Hamamatsu, ringing Lake moving salt eyes party! Friends would gather, great thanks!

2018October 1, sanaruko Lake after moving to, and after 3 weeks early、10/21 (Sunday) 18: from the restless the accustomed to everyday life、Friends come to our House, we held the "moving salt eyes party"!

On the day of、Every time friends started.、Neighborhood, ringing around to become friends、All the way how from the East come's up to senior、Together for a total of 22、Possible roles of first party spend a very busy and fun time!

Is who owns the home on this day wearing flower arrangement、At the omuro style flower arrangement home is、Flower shop "flower&design SOWAKA (ソワカ)」のオーナーNagai Yuji heart (Yushin Nagai)Mr!

In the main dining room to decorate glass vase、And to fit the image of a soft impression of natural wood home、Plus the pomp of eustoma grandiflorum loveliness loveliness of wax flower and smokbush arrangement!

As a meet and greet in the hallway to hallway flowers、SOWAKA original tornado technique、Petrochemical broom、Giant nisogaram、Anthurium、The three roses、Hydrangea、Baseline、Temari grass flowers thanks for showing the best dance!

And、A favorite of Ryukyu-tatami floor、For the elliptic cylindrical tall two vases、Petrochemical celosia、Bell rose、To work in the artistic sense hydrangea with margins well look stunning!

In addition、The love bud vase、The dainty Anemone flower! In the sense of this mind Yu-kun had been facing! As is expected、Season with feeling、It is a good life with fresh bright colors all over the House!

Now、From the party about 3 days ago、Went to all sorts of places to buy、In the dishes they prepare、On the day from early in the morning until start sucking in kitchen、メインディッシュとなる「インドスパイスカレー3種」と12種類の料理の仕込みラッシュです!早めに来場してくれた料理好きのお友達が手伝ってくれたおかげで、I won't prepare、You could get around with everyone!

Cheers、"WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER (Panie sanarudai shop)"The ownerOno Tetsuya (Tetsuyoshi Ono)And I'm more chilled with kin in celebration "Miraval miraval coat-de-Provence, rosé", and available to everyone、We will be taking the liberty toast、Finally started!

I lade their concept "to meet、Be yourself、It said that。"Keep in mind、We join you in his solo alone introduction thank you for your、Of the "familiar" people "meet" and ask people to connect to the machine even better border control which、Cheers again!

Possible roles home moving salt eyes party hospitality food MENU
♦ Detox water
(Roselle、Lemon、Lime、3Types of mint)
♦ dilsalad persimmon and turnips with ham
(Persimmon、Turnip、Cured ham、Shikuwasa、Dill)
♦ Pinchos of cherry tomatoes and mozzarella basil
(High sugar content tomato Kaneko farm、Mozzarella in phthisis、Basil)
♦ cliche and honey nut canapes
(Wheat germ crackers、Cream cheese、Bokushi native Honey boy's honey nut 06)
♦ spicy potato cheese croquettes
(Potato、Onion、Minced pork、Cheese、Several spices)
♦ many mushrooms and Walnut Pate.
(Shiitake mushroom、Maitake mushroom、Pleurotus eryngii、Shimeji mushrooms、Brown mushroom、Walnut、Garlic、White wine、It pace、Baguette)
♦ Butternut pumpkin raisins salad
(Butternut squash、Raisins、Milk、Mayonnaise)
♦ moist chicken breast asparagus rolls
(Chicken breast on the eve of water marine was、Green asparagus、Rosemary oil)
♦ Spanish omelette
♦ Clam Chowder
(Clams、Seafood mix、Onion、Chinese cabbage、Carrot、Thick-cut Bacon、Garlic、Bouillon、Bechamel sauce)
♦ the mackerel and tomato Curry with rice
(Saba、Mix beans、Celery、Tomato、Several spices)
♦ Chicken Curry
(Onion、Tomato、Chicken thigh、Garlic、Ginger、Several spices)
♦ Chicken coconuts milk Curry
(Onion、Tomato、Chicken thigh、Coconut milk、Garlic、Ginger、Several spices)
♦ turmeric rice and naan bread
♦ Home white kimchi
(Chinese cabbage、Celery、Cucumber、Carrot、Salted kelp、Chili pepper)
♦ cheese
(Munster and cumin、Mimolette cheese、Roquefort)
♦ atorie MOMO cheesecake
♦ Nagano Prefecture industrial chain mascot

Hospitality wine、Their professional wine "winebtikkpanie" of 18 wines,、Foam 6、White 6、Us a balanced selection and Red 6、Great wine list carefully who wrote book 1 book 1 comments so far、Like our wine you enjoyed each freely!

Fun while really quickly that went gone on between、24Justification of the dishes are fine up to seem to clean up and、24Wine and sake becomes empty、If last guest is seen off the time was 25 at midnight!

From the friends who participated.、It would have gotten it to celebrate with a nice sense、Also、Cancelled due to work participation difficult people purposely mailed celebration products in advance,、Thank you for your warm concern cannot be on 1 thank you!

Also、Is expected to continue various interesting programs、The Home Office, and because we are also the Salon generally tend to wait at home for、Near you to think travelers would stop by please feel free to come! I look forward to!

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