WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU 第4回「Champagne Party @The thirty floor」開催


Every year the annualWINE CLUB HAMAMATSUIn summer the cool Fest 'Champagne Party "Even
Of the year2015On July 20, day of the (Monday) seaOf the holding、In the early 4th pick、
This year、"Okura Act City Hamamatsu"Of the 30 F"Paganini PAGANINI"And it was held at!
Altogether 41 species and be served champagne、"Experience of ChampagneThe theme "
RM of rare and old vintage selection。
Membership fees areHis solo 15000 YenAnd will be。
New experience of champagne、Finding the happy marriage enjoy soups。
The annual prestige champagne、
Perrier-jouet Belle Epoque、Anrigiraud fudsheine、Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill
Such as is provided。
Will participate every year champagne party.、
Every year can meet and what people do are fun!


"Paganini PAGANINI"Mr. a、Okura Act City HamamatsuThe located on the 30th floor、
Enjoy the panoramic views from the upper floors、
Is a 3-minute walk from within walking distance sky restaurant (80 seats) from Hamamatsu station where you will find the course!


Within the venue、8And placing the name hung round table、
In the main window、41And counter to provide the kind of champagne、
Hits various hors d'oeuvres and cooking on the other side.


Year after year、Are there party featuring familiar faces、
This year、And many people will be participating for the first time I've heard。
As Hamamatsu summer extravaganza、Think of Oita people gaining come!


As the opening ceremony、
The cooperation "Wine var van"ofKatsuya TeradaMr. more、Toward greetings!


First of all,、Table poured champagne toast。
2After the first Cup、1Have on hand two pieces of glass、
From stage 1 to stage 4 stages、
41Select the favorite things among the、Style in order to taste!


Champagne toast "Pierre-Simon Brut-CUIT'

Elected to the champagne toast、
This time、Champagne list has been presented to participantsNo.19The "Pierre Simon Brut-Cui"It is。
1730 year、Start cultivation at the Court bomb。
Using only pure fruit juice harvested from the best vineyards、
100% great Chardonnay confined finesse champagne。
Dense and powerful while、Flavor with subtle highlights.


Summer sun and pleasant form at the venue、
Yet on a bright afternoon is toast with champagne party start!


Stage 1、A standard Champagne is sequence 18、
The second stage、Built with only Chardonnay Blanc de Blanc 12 hits。
In the first stage、Became a US couple's Favorites、
Loved by England's Queen Victoria and Edward VII, received the name of "Royal"
No.6The "Joseph Perrier cuvee Royale"。
Pure fruit flavor and fragrance that combines an elegant Champagne。
In the second stage Favorites、
No.25The "Gronnje Blancs"。
He, Cecil gronnje beautiful BREW House lovingly、
And a rich fruity taste is a Blanc de Blanc offers a deeper flavor.


Always working as support staff for Champagne partySuganuma Guang LiangMr。
Wine is、It is strange that here are not full-time youth!


Only until recently in Tokyo "Akasaka Leverre"Is it to work had beenQingdao WataruSan。
"Smile Abent"Is acquainted with from the age、
So we came back to Hamamatsu、I look forward to this ahead of his swing.


3rd stage、Rose & Demi-sec champagne six hits。
Among them、No.31The "Anrigiraud rose"Very helpful!
United Kingdom Royal family and the Royal family, such as Monaco、That is loved by the people of the upper class of champagne
Rose was released in anrigiraud 2008。
Guests can enjoy the rich fruit flavors supported by thick eye village of red wines of the acid.


This time we are、Although not buffet style、As perfect for sipping your please feel free to、
Bite-sized Pinchos are provided mainly。
Is this roasted pork and marinated in salt malt、Moist and has finished, it was the most popular.


Bite-size pieces prepared in Western cuisine、
The Japanese taste、Tuna micuit,、Tosa built of skipjack tuna、
The Western tastes、Pork roast marinated in salt malt、In the Chinese taste、Spring roll was there!


Dish using seafood


Salt malt roasted pork




Stage 4、Prestige champagne are the long-awaited appearance!


No.37 "anrigiraud, fudsheine MV.
400Fedosheine reigns as the flagship of the historic years Henri Giraud。
Taste makes you feel sophisticated produced from grapes of good quality and craftsmanship。
N0.38 2002"Belle Epoque"
Creative bottles in 1902, designed by Emile Galle。
In the floral style、A perfect friendship and Perrier-jouet style with the glorious Aroma essence。
No.39 "Charles heidsieck / Brut millésime 2000.
1851Year established。In the famous Maison EDAC claiming three、Known as the best of EDSAC、United Kingdom Royal family as well as around the Royal warrant。
2000Years is a big banner year for Champagne、Enjoy a sensual and delicate taste。
No.40 "Pol Roger because, Sir Winston Churchill 2000"
1849Year established。Made to give tribute to the Pol Roger-loving former British Prime Minister Churchill said
In the prestige cuvee、Taste meets elegance。
In this、PersonallyNo.40The "Pol Roger because, Sir Winston Churchill 2000"It was my favourite!
That was the highest amount is more than 30000 champagne 41 species in、
Not that we especially like to price、I could choose the one to suit your body。
41Is the lovely extravaganza can compare time drinking of champagne.


In the news、41Was written to and where you will find the kind of champagne、
Champagne list not listed only 40 species of champagne! (Mystery)
41 kind eyes end to decorate champagne、Become a blind tasting。
Invite you to this event、Chardonnay Mania 囲meta the tableKazuhiko Imai.、
1 pair of Toyohashi limited French "Wine&Cafe Natsume"The owner/chefNatsume, k..、
Has been a gallery in Toyohashi as well "Gallery sincerite"The ownerNojiri, Mariko.
All together when the mouth contains、Focuses on ages and breeds with a serious look to go (laughs)


The answer both the breed and the fine is、I guess.、
Each year only and is a wonderful gift presentation varieties containing only the answer.


Wine bar "Intimite アンティミテ"The owner sommelierTian Zhonglong-Kun、
Fine era1996 yearAnd so focused! (As you'd expect)
The prizes are、"Christian scene champagne Brut millésime"。
Split second、Everyone was behaving that won prizesDragonMr、Real is your man about town!


The same tableKazuhiko ImaiAnd I also like the Chardonnay is、Fine breed mix
75% Chardonnay、Pinot Noir 25%Has been focused and win prizes! (Terrible)
Product、Elegant Champagne fans。
Very similar is (laughs)


Always a nice summer dress 'ALAIN DESIGN Alan design"ofNakane Yasuharu.EmikoIs it with Mr. and Mrs. shot!


Evenings, birthday、When changing the hue of the sky、Party will be fun champagne party。
After this、Rush new store in town to provide covering fire for 3 pub crawl!
Next in line、Introduce the pattern!

Hamamatsu HAMAMATSU WINE CLUB wine club

Okura Act City Hamamatsu


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