In typical restaurants of the Taiwan Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Southwest kin leaves and enjoy a variety of Taiwan cuisine!


MRT Zhongshan station (Zhongshan Jun)Luxury department store just around the corner "Shin San Viet Nam West"。
On this day、South of Taipei City、Commuter town in Taipei as the new Taipei City new district2015One day in October.The soft-opening
Luxury hotels "PLATINUM HOTEL"of
Front Office Manager and doubles as a meeting, to eat、
At the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Southwest stores department stores in 8 F Lacroix restaurant
Provided the Taiwan cuisine "Kin leaves Greens southwest branch"To and go!


At this time exactly、In the three major festival in TaiwanChinese new year (lunar new year), Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn FestivalThe one in the
"Mid-Autumn Festival"That may、In the Department store of the Mid-Autumn FestivalMoon cakesMany are sold。
Mid-Autumn FestivalAnd the、Lunar calendar8April 15Commemorates the、
Japan style "Full moon night' , 'Harvest Moon"In the known、Decorate with Japanese pampas grass、But watch the moon while eating the dumplings、
In the Taiwan style、Eat moon cakes and pomelos、Autumn harvest thanks to the land God your ancestors!


1977 yearTo just above Castle Street in Taipei started a small restaurant called 11 desktop "Kin leaves SHIN YEH"。
Reversed image of the Taiwan food had been told there are only porridge and small dishes、
Now known as a representative of the Taiwan restaurant、
Shop name、"Rosedale on the park for young、Leaf leaf flourish' From 'Kin leaves"And has been renamed。
Now、Taiwan food stores-5、Japan restaurant (buffet) 4 stores、Shabu Shabu cooking store、2 Curry restaurants, such as expanded、
Japan and Beijing、Have been opened in Singapore。
"Kin leaves"That took place in Japan"World travel fair"In the、In the famous restaurant as you introduce Taiwan cuisine、
Coming in many Japan celebrities are!


The Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Southwest "Kin leaf-vegetables"The2010/SeptemberTo open and、
Decorated with elegant attire leaving the traditional mood。
Always continue to research the new menu、While improving recipes、Producing over 300 dishes so far、
Offers up gorgeous traditional Taiwan food from folksy meals of porridge。
Number of seats is 290 seats and bins、Private room has 6 rooms available!


Here is、Luxury hotels "PLATINUM HOTEL"The front Office Manager
Lin Shuo, Bernard Lin (aka:Bernard)
Hotel2015One day in October.The soft opening is there waiting with your busy schedule in、
Vacation days may、Bother taking your time! (Xie Xie!)
BernardMr. a、Also from now approximately 30 years ago are worked in hotels in Japan、
Be able to understand Japan to some very helpful to speak!


・company pisi drinking Taiwan beer 120 TWD (Japan yen approximately 440 yen)

Taiwan 啤酒 familiar with Taiwan beer。
Taiwan beer is light like water、For smooth、Clean your throat is characterized by、
What kind of food is good it seems.


"Fried green vegetables over high heat with 180 TWD (Japan yen approximately 670 yen)

Don't need too much in Japan、Stir fried sweet potato leaves.。
Garlic and everything nice、Well it's salt、As entrees and side dishes is the best!
Sweet potato leaves、It has similar texture such as Malabar spinach and corchorus、Feel a little slimy and sticky and very delicious!


"醎 flower shrimp salt and pepper fried shrimp" 290 TWD (Japan yen approximately 1070 yen)

Dish carts with fried shrimp sauteed in a spicy pepper filling。
Shell so you can enjoy savory texture、
Some、Feels too strong like the salty、It is perfect as a drink on the lingering taste.


"Shadowfax with barbequed hiruzen blue 蚵 Oyster torches and leaf garlic stir fried" 295 TWD (Japan yen approximately 1090 yen)

Put the leeks and fresh with plenty of fresh oysters、Kokkuri fried bean drums is a rich dish with taste。
Taiwan oyster、While modest, the feel and flavor.


Eggs Masamune hot sauce IPAP Rambow 185 TWD (Japan yen approximately 685 yen)

8Pieces with egg、
In a simple dish that contains soft vegetables baked soft and good thickness in only、
Leading Taiwan cuisine since ancient times has been known as the home-cooked meals。
Enjoy the outside crispy texture、Eggs are fluffy and。
The rustic flavor of dried daikon radish stuffed full and、
Very familiar with soy-based、Rice fits even better!


"White rice and porridge which is better?"AndBernardIs it to be heard、
"Both will little by little"And answered (lol)
Is Taiwan really porridge loves like、
The porridge pot CupBernardSan、Were firmly made.


"The sweet potato porridge.

A revolving light and sweet potato porridge。
Feel the gentle sweetness of sweet potato taste.、
Dishes and side dishes are pretty firmly with so、Just seems like a good balance.


"5 incense selected rolls red Koji-pickled pork tofu fried with onions" 185 TWD (Japan yen approximately 685 yen)

Charm I love spice 5-spice powder、
When mixed with chopped onion marinated in red yeast rice, grilled pork wrapped in bean curd and fried。
We will give a sweet & sour sauce。
Intriguing appetite 5-spice powder with distinctive smell、Very well balanced sweetness of pork and onion、
Wrapped in bean curd、Is there fried、Not greasy、Pakupaku chopsticks are go!


"Kin leaves (ii) meat singer's famous pork soft boiled (large)" 240 TWD (Japan yen approximately 890 yen)

Taiwan pork with soy sauce、Garlic、(Ii) meat stewed with onion, made (pork stew)。
See you in Taiwan (ii) meat、Often working with star anise、Us couple perfume, a little weak.、
Do not use any Chinese star anise and other spices is so very easy to eat.。
Because of Taiwan's pork is sweet、Rather than relying on a special seasoning、It seems to cook utilizing the material taste。
Pork, boiled、Less chance of fat, eating too much in Japan.、
(Ii) the meat here is、In the translucent resin and helpful!
In the overall restaurant、What food is balanced、
Tasted so、I think Taiwan cuisine for beginners are recommended.


Very satisfactory after the lunch meetingBernardIs it in the Guide、
Sindian city, new Taipei City10-To be completed(* When you visit is September to November) the Deluxe hotel
"PLATINUM HOTEL"For we will continue to visit!
Next in line、Introduces the new Taipei City sindian arrondissement of peaceful streets.

Kin leaves SHIN YEH
Address:Taipei city Nanjing West Road No. 12 8 F TEL:02-2523-6757
Hours of operation:11:30-21:30(Sun-Thurs) 11:30To 22:00(Friday-Saturday)
Supported languages:Japanese、中文、Taiwan English

Nanjing West Road on the 12th Taipei

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