WINE CLUB x Maserati! Celebration champagne Party held on the summer!

Cool summer to gift your WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU annually would be an annual celebration Champagne party (champagneparti)、Once again、Italy luxury cars luxury brand "Maserati"Handling"Maserati Act City Hamamatsu"He sponsored became!

This year、Our wedding couples we seeMusée Yotsuike"The becoming will be held at the venue,"Orsay"、On the day of、Full lineup of "MASERATI" exhibit at the venue entrance、Available booth at the venue!

To attend、Get the entry ticket to the Maserati Hamamatsu offers a special raffle!
In the pleasant summer sun、While surrounded by an elegant Maserati、Enjoy elegance and comfort with the champagne!

Is an elegant venue with a gentle tint "Orsay"、From the glass wall overlooking the green of the garden、Mail merge is the bright sunshine、Spreads cozy atmosphere!

Altogether 41 species and be served champagne、RM of rare and old vintage "Champagne Experience" choice!
Discovery of new experience of champagne and blissful marriage is serving in buffet style!

Membership dues will alone 16000 Yen、Eat your favorite champagne freely available and、Very recommended!

The annual prestige champagne、"Louis Roederer crystal (lilodelaire / Crystal)、"G.H.Mumm Rene Lalou (MAM-line Larue)、"Gosset Celebris (Gosset celebris).、Plan to see Armand de Brignac (Armand de brignac)!

Us couple also each year will participate in our champagne party.、So look forward to interact with various people this year、If you are interested come with you!

Also、Make online payments and for reservations for the、Please contact contact lade!

Click here for reservation site!

No. 5 Annual "Champagne Party @ musee yotsuike.
[Date] 7/17/2017( Moon)The reception of the sea, 14:30、15: 00 pm-17:30
[Fee] ¥ 16000
[Capacity] 80
"Cooking" buffet style
< Dress > summer casual
"Exhibition" Musée 四tsu池
3-5-8 saiwai, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Japan 433-8123
Hamamatsu station Bus Terminal No. 13 bus uptown and medical direction "AI Hall" bus stop (about 20 minutes)

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