A highly popular sake expedition in four breweries election lists boring sake drinking!


Blue NoteAndCottonClubAs a professional live theater to imagine、Viola Hamamatsu-Cho "Porte Bonheur portebonur' Was born in the theatre "Porte Theater portetheater"。City instruments、Hamamatsu。Because of this the city、"People who love music, want to grow"。Such desire or intention、Round eight real estate groupThe Chairman of theHirano OsamuAnd produce his own space said it was a long-cherished dream of various music scenes、Widely as multi-purpose party of the name of the theater.


At the entrance of the prefecture's largest live theatre、Many guests entertained weekday night party event will gather。


Party events、The most popular in the country4Two BrewersWe invite、While hope expressing her passion for sake brewing、16TypeWhat a selection of sake and eat while、Sake made in enjoying the cuisine fits the company's sake and marriage planning meeting。Entitled "Sake expedition"。


In the Theater Hall、Well over 100 people who gathered.、Jazz atmosphere of the event plan directing on the stage and spacious with large screen。


Aichi "Sekiya brewing"Stocks:Penglai spring (houraisenn)


Kyoto 'Shuzo Saito"Stocks:Isao (eikunn)


Ishikawa "Kobori sake brewery"Stocks:Banzai fun (mannzairaku)


Shizuoka "Suruga distillery"Stocks:Heavenly Rainbow (of)










Portebonur dishes fit into each



Events continue on a regular basis is the full movie portetheater。Event details and booking please see the WEB site!

Porte Bonheur portebonur

Porte Theater portetheater

Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 223-21

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