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Small restaurant in the back streets of Viola, "Hannari"Mr.。"Hannari"And the、In the dialect of Kyoto"Classy"AndTrendy "In words that appear, such as、Its name as Japan dishes seasoned with tasteful are provided at a reasonable price。Using the shopkeeper morning market directly sourced seasonal ingredients、Cooking seafood in pottery, Tempura and sashimi、Recommend that pretty cool。 Isojiman in Shizuoka sake from Japan sake、Because there are a lot of sake such as various shochu, the sake which goes well with the dish is the owner'sMAKINOLet's you select.


Shop、Counter 6 seats、Table seats 4 people x 2 trim shop。The background music is moist jazz flowing、Indirect lighting lights create a cozy space.。On this day、I asked him to finish his meal before the photo shoot.、When I'm looking at the menu of a dish、From the owner, Makino-san"Would you like me to have a set meal?" 」And、He spoke to me.。It is very appreciated that you can just eat without drinking at night.。2Each person chooses one dish.、I decided to have it as a set meal♪


Assorted appetizer

Beautiful stomach-friendly appetizers served in colored fallen leaves。Daikon stew and sweet potato simmered in soup stock and gentle taste、Soaked with the scent of mizuna and carrot yuzu、Simmered hijiki seaweed、Ginko-ni。The season when ginkgo is delicious、I like to have fried ginkgo with salt.、Boiled food is also good with a gentle taste♪


"Oyster Fly"

Just、There was also an oyster specialty store called "Kaki Center" opened in the city.、I want to eat oysters and order oyster fries.。The clothes are crispy and the inside is very creamy with hot oysters.。I am very satisfied with five large oysters♪


"Grilled chicken with crispy yuzu pepper"

The skin surface of the ground chicken full of elastic body is finished crisply.、This one is also plump and juicy.。Served with a lot of yuzu pepper and spicy♪


"Rice and miso soup"

It would be really helpful if there is a small restaurant near the office that is easy to use because you can enjoy japanese cuisine with such a good balance! But、Next time, I want Makino-san to select and enjoy delicious sake with me.。I'll visit you again♪

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, former castle town 222-25 TEL:053-456-4008
Hours of operation:11:00-14:30 18:00-24:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku from Castle town 222-25

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