicab and Zhongshan North road running、
Also it is a bright red accidentMaseratiI was able to meet on the GranTurismo! (Happy)
We are happy seems increasingly Maserati user little by little to Taipei ♪


Now、Travel the rest two days, Taipei coverage、
And also visited six months ago "Mandarin Oriental Taipei"To stay for、
We head to Dunhua North Road ♪

Zhongshan amba Taipei (Taipei Zhongshan Italian House Hotel) amba Taipei Zhongshan
Location:Taiwan Taipei Zhongshan North Road two-57-1,
Contact TEL:+886 2 2565 2828
Reservation TEL:+886 2 2525 2828
Local toll free number:0800 88 2828

No. 57-1 Zhongshan North Road in Taipei Sec

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