Great summer gifts from Manazuru Tanaka brewery shop Maserati Hamamatsu and GLION group

Every year、This time the chorus of cicadas、As a great summer gift "Maserati Act City Hamamatsu(MASERATI HAMAMATSU) "the company"GLION GROUP(Die Lion group) "from you will receive a welcome your summer!

Auto Business Center deployed globally and a wide variety of business and、Not only currently comes with automobile-related business、Premium beverage business、Wedding business、Hotel business, etc.、Spread out the field "GLION GROUP' Is!

Is your gift-giving this summer、The brewery operated by the group "Manazuru Tanaka brewery"He provides two perfect for the summer at a carefully selected sake!

In Kami town, Miyagi Prefecture "Manazuru Tanaka brewery"The、And wine cellar with 230 years of history, established 1789 (0/1789)、"True kakuzan yamahai" and "tianlin life based on special rice", will become the representative、This product is、Summer becomes a limited sea special rice (Yamada-Nishiki) summer sake and sea special junmaishu sake!

2Enjoy a drink at dinner time at home according to the type of "sea"!

Summer limited edition "sea special rice (Yamada-Nishiki) summer wine" / "glass:釋 Yong Yue too drinking glass of white.

Summer is the only sea、Miyagi Prefecture from Yamada Nishiki 100% usage (milled 60 percent) at special junmai ginjo sake yeast preparation!

Mild flavor while remaining firmly ginjo、Sour、Sweet、Good balance of flavor、Taste極meta temper of good liquor.

Special junmaishu sake sea x "wine glass:RIEDEL (Riedel).

So here is that gem was awarded the gold medal "in the wine delicious sake Awards 2017' main divisions、Let's enjoy the home who also served in wine glasses!

Contract cultivation of Miyagi Prefecture, Miyama Nishiki 100% used、With a gentle mouth while the effect that a certain、A crisp and refreshing、A refreshing taste!

In the sea to drink menu
♦ "Octopus Carpaccio with" x "with:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga) gen 薄鉢 Φ230」
Thin slices of raw Octopus sashimi for、Tomato、Red yellow paprika、Soy-based and spicy Japanese style Salsa over chopped cucumber!

♦ "Eggplant and chili pepper fresh fried soaked in" x "with:Gaku Syakunaga 青白薄鉢Φ180」
Eggplant and cut in half, put the fine cuts on the surface、Every open hole, the chili pepper with a kitchen knife to stab pig butt、The deep fried。After the Slinger、SOMI and mellow and blend white bouillon with vinegar、Prepared with yuzu pepper flavor、Sprinkle finished for the summer and the chill in the fridge to marinate、Can the White Sesame Seeds just before serving to the table!

♦ "grilled sweetfish" x "with:Shimoo DesignShimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)Floating like round dish Φ 280 × H30.

♦ "red shrimp with sweet chili pepper and white mushrooms and spicy hot garlic Saute ' × ' instrument:Gaku Syakunaga áge Φ320"
Fit for Red Lobster shells with long sweet peppers and white mushrooms, and fried、Spicy sauteed with garlic.


♦ "Jinjiang fresh chicken wings in deep-fried" x "with:Gaku Syakunaga リバーシブルシャーレ Φ250」
Easier to eat than chicken wings、Has less fat than chicken wings in my favorites!
Toyama [Anan had soy sauce (usukuchi) "and sake (1:1-、Garlic、Add 摩ri and unloading of ginger put soak sprinkled on potato starch in a 20-minute fried chicken! Will squeeze the lemon or lime!

♦ "homemade bran' × ' instrument:Gaku Syakunaga gen 薄鉢 Φ180」
Was the bran in my house、Easy care because it can maintain in the refrigerator tsukemonowith。On this day、Overnight soaked cucumber and turnip.、Burdock and carrot、Eggplant、Carrots are very helpful!

To suitable for summer and refreshing taste of sake does not smack in the drink at dinner time while enjoying the summer! Thank you for the best summer!

Maserati Hamamatsu
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku, North Island town 772
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

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