Renewed wine boutique Hairbow hamakita shop every day wine tasting in!


2015March 27 (Fri)To seePre-leaf walk Beach North"ofRenewal openIn line with
Sanarudai to have a headquarters, holding sister store in the pre-leaf walk hamakita is active "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER hamakita shop"Mr. also
Were greeted by many users request response renewed.


Place、As the previousApita central doorwayIn the right hand。
Pannier hamakita shopAnd it's in front of 'Starbucks coffee"Let's be open new stores for
Has been changed to Brown shades look of a relaxed atmosphere。
What color it was before?、Do you remember you?


On the storefront、"Today's wine tasting"And、Wines can be tasted on the day four has been posted。
Prior to、Was a weekend-only tasting weekend
This time、With the renewal、To prevent oxidation of the wine specialWine ServerFor the in stock
Every day always delicious wine!That became possible!
Immediately、Pannier, was relaunched to try!


PANIER ( Pannier )And the、In France, meaning the wine basket
When that served to mature Kusu、Must-have tools.。
Precious bottle wrapPANIEROf so、It would bring in the best quality wine carries。
"Delicious dining with wine' Concept selection sommelier wine they have.




Shop in the spacious cellars offices behind、Fine wine specialty store and Headquarters as well as the thorough quality control in。
From a reasonable daily wine, please feel free to、I was invited and party
And of wine variety will correspond to gifts and celebrations。
You can find a wine that suits you、Impression store。
Sync, NOERROR、Trilingual staff was that, at that time、Its location、Fits the scene
Wines were clearly carefully would select from is.


The wine rack、Recommended wines every other pop has been posted
Easy to understand features of wine, has been posted。
If you do not know yet what to choose、Without hesitation, the staff's instructions let them!


Up to now to users"Where's the store sells at Hamamatsu delicious cheese? 」 Your question is so many。
The request and response、PannierMr. soCheese of the wash systemNow treat! (Gusto)
From this without a doubt"You'll find out! 'With cheese is varied so the voice came back.


"Cheese is a gift from God.' A natural cheese specialty shops listed in the concept 'Fermier Fermier"And it's cheese is。
1986 yearThe Fermier, founded、Was opened as an imported cheese shop for the first time in Japan。
FermierAnd is in France, the 'hand-made' or have a meaning, such as farmer-made of
Cherish the gift from God handmade farmer continued his thought not and also satisfies the desire to respect the company's
Every week airlifted more than 200 different cheeses from Paris and Milan, are being sold。
Such a thing、FermierIs it a gift from、Click herePannierAnd I'm in is available for purchase!




Has sold more popular 'Our work studies obtained farm"Is it of fresh cheese and hard to
Ever had white mold、Wash and goat type、Including rich blue cab tip
That especially bothers、FermierAnd I select set!
And is sometimes called the cherry blossom season
Many people gather when an event、Souvenirs of rich cheese set is nice of you!


Cheesegoods in the Netherlands was founded more than 100 years ago long-established manufacturers 'BOSKA"The new stock stone cheese Board。
Delicate black stone、Will be the color of the cheese I'm sure who favors。
To the next "Laguiole Laguiole (riyal)"For with a knife!


Here is、PannierAnd it's latest weapons 'funVino fanvino"The wine Server!
Stylish and high display effects、Good performance is being evaluated further wine Server。
Wine Server、And filling tasteless odorless harmless nitrogen gas to pour at the touch of a button
Prevents oxidation of the wine、Retention period and 2 weeks!
(Depends on the terms and conditions of the wine)


Of the staffSuzuki, drillingIs going to immediately ordered the tasting.。
Current、I can taste four to eat you like!


A. Recommend Manager! Seasonal wine:Pannier ManagerIsSuzuki, drillingLet's now、1 book recommended highly recommended.。
B. Wine diamonds:In collaboration with the international up-and-coming wineries and wine professionalsReal wine
C. Pannier precious selection:As the most important quality, beautiful and gorgeous as the treasure、I want to drink on special occasions wines
D. Professional tasters (April):"Blind tasting"The knowledge of wine and discover the richer。


A. see Hugo grüner Veltliner' Austria white tasting 100 yen
Wine in Austria's autochthonous varieties fresh and fit the Japanese dishes (tempura of spring vegetables, white meat fish etc) in the mineral-rich scent!
B. "Yawm blue with springs Grenache tasting 400 Yen
Enjoy wine diamonds series called petticoat, even fewer in stock Airwing everytime!
C. 2011 Opus One tasting 1,500 yen
Due to the opening celebration、This precious wine is what! Opus one!
D. 'Sakura' Bourgogne Rosé Pinot Noir tasting 200 yen
Each Pannier gratuity at the moment of the cherry blossom season in classic Burgundy rose
4From the Moon、DThe wine is a blindVarieties, country and vintageGet focused、Seems to be a little game。
You guys、I try to challenge us!


Spring limited edition "Sakura Sakura" France Bourgogne Rosé.
In Burgundy, France、Of FrancePavelHe and the JapaneseKaoriAnd I'm engaged couples
"Domaine chevrot"That is the maker of the highly popular。
At the wish of his wife Kaori、Like the cherry blossoms"Graceful."Is a rosé wine“Sakura Sakura”
According to the season of cherry blossoms in JapanBurgundy, FranceThan、Every yearPannierAnd I to you will receive!


OPUS ONE Opus 2011 California Cabernet Sauvignon
Red berries, ferns and cedar trees reminiscent fragrance of the soil to
Lather removes tannins andSmooth and graceful and elegant! (Inspiring 3-year Opus one! )
From glass tasting glasses、Riedel Bordeaux glasses were
Aroma is spreading.、Much of the difference with the staff I'm also astonished everyone, including! (Lol)
And beams.、Can be reminded that glass is very important。
C. precious wines、Come enjoy differences in taste and aroma of the Riedel glass tasting glasses?!


Pannier hamakita shopAnd I'm the ManagerSmall Yukiko Takano,、And you select the special wine of the day
Too hard toOpus oneThe、But can your everyday wine and dismissed but not (laughs)
Affordable yetOpus oneIn the connection、Us select wines be tasted!
When I got lost in the many wine、Staff going on it is best to consult.


PannierIs it in varied "RIEDEL Riedel"Glass。
250 yearAustria boasts a history of more than wine with prestigious brand。
The other day、A Riedel seminar was realized、For still wines taste more delicious、Glass is a must!
There is also a series of relatively affordable because、Might be good to try it first。
Sounds are popular as gifts and Memorial Day!


A delicate wine glasses、Catapult is divided concern is inherent。
Usually close to theRiedelThe... Hey... and people feel
Try incorporating a bit more casual and affordable glass in day to day life is?!


In well-managed Ondo's Pannier cellars、Premium wines□ other3,000TypeAnd aligned to rich。
An important anniversary or special giftIn a rareOld vintageAre you?!


Divided per ageOld vintageThe、As a birthday giftYear bornWill also will be the selection of trendy!


2015April 22 (Wed)To、PannierAnd it's in front of 'Starbucks coffee"Who is the new store opening。
Other、New4-24Grand opening 'Muji' , 'GAP"Such as
More and more excitement is expectedPre-leaf walkMr.!


Current、StarbucksMr. so、Also opening is recruiting!
You alsoPre-leaf walkTo come and try!

WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER wine boutique Hairbow hamakita shop
Hamamatsu, hamakita-Ku, precious cloth proposal 1,200 pre-leaf walk hamakita 1F TEL:053-489-6145
Hours of operation:9:30-21:30Closed on Mondays:Free

Pre-leaf walk Beach North
Hamamatsu, hamakita-Ku, precious cloth proposal 1200, TEL:053-584-6622

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