Paris Michelin two-star 'Michelle Rostan"gastronomic society @ hamanako Royal Hotel


2010 yearThan2012JulyOver the "Seen from the East Japan"Theme is renewal part 'Hamanako Royal Hotel"Mr.。
Last year2014/3The、Renewed bath and bath、
ONSEN La Coon (hot spring Raccoon)Open and buzzing with activity!
In the cold of winter as a clear blue sky、Gems like sparkling waters of Lake Hamana, central locationHamana Lake RoyalSan。
Also on the way to arrive、Drive is very pleasant good views.


On this day、The top floor French 'Sky restaurant bombosur"Is it held
France is has earned Paris Michelin two-star "Michelle Rostand Michel Rostang"The gastronomic meeting。
Hamana Lake Royal Hotel General ManagerLargeSumo andOgawa DaisaburoMr. met and gave!

Michelle RostandThe true legend began、19802 Michelin-star winning in since、
35And forever on said crossing real estate 2、Long-established restaurant with stars to Captivate gourmets around the world。
Mr. Michel Rostand, owner/chef、And、Nicholas vroman's Chef's pick、
Enjoy a feast of gastronomy over the real France Gastronomy Association2015/7/20(Monday)-7/22 (Wednesday)In made。

Date and time:2015July 16, (Thursday)、17(Fri)、18Day (Saturday)
Venue:Nagahama Royal hotel dining room four seasons
Price:Lunch ¥ 16000、Dinner JPY 22000 (each tax included、Another drink)

Date and time:2015July 20 (Mon. / holiday)、21Day (Tuesday)、22(Water),
Venue:Hamanako Royal Hotel 'restaurant bombosur.
Price:Lunch ¥ 16000、Dinner JPY 22000 (each tax included、Another drink)
(* Attend this meeting to provide accommodation at special rates for 1 night 7000 yen)


France is from the Paris meeting、At the entrance of the venue、Under the Arc de Triomphe Etoile Paris、
What greeted us Eiffel Tower (lol)
You guys、So could that photo here、To commemorate the shot!


This time "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"Let's also was responsible for the wine selection、
Owner friend and his wife、Tetsuya OnoWith his wifeYukiko YukikoMs. have been doing lunch together!


On this day、Weather may、
The splendor of vistas overlooking the Lake from the Windows of the top floor restaurant is on the 13th floor of the hotel、
In the more difficult words and beauty、In the splendor of the Lake with a magnificent view.


Menu design here、Michelle RostandThe created a layout picture of the menu shop with four。
Finished to beautiful thinking carefully set aside want to be like.


"Evian evian'

Michelle RostandFrom Mr、France food in France to want the requested that、
(No gas) Evian evian or Perrier-Perrier (gas available) are provided.


"Daiwa resort co., Ltd."Of which served as the Executive Chef and Executive Vice President
Nagato, following Keiji NagatoFrom his opening remarks.。
As a gastronomic society invited from France in the past、"Patrician rule"、"An Pazar"、
From Italy、"Androzoni Peter"Such has been invitedHamanako Royal HotelSan。
The number was examined from a chef or call anyone this time、
Celebrity chef in France,Michelle RostandIn the decision。
NagatoIs it for his sonYoshi NagatoMr. a、Current、Rostand affiliate storeIn can you work、
Is a great event that the eagerly-awaited child co-star!
This time the、NagatoHer own4MoonTo go to Paris、Gastronomic arrangements stacked、
5MoonThe、Bombosur chefYoshiaki ToyamaSan、Premium beverage Department ManagerFukunishi Takashi maleLet's go to Paris、
And the development of food、About the wine selection、It was began to prepare steadily for the event。
Michelle Rostand Michel RostangMr. members led by、
ChefNicholas vroman Nicolas BeaumannAnd Mr
The pastry chefAdrian and Bob Zoro Adrien BozzoloNow Mr.


This time the、NagatoAnd it's friend "Laurent-Perrier-Laurent Preiier"The Ambassador,
Philip sorsette Philippe SauzeddeAnd asked the interpreter to、
Michelle Rostand Michel RostangObama's speech is simultaneous.


Michelle Rostand Michel RostangMrNagatoIs it the grateful and thanks to this event was a、
Like would be better than France and Japan exchange opportunity、
The Configure menu the ingredients of France and Japan said.


According to ManagerLargeRight from the、The drink was served!
LargeChan、Thank you ♪ (thanks)


"Pierre-Simon Brut-CUIT" France champagne

First of all,、"Pierre Simon Brut-Cui"The cheers.。
1730 year、Start cultivation at the Court bomb。
Using only pure fruit juice harvested from the best vineyards、100% great Chardonnay confined finesse champagne。
Dense and powerful while、Flavor with subtle highlights.


Feel the spirit of Paris 'Red Snapper marinated foie gras with figs"

The amuse was entitled feeling the spirit of Paris、
Crispy corn starch made from foie gras and figs and bittersweet and wrapped in thin to、
And、On the sheet was kneaded cheese on marinated sea bream。
So bite-size pieces、On hand will be taking.


"Perch and black truffle、Port wine sauce and green peas puree the oysters.

And wishes the turnips marinated with truffle Kaori Suzuki and egg yolk to、Served with caviar and gold-leaf。
Under the、With a colorful green peas puree
Will freshen up with Porto wine flavored oysters!


Premium beverage Department ManagerFukunishi Takashi maleLet's us go to say hello so、OnoMr. souvenir shot。
Our wine selection is、EasilyMichelle RostandOf just to cater to hard in the ass、
OnoAnd it could not be carried out without。And、Would be gratefulFukunishiSan。
On the back of the success of the event、Efforts thus born from the trust of organizers and operators of it?。
We get along and the two have always been a great job, I'm happy as long as it is!



Bread and plenty of oats and walnuts。


"Veber Seck Le Mont 2012 Domaine huet '

Legend maker、The history of the Domaine huet、
1928During the years purchased 5 ha ver Vera Le o ry of Gaston Huet。
Even while their solid management of Domaine、Yue House has expanded up to 35 ha in total owned farms。
Now、4Two parcels、"Le Haut Liu.、Le Clos du Boer、Le Mon、
And owns Domaine de Vodoun newly purchased in 2001。
Now、But Gaston son-in-law Noel pinguet、1976Since they manage the vineyard scene。
With a beautiful golden color、Apricot and citrus、Impression of the scent of honey also has、
If you include in the mouth feeling fresh after a volume stereoscopic effect is felt immediately、
Is a good dry white wine and long term aging.


This time、Played the important task of interpretingPhilippe sorsette philippe sauzeddeMr.
Table go to greet us。
"Laurent-Perrier-Laurent Preiier"The Ambassador,Philippe sorsette philippe sauzeddeMr、
And enchanted world of France was born in words 'convivialite"art、
1974Since Japan has been in 41 years、Conducts activities spread the concept to introduce to Japanese。
1982A year、At first took place at the Embassy of France at a dinner of the last emperor and President Francois Mitterrand、
Memories of when the service is not forgotten、
And this feeling、Intend to expand further exchanges between Japan and France has been try。
A devotion to France cooking activities、2005Agriculture, he was awarded the Medal of Paris。
Now、Not only Japanese but also international clients continue to tell his enthusiasm for the wonders of France、
France Paris suburb cityFontainebleauIn life he was、
In Japan the Japanese wifeHarukoAnd I pick up、Up is quite witty conversation skills more and more!


"Fillet of sea bream、Smoked eel with ververnucream、Zucchini cannelloni.

A fillet of sea bream with confit with ginger butter、Fit the Verbena sauce。
The finished soft Zucchini cannelloni、
While using the acidity of the tomato puree、And finished!


Kitchen designs that would、
According to ManagerLargeChan on passing the camera, we shoot! (Thank you)


To focus on the main dish in the kitchenMichelle Rostand Michel RostangAnd MrNagatoSan。
And、Filled with a realistic sense of tension surging during the staff photosLargeChan was paid.


NagatoIs it of his sonYoshiAnd I also 駆ke巡rimasu in the kitchen together.


The us responsible for the table as a sommelier、
"Zampamisaki Royal Hotel Okinawa"The premium Beverage ManagerZhongshan UniversitySan。
From TokyoZhongshanMr. a、And experience the Royal Group of nationwide、
Current、Experienced sommeliers are enrolled five years in Okinawa, it is!


' La von du Van Court du Rhone village “Notre passion” 2010Domaine von de Michel "
France Court du Rhone

1950 year、At the Domaine Etienne squeaky wheel's predecessor founded in Châteauneuf-du-Pape、
1974From the year、Operates the Domaine Michel squeaky wheel brothers and the son of Jean、
Organic farming without chemical fertilizers or pesticides in wine.。
Here's a wine named "our passion"。
Grape varieties : 50% Grenache、50% Syrah。
Characterized by spice incense、Is the red fruit aroma.、
A good balance、Also lingering the longest、 Elegant, expressive wines.


"Chateau oreum de imprisonment 2009 Saint-Estèphe "France Estèphe AOC

18The Chateau oreum de imprisonment was founded in the mid-nineteenth century、
Derived from the old Elm that name was planted in the field trees (oreum)、One of the famous Saint-Estèphe Chateau。
1940Since that owns the Chateau Bages
That is operated and managed by Mr. Michel cars led by Carr's House to be like、High reputation。
You've got a rich aroma、Enjoy the elegant balance with plump, deep wine.


Executive sommelier won the sommelier contest in the GroupNaoya 北氏.、
And turn the camera、Spectacular appeared in peace! (Lol)
And finally blinds you want focused was to tasting little secret of wine! (Thank you)

"Juvelis Chambertin vieilles Vignes 2011 Domaine Denis morte "France Burgundy
Because God told Henry Jaye building to learn、Has produced wine Romanée-Conti, Leroy and lined。
A gevrey-Chambertin village seems to be effeminate.、Feel soft and supple。
Grape varieties:100% Pinot Noir。
The aroma rising from the grass、Red berries, such as raspberries, raspberry、
Only in Kogi deep and complex flavors plus、A charming wine gives the impression a little wild!


"Lamb Roti、Shoulder meat and eggplant sandwich、The scent of lemon confit.

The Lamb loin、Has been roasted, marinated with lemon and herbs、
Feeling abandons the fishy smell、Even the sheep are afraid her husband had。
Eggplant sauteed minced shoulder in sand。
Was able to enjoy the marriage of wine and also nice!


"Flavoured with cocoa flavor、Ganarachoco sleek and tonka-flavored creme Brulee.

On the ganache Gateau baked to a crisp、
Tonka beans almond-flavored creme Brulee、
And、You finish a chocolate mousse sprinkled with chocolate-coated。
And break with chocolate with a fork while eating、
Aroma and flavor and tender sweet and bitter tastes together spread in the mouth、This is the best dessert!
Look at the eyes、Smell and touch、Enjoy the taste for dessert、It truly seems France!


Petits fours

Enjoy a refreshing sour passion fruit macaroons、
Enjoy the aroma of green tea intense advertisement、
Chocoball nuts enjoy the crunchy texture and、Is 1tsu1tsu delicious petits fours.




"Minamiawaji"From Assistant Manager had come with help and beverage Chief and Chef sommelierSadao OgawaSan。
Not to mention the sommelier、And had a title of Chevalier、
The bartender、Cook qualification、Have a wine master and the various qualifications, has been big success it is!
BrookAnd it is also features the engraving is deep and beautiful.、
It was more than a nice attitudes, conduct and attitude、
At this time, unfortunately for table of、That could not be served、
From a distanceBrookJust watched to behave!


Finally table turned out to greet
Michelle Rostand Michel RostangWith team members took a picture。
And lots of good memories now.


After a meal of 1 floor "Ripple tea lounge"Mr. on、
LargeChan has been a delicious lemon grass plantation iced tea and、
NagatoWith his sonYoshiLet's us go so、To commemorate the one I took! (I)
YoshiAnd I'm of one day seeing to the success in Paris and I am happy。
NagatoSan、LargeChan、Also fun events awaits you!

Hamanako Royal Hotel
Hamamatsu-Shi Nishi-Ku, yuto-Cho Yamazaki 4396-1 TEL:053-592-2222

Michelle Rostand Michel Rostang

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