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"The Oriental Terrace Torizen" held a "Wine Maker's Dinner Vol.4" invited "Hugel"



White Street along the Palm tree becomes a landmark、There you can climb the Hill and located on a hill、
Boasts a great location, overlooking the Lake, played "THE ORIENTAL TERRACE TORIZEN"。
Originally, "Good bird"Mr. a、1868The Foundation is、With a background in the age and changing business forms、
This year2015 yearIn what152 yearThe proud history、7TeenWill follow long-established and。
1963The head office was in blacksmith town on the shore of a quiet, sound current transfer、
2000basisVenue over from fine until the location became a hot topic、
As now, wedding ceremony and wedding reception halls、Or as venue for parties and events as well as numerous celebrities to visit, and、
It is a highly popular restaurants。
For a long time、The restaurant has been operating as a Japanese restaurant2009/SeptemberTo
Oriental Asian resort and redesigned in the luxury space, renovated、
The young chef has been trained FrenchMaekawa TomohiroAnd it is from being welcoming、
We evolved into a luxury Restaurant loved by a wide range of age groups.


Filled the stately、Oriental terraceThe appropriately named
The entrance of Asian、And the Hamamatsu like me forget all that、
Is nestled like exotic luxury resort hotels and Auberge has received welcome!


Front lobby




In the Banquet Hall of the Oriental terrace tritheism "The Galleria"In the、
France, Alsace's Domaine "Famille Hugel"Lead was held
"Wine Maker’s Dinner Vol.4"。
In the gathering of about 80 wine lovers、UsWEB Magazine ladeAlso have been involved.


"Famille Hugel"That is a long-established Domaine 13 generations by 337 in the family。
HugelOf flying around the world to tell the taste of wine、
Etienne Hugel.
Of the beautiful wife of the Japanese with the sommelierKaoru HugelWith a photo!


Wedding "Musée Yotsuike"The ManagerChiaki Mizuguchi.
As well asMusée YotsuikeOfHamamotoSan、
MizuguchiIs it the wife "Flower Concierge Soreiyu"of
Will be responsible for chitoeMariWho and together we had!


To toast "2013 Hugel Gentil"Will be available.


The Oriental Terrace TorizenIn the upcomingWinemakers dinnerThat became four times in this、
1The second of France "Famille Perrin"Inviting、
2California's three big makers in the second、
3The first of the Lebanon "Chateau Musar"、
And、This time France Alsace "Famille Hugel"Next、
This time the importer "Jeroboam"And
"WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"ofOno TetsuyaIs it the cooperation enables the event!
Every year、Has become a very popular event.


2013 Hugel Gentil
Grape varieties:Riesling 15%、Gewurztraminer 19%、Muscat 2%、Pinot gris 24%、Sylvaner & Pinot Blanc 40%

Wines made by blending noble varieties "Jon Ty"And had called
What revives the old tradition of Alsace。
In Jonty、Spicy flavor of Gewürztraminer make up、
Pinot Gris of the body、Riesling finesse、Muscat Berry flavor、
And brilliantly combines the freshness of the silvaner。
This year 2013、And varied range of rare vintage、
Is dense.、Said to be pure and well balanced classic Alsace vintage。
With attractive flowers and fruit-filled aroma、Guests can enjoy fresh youthful!


He described the wine, is to stand on the stageEtienne HugelMr. a、
Since arriving in 25 years from now、Are you in the House go to Japan every year or so。
EtienneIs it the Japan language speak、And welcomed the Japanese wife、
Is your husband a very nice!


Etienne HugelMr. a、1958In the Alsatian-born in Riquewihr、1979After graduating, Strasbourg University Commerce、
After brewing training in "Joseph DeRouen" of Burgundy and Bordeaux and Sauternes districts、1982Joined the family business in。
And developed a wine blended with local varieties "Jonty"、Sales Department of the year、Around the world。
As the friendly approachable、Speech occasionally exchanged jokes, and、
Is a charming so brimming sense of humor。
Current、Hugel brewing、EtienneThe brother
Jean Philippe HugelIn 1994, and became President in、
And faithfully execute the key principles have taken over from ancestors in the family total putting out、
Alsace wine has been in perpetuity.


Executive ChefMaekawa TomohiroMr. more、Contains the description of numerous dishes produced to this day。
Hugel wines using flavor and sauce、Will marriage elaborate 6 plates of food and wine.


Amuse "-taste of heaven ~
Highest in Hokkaido from Jaun with truffle aroma Symphony Orchestra played.

Under the shiunji Shakotan in Hokkaido、Served with scrambled eggs with thick mashed potatoes、
In the highest flavor truffle sauce。
Provided by lightly toasted brioche and warm、
Enjoy the aroma and flavor that amuse.


"2011 Hugel Riesling Estate"
Grape varieties:100% Riesling

As Hugel's new products、Rieslingesteite has just been released a few months prior to the、
More than half of the grapes has been used Grand Cru shnan ball、
In a vineyard in Burgundy and the same marl soils at steep slope、
Great personality with the most complex mineral
Taste、Is the drinking of Riesling.


Hors-d’ Oeuvre "-looking forward to the spring-
Broiled served with small cod leaves crab and cabbage jelly soft with yuzu citrus flavor.

Compatibility with wine、Furnished with yuzu, Japanese taste food、
And Chinese cabbage with crab Terrine
Two served with seared Crab Salad。
Leave a nicely crunchy NAPA cabbage、Terrine simply in crab marinated in yuzu
Put the roasted flavor, King Crab with grapefruit or tomato、The combined score and lily root salad、
In the combined mayonnaise with yuzu citrus peel and Citron juice with yuzu cream will.


2012 Hugel Gewurztraminer Estate
Grape varieties:100% Gewurztraminer

Northern Italy is this grape variety native to、
By cool nights ripen slowly and personality appear to maximize、Is the symbol of Alsace。
Dry and very aromatic.、2012Similar in 2011、
Has become a richer, deeper flavor vintage、Enjoy in aromatic richness and fruity!


Hamamatsu and bases、Every day various events organized to spread the best wines、
And establish the network of people who love wine、
Cherish the ties of home brewed、Wine personality are treated。
WinebtikkpanieNow、A special Memorial Day wine、Fine wine gift to loved ones、Including house wine, please feel free to、
Please select the wine needs!


Hors-d ' Oeuvre ' to tonight met such nice, France-
Crystal France foie gras Terrine with rich Hugel Jonty and Matcha green tea、Griotte "

The foie gras Terrine、Wearing a Hugel Jonty crudités、
Matcha crudités、3 species of caramelized crudités。
Align with balsamic sauce and mango sauce.


2009 Hugel Pinot Gris Jubilee
Grape varieties:Pinot gris 100%

17Riquewihr with soil, great century is、
Is directing the big expectations for the land。
With great mineral、The suave, elegant、
Will be more over the next few decades, we continued to grow more。
At least 5 years and seems to represent the strength of the real with richness and mellow in just eight years after。
In the mellow and not comparable to foie gras、
Full body taste smooth and creamy mouthfeel that delight!


Poisson "-in the evening sea breeze madder tribute to prevent-
Ecume light nage shellfish scallop lobster and Hokkaido.

Enjoy the sweetness and flavor of the scallops and lobster had sucked enough flavor of seafood risotto dish。
PAL and turnip、With Piccolo onions!


2008 Hugel Pinot Noir Jubilee
Grape varieties:Pinot noir 100%

Pinot Noir accompanied by true mineral、
Each year deep approaching taste of the Cote d'Or.。
In the bright garnet-red colour、Taste is light、The medium weight、
In the balanced red wine、Ideal for meat and cheese.


Viande "or terroir of the passion-
67℃, low temperature cooking cassis sauce and coffee Salt of Ezo deer meat put the fire

The ezo venison was burned in low-temperature cooking、
Are pull the delicate texture of the dark red meat flavor。
Good source of Cassis and Red beet puree with、
Accent the flavor of coffee and flavored with coffee sold by enjoy!


2007 Hugel Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive
Grape varieties:100% Gewurztraminer

The Hugel、As a specialist of botrytised wine and late harvest wines、Very famous.。
And select only those mellow after a classic vintage、Only the best, pluck。
By the action of fungus called botrytis example、Aged almost to infinity is possible。
Sweet is、Persistence is not、Guests can enjoy the sweet flavor of the products.


Desert "-is held in a spectacular finish-
Sweet and sour roquefortpicante smooth Gato-de-fromage Carbuncles Compote.

A smooth blue cheese cheesecake
Served with Apple Compote、Revel in the sweet and sour and salty desert、
He wishes the merenguechips and Apple with vanilla ice cream!


"illy coffee.


Reception is at the end I、Etienne HugelWith his wifeKaoruLet's go up on the stage、
A wonderful gift raffle has started!
In a nice raffle Hügel wine goods and wine、
Who attended theMr. and Mrs. mizuguchi2 people、In a feat of corkscrews、
There was a nice surprise that our inquiry to one ♪ (thanks!)


Executive ChefMaekawa TomohiroMr. more、Thank you mentioned, the meeting marks the end.


In the lastEtienne HugelAnd I picture with Mr. and Mrs. and venue have!
While the favorite wines of Alsace、Delicious food in the 鼓shi tongue、
In addition、With a BREW House、You could experience an elegant and precious moments talk about wine!
Hope that could share the fun with our fun events from this!

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, sanarudai 6-8-30
TEL:053-447-3241 Open every day
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-15:00 LO:14:30(* Weekday lunch sales)
Dinner 17:30To 22:00 LO:21:00、Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 11:00To 22:00 LO:21:00

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, sanarudai 6-8-30

French restaurant "LENRI" 4 year wedding anniversary to celebrate chef's course Historic Taiwan around! Seeking a new attraction to major hotel and restaurant coverage
French restaurant "LENRI" 4 year wedding anniversary to celebrate chef's course
Historic Taiwan around! Seeking a new attraction to major hotel and restaurant coverage


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