Sherry Hidalgo's study on "El Camino tamachi" town Spanish


Spain restaurant was opened in Hamamatsu City in 11/16&At the bar "El Camino tamachi.、To handle the Sherry Wine 'Bodegas Hidalgo la chitana","manzanilla"famous maker"UNION LIQUORS (Union records)"seminar I attended!

Sanarudai to become a branch office "El Camino"、Spain cuisine in tapas suit the wide variety of、Run the best paella in Spain wine and Sherry feel free to enjoy bars till restaurant "El Camino tamachi.Yuji Nakano (Yuji Nakano)Let's see more eager to Sherry! "And thought how they began studying society!

The last、Thing from the experience the sherry in this、I totally addicted to the charm of the Sherry see Sherry you need more! "And I participate!

This seminar is、"UNION LIQUORS (Union records) sales and marketing River Miyazaki Kohei (Kouhei Kawasaki) Ms. Sherry history and origin to the beginning、From grape varieties and ripening method manufacturing process very clearly and kindly explain!

"First of all what is the Sherry! "And those who also take!

And Sherry、Spain's southern Andalucia on the Jerez town built mainly white wines。
Champagne as well as certain areas in your white grapes in particular、Brewed in a certain way、Only the aged wine called "Sherry"。
Its history is、It dates back to the 0/1100!

Can appear in many works of Shakespeare、Sherry shows at that time was very popular!

Be three grape varieties used in Sherry、Divided by type。
In the dry sherry、Using the "Palomino" variety、The slightly sweet Sherry utilizing clean and sweet varieties of "Moscatel"。
And、Sweet Sherry is "Pedro Giménez" have you heard the name better!

The fortified wine、In a mature way "Solera" which、Pyramid-like triple-mixed with the old American oak barrels stacked 4-wine、At least 3 years of aging and the built。
And is one of the oldest wine in barrels called "Solera" at the bottom of、From this barrel 1/3 wine is taken out、Bottling, we shipped。Wine is only taken、We are 継gi足sa, and then from the top "cry Adela"、When it comes to Hidalgo,、Barrel α and two β、3/ Month for every wine turns to、It seems you can keep constant quality!

You understand the history of sherry and manufacturing process、Actually start tasting! Food and wine is anything but、And from the description of the history and background、What felt more palatable.

Cute and eye-catching labels、Gypsies painted on a tambourine while her and the appearance of Napoleon as Emperor of France and a、For each label in the meaning、Understand them、As "unchiku" get off, with Sesh is also fun!

This time the、Manzanilla la chitana standard Sherry Hidalgo, the representative、Amontillado Napoleon、"Oloroso faraon"、Cream Alameda、Five types of "Pedro Giménez Durian" started.、
Fino Hidalgo Classica series、"The amontillado medium Hidalgo.、Pale cream Hidalgo、And 4 types of Moscatel Hidalgo、
12"Manzanilla Posada Pastrana" of the aged Sherry、
-20 years of aging, specially made to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Western diplomatic Palo Cortado San Juan Bautista、
Characteristic of Hidalgo, with 70-year-old Palomino white wine "La chitana vino Blanco、
And、8Years of Islamist and aged for 6 months、And only in Japan is limited and sold cask finish blended Islay whisky、The number of what! We have a sample 14 different Sherry!

I think many people tend to imagine that sweet Sherry said.、A spicy seafood dishes unique to Spanish to better fit the Sherry Sherry、Fresh, mineral and、And in taste and even better fit the soup in Japan、Sherry amontillado type manzanilla aged for approximately 8 years、And so on have "Shaoxing" somewhere-like aroma and flavor that fits very good Chinese dishes!
And、Impressed with super sweet Pedro Giménez to 1-me showcase called "posture" to human drip 2 drops of gin cocktails、You could be new discoveries of sherry!

The end of the seminar、Speaking of sherry "benensia"!
1call it a supple ladle as m is、Ladle could not hurt here as possible film of yeast that occurs in the barrel out of sherry Sherry is indispensable.
And、Pour the sherry is made from a high position in、To air a special performance open that smell worth a look is!

This time the、We will be the performance experiences of such "benensia"、Also overlooking the production while practicing with your air、Floor's got soken wet catastrophe (lol)
However,、Very easy to learn, to study、Many food and beverage stores officials relaxed atmosphere、More thank you could know the appeal of sherry each day! Mr. Nakano、Thank you very much!























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