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Marc BIBEAU Okonomiyaki heaven clothing in new food crunchiness! During the sting moist spring cabbage sweet!



Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital located in Sumiyoshi Street along the Hiragana 3 characters "KOKORO"That has raised the curtain shop。
2007 April,To open this year2015 year in8AnniversaryMark。
That since I came to Hamamatsu"Speaking of Okonomiyaki's heart"Become a staple in our
Shop at the national level and famous by now。
And、Currently Western in log eating Okonomiyaki.、Shizuoka area both1PlaceIs a delicious okonomi boasting!


Shop 6 counter seats and teppanyaki tables are 14 seats。
The first、It seemed to get burn themselves at the plate-style、To avoid loss of time
And beams.Taste even in making a professionalTo get to know
Owner by the wayTatsuya OishiJust baking in the kitchen behind the scenes from
It changed the style on a plate in front of the audience warmed to the。
There was also a fun pancakes certainly bake yourself a decade ago、Now that I had hurt feelings。
They do not at all suitable for baking professional taste.。
At lunchtime、Many salaried workers and elderly couples have.
Transformed in the evening、Has become a place of recreation and relaxation for people who enjoy a drink at the teppan-yaki beers!


Okonomiyaki Kokoro's most popular seafood mix 880 Yen

Using the homemade mix powder、Is characterized by meticulous bake、表面は天かすでカリッカリ仕上げなので
Even the flavor of sesame seeds and chopped ginger soy sauce is.。Here is
Eating for the first time, is how to master the original.、Seems to be quite a shock。
Impact of the date actually received for the first time we also forget the excitement!


Okonomiyaki Kokoro's second favorite see also chiizu baked ' 880 Yen

Also, chiizu、Fluffy cakes cut into cubes with embedded fabric、Natural grounds and a nice cheese square、
In difference with crunchy surface、Enjoy a soft moist texture、With plenty of cabbage
And the pork flavor ingredients、とろ~りとろけるチーズとモチの相性が抜群の1品!
Most of the female customers、The moment I saw this naming "this me-!" and so here is
I actually is its mouth (lol)


The decoration of the Okonomiyaki、Can be done to your liking yourself on the plate brought from。
We have、Always your favorite source.、Mayonnaise sauce、Topped with bonito、Is the order of the seaweed。
Source takes on a hot griddle and ' judge ~! "and tone will sound appetizing!
It is also supremely delicious with mayonnaise ~ ♪

We're going to eat again?!

Okonomiyaki KOKORO
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Sumiyoshi 1-16-14 TEL:053-476-5086
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 17:30To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday
fecebook page:

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