Silkie chicken house-so famous! Chicken dish of long-established Taiwan cuisine and cuisine!

A long-established Taiwanese restaurant that serves exquisite Taiwanese cuisine centered on chicken dishesTonjiazhuangLunch meeting with taiwanese friends!

Here is、1970It became a long-established Taiwanese restaurant that has been in business for more than 40 years since the 1980s.、Based on the experience of founder Lee Snowball selling chicken at the market、So-called chicken professionals opened chicken dishes & Taiwanese restaurants!

What chickens do you handle at the store?、"Free-range chicken" grown free-range in the mountains!
Taiwanese cuisine centered on chicken dishes handled only by young chickens who have not yet served eggs at 4 to 5 months of age、It has grown into a long-established Taiwanese restaurant loved by many celebrities, Taiwanese citizens, and tourists!
Now、 Another store in the same Nakayama area"雞 House莊 Yo 雞 House 莊 Rokjo StoreBranches are also open!

What is the location of the head office?、Along The Long Chun Road in the Zhongshan Area, the heart of Taipei、Kogo-bao's famous restaurant "Beijing Ding House Next to "Jindin Low"、"Regent Taipei Regent Taipei-Jing Hua hotelIt will be within walking distance from!

On this day、In the Taiwan people's friend and his wife、The jewelry brand founded in copenhagen, the capital of Denmark,PANDORA(Pandora)" owner chen 昱 (Lawrence ChenAnd his wife'sDaniella Huang、And、Like Lawrence, I met him in Tokyo as a member of the Porsche Team.Mario FangAnd of an active wife who loves mountain climbingHsinzin ChouAnd a meal party with 6 people! Mario is a business in the marketing business.、Beside a university professor、Last year the wine management app "CellWine Echiichi Sake 窖 APPWe have established a company that operates、It is attracting attention from wine lovers!

Every time、Every time I go to Taipei、Lawrence will introduce you to the recommended shops.、A gourmet who has experienced gastronomy all over the world, there is no crazy in his tongue、Every shop is really delicious.、The dishes 鷄 at "Ieiso" this time、It's by far the most、All of the dishes were exquisite and had a new impact on the concept of Taiwanese cuisine!

(1) "Three-color chicken (shamisen雞) ※ Special specifications:Crow bone chicken only
"Shamisen", which is the signboard menu of the 雞, is originally、3You can enjoy a variety of chicken for each part.、This is specially offered only the most expensive Lawrence push "crow bone chicken"!
The black skin surface、Collagen gelatinous with a pull-pull texture、Inside, you can enjoy a firm and elastic meat quality.、After a moist and smooth texture、You can taste the taste of chickens that are overflowing incessently!
Because two kinds of ginger sauce and sweet and spicy sauce are prepared.、Let's have it taste of your preference!

(2) "Spicy goya (鹹酥 bitter melon)" 320TWD (Japanese yen):About 1180 yen)
Goya and carrot frites are finished spicyly with finely crushed nuts!
The bitterness that can be felt as just a little of the gourd that has been fried quickly becomes a habit、The best for beer!

(3) "Asari and Hechima (蛤蜊絲)" 360TWD (Japanese yen):About 1330)
In Japan、I don't have much opportunity to eat hechima.、In Taiwan、I see hechima dishes well! Because the hechima of the melon family has a lot of moisture、If you simmer it softly in Asari's soup, it will have a torotoro texture!

(4) "Stir-fried pork heart with shacha sauce (shacha豬 heart)" 420TWD (Japanese yen):Approximately 1,550 yen)
Thinly sliced heart of fresh pig stocked daily、A dish stir-fried quickly with the shop's original shacha sauce! Without feeling any smell、Thinness has paid off、My husband who is not good at the built-in texture was also delicious! Anyway、The sauce is delicious!

(5) "Oyster Roll (蚵卷) 2卷" 150TWD (Japanese yen):About 560 yen)
Deep-fried spring rolls filled with plenty of plipli oysters、The batter makes a good texture and makes a sound、Hotly served! If you're a gabri and a cheek、The flavor of oysters is missing in the nose.、The time of bliss!

(6) "Oyster Taiwan Omelette (Acha Sen)" 380TWD (Japanese yen):Approximately 1400 yen)
An omelette-style dish of grilled oysters, famous for Taiwanese cuisine, with eggs! The fluffy egg soaked in the soup stock of oysters can not stop and can not stop!

(7) "Chicken tofu (雞 tofu)" 286TWD (Japanese yen):Approximately 1,060 yen)
Appeared in cute chicken pottery! If you open the lid,、The inside looks、It's like mapo tofu.、Chicken tofu seasoned with oyster sauce based on chicken soup! Not to mention the smooth texture of tofu、Not a cow or a pig.、The light base of the chicken creates an endless loop of stomachlessness!

(8) "Chicken Soup Broth Rice (雞) 每" 50TWD (Japanese yen):About 190 yen)
Not white rice.、It becomes rice cooked with chicken soup and garlic、Garlic flavor whets appetite、Rice with gentle chicken broth、With a gentle taste、It is well intertwined with any dish! Be sure to order it as 雞 with "Chicken Tofu (10000000000000000000000000000000000000000、It is recommended that you hang plenty on rice!

(9) "Taroimo Ball (Imotmaru) 4 tablets" 120TWD (Japanese yen):About 440 yen)
Fried dumplings filled with hockhok purple taro、It is seasoned with curry spices.、It's not dessert!

(10) "Cold bamboo shoots" 360TWD (Japanese yen):About 1330)
Seasonal bamboo shoots with a crispy texture、Because it is made cold with gentle sweetness, it is perfect for hot days!

(11) "Stir-fried sky core vegetables (sky core vegetables)" 198TWD (Japanese yen):about)
I love stir-fried colorful sky-core vegetables, which are indispensable in Taiwanese cuisine!

(12) "Built-in stir-fry (stir-fried sewage)" 280TWD (Japanese yen):Approx. 1040 yen)
Chicken sand liver and built-in stir-fried chicken with seasonal vegetables! A technique that can be done only because it is a fresh chicken!

(13) "Japanese chicken hot pot (kua 雞 pot)" 880TWD (Japanese yen):About 3260 yen)
鷄 pot stewed with plenty of chicken、There is a simple crispy texture of made-up vegetables.、It is a pot to drink er than to eat!
We're captivated by the soup in this pot、It was a momentum to drink up!

(14) "Egg Pudding", 120TWD (Japanese yen):About 440 yen)
If 鷄 go to "Ieiso", be sure to eat! Pudding recommended!
Although it has a smooth texture、With a firm firmness and taste that misses the old days、Coupled with the bittersweetness of caramel、It becomes an old-fashioned rich pudding!

Here is、2018Ability shop listed Taipei Michelin Guide was announced in March.、Storefront from inception and style、Feel the warm food、In the restaurant with a human touch to familiar、Also we want to revisit Taiwan restaurant.

And happily having a meal with、To be surprised from the Lawrence、Ultra limited edition of miracle born Taiwan us couple's favorite single malt "avalan Whisky SOLIST VINHO SINGLE CASK STRENGTH SINGLE MALT WHISKY (High Priest Kavaren soloist vinho wine barrels. Neglecaskstrengs) "received a gift!

Chick House Hotel
Address:Taipei Mayor spring Road 55 go.
TEL:+886 2 2581 5954
Hours of operation:11:00To 22:00

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