Xiao Long Bao and Taipei Zhongshan station master spring road tea leaves、Massage shops with local shopping


Zhongshan stationThanZhongshan North RoadFurther northChangchun Road.Street、A local's famous tea and Xiao Long Bao with plenty of、Also shows up Mall massage bars。Glimpse life in Taipei、Introduce such streets.


"Mugged tea house (simpinchalou)"
From Zhongshan station 10 min walk。
The 30-year-old, dealing with tea leavesTea moneyOpen a restaurant。
Click here alsoDIN Tai FungIn the chefs were trained for many yearsZhang Rui,Dim Sum's popularity is。


"Curing foot Road Hotel"
Foot reflexology place in modern clean feeling。
24Hour by permanent staff of about 40 people got there and stay
Japan staff, we also have、Your peace of mind, can you please!


"Ivory Red"
Coffee、The sign set。
Atmosphere such as the beanery in Japan。
Western food and refreshments started.、Is Taiwan cuisine family restaurant!


"Hiu Yang tea line"
Tea leaf received a commendation from the Taipei City Government, etc working.
6Second generation ownersKings edge armorMr. cute souvenir package produced by the teashop.


Changchun Road and Lin Sen North Road intersection.

Go to the South forest park、This straight and continue East to rise, Brown line and Keikyu may Ding House。


"Le Phare Lok method"
Visit2015/3The chain opened a take-out tea Shoppe is。


1981Year FoundedThe long-established tea house in、Rich teas as well as tea and tea cake。
Owner, family managementHayashiAnd I's wife and the second daughterHagiChan is in Japan is very good and helpful。
If the change in the city in the official currencyZero CommissionFor here than where by far the most recommended!
Is a teashop in the famous currency exchange know loved by many celebrities.

First post here.Exchange in Zhongshan station 10 minutes boost Xiang tea line Japan pass and enjoy the tasting!

Articles celebrity encounters here.Tea from Nakayama station 10 minutes boost Xiang tea line Japan pass is zero Yen currency.


"Beijing Ding superstructure (Zinedine row)"
"鼎泰豐 Ding Tai Fung"The top Dim sum nurses served more than 20 years
Chen 3 brothersThe independent '京鼎小館 Beijing Ding Xiao Kan"The No. 2 store。
Even Japan9StoreThe expand branch。
Personal crowdedDIN Tai FungAnd it is more advisable。


"Chicken house Villa (teachers one)"
As Taiwan long-established restaurant loved by local people。
Salted and roasted chicken、And the fowls.、3Types of chicken in the sauce and even food shamisen chicken、
Mabo tofu chicken、Chicken house tofu, etc、Guests can enjoy various dishes of chicken!
Chicken soup rice cooked in chicken broth with chicken dish is outstanding!
Is the most recommended restaurant in Taiwan food we ate!


Born during the mother of father of the Japanese and Taiwan people、And international actors Japan nationalsTakeshi KaneshiroSan。
Too much like face and has secretly been a fan、Unfortunately now is some success in Japan。
However,、With a huge sign suddenly appeared、And I see that Rin、See at a glance just happy (laughs)


"Nakayama Shin Kura"
Nikko wealth development of constructionHe has a stylish two-bedroom and three-bedroom condominiums。


"Chuan, hemp 糬"
In one of the stalls suites come across better in Taiwan makes Taiwan traditional sweets and。
What sort of cake flour in Japan、Even with sticky rice was dust of bite-size candy。
Around are in soybean、Grass hemp (sesame)、Flower (peanuts)、You can choose from red bean (azuki)。
Located in Songjiang road 297 lane 'Furo Hakka hemp 糬"Large matrices and indeed the most popular it seems.


And to the North "Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei"You will see the。
Here in Japan, Prince Hotel and the Hotel Amadeus、1970Is a long-established hotel。
You can stay at a relatively reasonable price、
And it staff can converse in Japan、Guests can enjoy a friendly peace of mind。

Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei post click here!


2010Opened in the year "Gloria Residence"The、
"Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei"The series hotel located next door。
This hotel is unlike a typical hotel、
Hotel made the catchphrase you want have a place calm like a home stay in Taipei, people!
Is one of the hotel anyway stylish, cosy rooms come to stay at hope!

Gloria residence article click here!


"Ambassador Hotel, Ambassador Hotel Taipei (one Hokkoku Fang hotel)"
By airport bus from Taoyuan International Airport.Get off at State guest hotelAnd is convenient because there is a bus stop in front of the hotel。


Airport Metro bus stop "Get off at State guest hotel"


Near Ambassador Hotel、
As a second brand Ambassador "Eco-friendly、High-tech、Creative"Three major concept
"Zhongshan amba Taipei"2015March 5In the open。
Here is、1970DatingOf the over one-year old office building and renovating、
Design、Eco-friendly architecture and famous designerGuo Ying 釗Are responsible for。
1F Young's most popular restaurant "ACHOI"Also there!

AMBA-North mountain articles, click here!


In Taiwan、Japan attracts more than coffee culture
There are apparent all over the place。
Here is、Is a chain restaurant that revolves around Taipei coffee stand。
Sells sandwiches and small engine space.


"King of the world"
Breakfast at Taiwan locals gather world bean serosal King。
For a high profile Japanese tourists cover a variety、Early in the morning to heard。
Of the diet here、The show later。
However,、Honestly、The taste I (sweat)


Next in line、Zhongshan cityIn Let's shop turned out actually!

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Zhongshan area information is full!

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Chang Chun Road, Taipei, 52nd

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