"Seasonal cooking Ouchi" New Year's party with the Premium sake of once a year "Isojiman vintage" in Omakase course


From Hamamatsu station、FOOD Subaru, located just a few minutes walk from the Act building 2nd floor located "Seasonal cooking Ouchi"The、
"Cooking fresh ingredients of the season"Is the owner of creed。
The shopkeeperTetsuo OuchiMr. a、In that provided the real food inedible decorations without sticking Buri、
Summer hamo horsetail cuisine、Natural eel、Natural darkness in autumn、Winter natural fugu (Blowfish) and
Japan Restaurant specializes in dishes when natural ones have.


In the shop、The owner be able to over the counterOuchiIs it the knife or、
Beautiful aerial work platforms、You can get a glimpse up。
Patrons loved "Seasonal cooking Ouchi"。
Also meet familiar conversation、May also enjoy this shop!


On this day、Fujieda from among friends "Maserati Hamamatsu"The General ManagerSugiura AkiraMr. more、
In the last year more teaser for、Dear sakeWill new year bring。
In the last year201511-19.In the Shizuoka Naganuma "Maserati pre-owned car Center, Hamamatsu Shizuoka"Also opened、
Now and it is concurrently General Manager ofSugiura AkiraAnd he is daydreaming!
To early next year without knowing each other hard time、2Entered a month of new year and 相成rimashita.


"Isojiman Junmai Daiginjo 35 vintage up the middle" 720ml Isojiman brewery

Here is、2008Since in the toyako Summit of the year used as a drink for toasts、
Quickly it became the premier liquor during the、Availability becomes extremely difficult "Isojiman brewery"The pinnacle of sake
"Isojiman Junmai Daiginjo 35 vintage up the middle"It is。
Year 11-1, and your per person is that start in one book、
Edition of 1000 pieces limited edition this is quite difficult to obtain super premium!
The design of the box、2014And new in green new year、Decorated with cute illustrations of the ISO image to shells and starfish。
Beautiful bright blue bottle daiginjo。
Now the Summit no matter what、For the quality and needs much better、The available degree of increasingly rare still wine and now。
Finest sake rice at 35% Polish.、Ultimate were charged in only part of the core white wine。
Once a year、Gem gem in long Beach boasts fans shipped only a very small amount of。
Such a valuable rice wine、SugiuraAnd it is and is always get every year、Celebrates its 7th year!
Such valuable sake opening last year as well as to let go!


"Isojiman Junmai Daiginjo 35 vintage up the middle" 720ml Isojiman brewery
2,000 yen per carry- fee one

"Gaku SyakunagaDrinking too much sake, thin glass "(unchecked)

In the last year2015 yearOfNew year's PartyThe、SugiuraFacebook and mutual acquaintance we couple that with、
France culinary fujieda-Shi "Restaurant L’AGAPE"You have chosen、
This year、By tailoring in Japanese、
In Hamamatsu, our favorite Japanese food "Seasonal cooking Ouchi"To have to bring!
Immediately、Also this yearIsojimanIs it the toast with premium vintage!
Transparent crystal clear freshness full、Ginjo ornate porch burst into fragrant、
In a mellow, the cleaner and better in your throat、Wonderful delicate taste spreads from mouth after tasting great!
Sake feel mellow and very classy。
In addition、Favorite Bowl "Gaku SyakunagaDrinking too much sake, thin Cup"In that you、
Better taste、Just drinking too much it is (laughs)


Assorted appetizer

Smooth on the tongue and in the curd flavor、Sweet vinegar finish of mackerel sushi、
Together with the deep flavor of sweet assorted、The nostalgic flavor of my mother's and green onions to NetA (tomato subscript)、
Crunchy buccinid shell enjoy the texture and sweet taste、
Is the 5-Prime and asparagus tender sweet sponge cake with egg.


"Fried Lotus root cakes with sea urchin sauce.

Baked Lotus cake、8 with homemade warabimochi powder with arrowroot:2The furnished in proportion、
This time the、With the Sea Urchin。
Savory baked Lotus cake、Also I enjoy the texture you click、
Bean often intertwine、Later felt the smell of the Sea Urchin almost getting lumps is to your taste!


"Scent of yuzu radish and millet Fu cod Milt rape"

Be healed in a yuzu Misty、Crabtree and Evelyn bonito stock fresh and tender and flavorful。
Radish and burnt to a pulp、Crispy and come with chopsticks。
Enjoy the cod Milt clemmie with both of the bowl is a rarity.


On this day、Patrons of the counter is not uncommon、Ouchi heart's content until the cooking lecture was Kawase



Tuna、Ark shell clam、Mantis shrimp、4 parts of a sea bream。
Homemade epithelium is on kelp soy sauce tastes.


"Pig angle boiled shrimp potatoes.

Pork is cooked down and fat、Reasonably priced, easy-to-eat finish。
Shrimp potato first and boiled in broth、Let me wrapping cloth, FRY is hokku give it texture!
In addition、Using the soup bean make over。
To acquire quality shrimp potato、A soggy texture is the best!


"Iwate local Oyster FRY"

True oysters of Iwate、Stunning large puffy boobs in boring and wearing thick thick!
Oyster FRY crispy and light texture with a cloak、Instead of sauce or tartar、With salt and must be。
Plump oysters that are、And puritsu, guests can enjoy a creamy taste.


"Seasonal cooking Ouchi"Now、And you need to book in advance、The time "Clay pot rice cooked"Can you provide。
Finish of the course of the meal、Please somewhere else when his landlady.


"Pot cooked rice (Koshihikari tochio) pickles and miso soup"

Fine up to a beautiful Silver Shak。
Cooked fresh scent arouses the appetite so quickly。
Is glazed.、Plump rice is standing, complete with beautiful grain。
Of the amount of water contained in grain of rice's good、Indescribable scent and sweetness。
Beneath the earthen pot、Have you burned a、This is also roasted the flavor.、
The moment seems really good born in Japanese。
This time the、Using Koshihikari rice caught in tochio area in Niigata feel sweetness glowing in heavy snowfall area。
Tochio (Chioma) and Valley Street、The rice terraces spread by river flows along the Valley、Blessings of the natural water, is made.。
Unlike the Plains fields of one's constituents of soil and sunny must be equal in rice、
Will be taught, and the difficulty of rice、
That suggests that the skillful technique of proceeding with sensitive observation of rice producers.


"Dried young sardine and sansho pepper, topped with bonito"

"Clay pot rice cooked"Along with the attached、Home-made boiled and sprinkle。
And boiled dried sardines in pepper roasted、Us provides two kinds of tasteful, topped with bonito furikake。
The real pepper using boiled、It is a draw after exciting and spicy deliciousness!
This alone、Refill can in the cup of rice、Men had made three cups of rice of light!


"Tanba sasayama green tea ice cream with black beans.

The smooth ice cream flavored with green tea fragrance、
With us Tanba sasayama were traditional style large black beans!
The Tamba、Sugiura's served us "Maserati HamamatsuI run a "
"Queenauto co., Ltd."The headquarters will be。
Not by chance,、Your friendlyOuchiIs it of the trendy care excellence。
Suites with classy adult would.


SugiuraMr. a、May also be called a "widower"、Cooking is very nice、
That made everything Western and。
For the new year、Homemade food from the beginning、Every day except for eating out almost like cooking。
Such a thingSugiuraWith catching the taste of vegetables、Even to this day Cook talk to talk about the flower bloomed!
SugiuraSan、This year's precious sake we partaker in storage、Grateful thanks。
French、With the Japanese audience.、The following are、Or Italian?
Also、Appreciated if you can go!

Seasonal cooking Ouchi
Address:Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 672 FOOD Subaru Bldg. 2F
Hours of operation:17:30To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:Sunday

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