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"Lou Dumont Wine Tasting Party" Invited Japanese winemakers active in Burgundy !



Japanese brewing House in Burgundy
"Maison Lou Dumont"ofNakata KojiAnd I was invited、
Hamamatsu City "WINE & DINNING Abend"We held the wine society, at。
RudumontThe flagshipGevrey-ChambertinIntroduction、
While enjoying the excellent Kusu is called rare selections, including 20 kinds of wine、
Koji Nakata (Koji Nakada)Is it as a workshop together with the、Will be tasting style standing party!


Prepare the counter in the shop、
20Separately for approximately a four-course wine order to provide random style!


Nakata KojiSan

College met in a French restaurant of wine、
"I like building a wine in your hands"A young man who dreams、1995 year、Recourse shall also not single France。
Banging the gate around the brewing House while studying in France, and weight training.、
2000In July, 7 pm、In the Burgundy 'Maison Lou Dumont"Has been established.。
Nakata KojiIs it the wine which characterises、
Just as Japanese artisans say、Embarrassingly around every detail thoroughly is the obsession with stick work。
On the character and terroir of the wine train did their research and、The polished wine cask selection limited and aging method。
2003March 5、Of the pastHenri JayerHis tutelage "wine express their own identity" than the old man、
"In Japanese"、"Nature and sincere respect for human beings."For as a symbol、"Heaven, Earth and man"I was born。
"Hope wine will be in Asia bridge"ThatNakata KojiSan。
CurrentLou DumontThe wine is、
Japan、Korea、Taiwan、China、Asian countries such as Singapore and sold mainly、
2008In August,、Gevrey-ChambertinIn the village get its curve of。


To toast "Lou Dumont Cremant de Bourgogne Blanc De Blancs
"By providing、
Owner sommelierAkimichi YamadaAnd it will served in a beautiful serve themselves!


Approximately 60 wine enthusiasts gathering's venue、In a calm mood、Start meeting!


Owner sommelierAkimichi YamadaSan

197211 / 8, bornAkimichi YamadaMr. a、
Licensed sommelier Grand Hotel Hamamatsu, Hamamatsu and worked in Hotel Okura、
2000The independent years、"WINE & DINNING Abend"And
Wine shop "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"Through the、2012In Akasaka "LEVERRE"Open。
Akimichi YamadaIs it of deep love for wine not of filled wine Salon is、
As wine lovers gathering place day and night Chamaeleonidae。


To counter、Nakata KojiAnd he himself headed, he served in、
Guests on each charge and、Listening to the talk about the wine will continue to progress the Board of。

"Lou"、Mr. and Mrs. NakataBecome teen parents (Catholic christening in)LouAnd from the name of the girl、
With the meaning "mountain"Dumont"The、
NakadaIs it inspired by the iconic town located in Takahashi, Okayama Prefecture hometown was born in Matsuyama Castle in、
"Always have a home in the hearts"That are associated with your、
"Lou Dumont"And has been named.


Is this tasting party、
That conduct thorough quality management、Kuradashi direct wine Burgundy and champagne with import and sales company
"Nouvelles Selections Inc."Has been supporting、
In the East, headquarters, Dept. of industrySANAE Maki (Maki Sanae)Who has been in charge.


RudumontThe flagship "Gevrey-Chambertin 2012"The、
The compartment "La Platiere"(Over 70 years old)、"Aux Corvees", Etc.。
The average 55-year-old、Crop of 60hl/HA。
Only the natural yeasts in fermentation。50% new oak、118 months between barrels in once used barriques 50%。Bottled、Bottled in non filter。
"There are number of wines able to body and soul over and build limits"And、
Attention to detail is devotion to the thorough work and craftsmanshipNakadaLacking soul gem!
And eat well while also、Still pulled out the gun, well-balanced with pride、
Complex fruit flavors and aromas, such as full flavor、And good feeling of freshness and smoothness、
Enjoy a soft lingering Carne、As expected is helpless.


The standing style tasting party、Snacks are also decadent.


Short pasta with bruschetta、Salads、Easy-to-eat buffet snack is!


Be in the middle of、8Rare selection of species began sorting!

Lou Dumont LEA Selection
"Bouzeron 1998"
"Puligny-Montrachet 2000"
"Meursault 2000"
"Bourgogne Rouge 1999"
"Bourgogne Hautes Cote de Beaune Rouge 1990"
"Santenay Rouge 1990"
"Volnay 1990"
"Chambolle-Musigny 1996"

In none of this precious wine、A little taste、
Especially、Meursault 2000 vintage、And the smell of honey and citrus、Mellow nutty nuance、
Rich, voluptuous fruit flavors and silky texture、
The more complex taste more、Taste was ample flavor and rounded off corners。
NakadaMr. felt and talked to them while it is、
So delicate, shy, wholehearted、Including with softness of the manner、1With a core of strength that feels、
And、Personality of naturally feel warm and rich spiritNakada'Ve got wine generate precisely because I think。
I was told all wines taste the ♪


A casual standing for、
Here you can walk around freely、Able to communicate with many people enjoy!


On the way、Owner sommelierAkimichi YamadaLet's be served as MC、
Koji Nakata (Koji Nakada)With the discussion of wine。
But its even interesting listen、
2011On March 11, an、East Japan earthquake affected a great many people as well as victims of、
During the charity auction held for the earthquake reconstruction、
NakadaAnd it provided "Corton 1999"YamadaWho was that、
Great story two is active through the wine impressed carved storage。
Sales at charity auction、Will be utilized to support disaster relief reconstruction。


As a wine shop in Hamamatsu-Shi "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"of
Run the two in-store branch, beep and hamakita shop
Of the ownerTetsuyoshi OnoAnd I also had a greeting as the sponsor of this wine。
Guidance to the Hamamatsu wine lover who started.、
Give the wine a much better chance of making、That meant the various preferencesOnoSan。
TheseOnoAnd it's only if the activity of the unsung efforts、And the development of the wine industry there's a Hi-Fi。


At the end of the、Sales of wines from the wine tasting was held.


The wine buyer、Koji Nakata (Koji Nakada)Sign sann直 brush had had a good service!


In the lastKoji Nakata (Koji Nakada)Mr. surround、Tetsuya OnoWith a photo!
NakadaSan、Thank you for the wonderful wine! (thanks)

Maison Lou Dumont

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