Atami Fufu in Japan's finest Spa lounge renewal and enrichment facilities


Atami StationIt is located just a short distance while、Away from the hustle and bustle of the city、
Come surrounded by woods of the shrine、
Quietly standing hot spring inn "Atami Fufu"。
Full room 26To60M2 or moreThe suite specification、
In all guest rooms、And the spring of Atami homemade hot springs open-air bath Onsen ryokan。
In this Inn surrounded by luxurious、Seeking a contemporary comfort、
Friendly ryokan in Japan and、
The service with an emphasis on privacy of Western hotel was fused "RYOKAN style"As of the service has been based。
This time the、Such "Atami FufuEnhancement to that will introduce the facility ♪ of "


Front lobby

Colours and black and white.、Flow's quiet time、Lobby space to shoot。


In the lobby "Atami Fufu"The staff are employed and、
White Ponzu restaurant offers and onion dressing、In the sweet "Atami Fufu"The original Japanese-style confection、
And、Karashi mentaiko offers breakfast,、
Atami products including、Quality products are sold.


Room Fragrance


Blood orange jelly Ya
Glad to food to beauty, such as apple vinegar


"Atami Fufu" original sweets
Kudzu starch cake with、Rice crackers, etc.


"Japanese restaurant YUMEOTO"

Click here for dinner、3One can choose from styles、
Modern restaurant sum "YUMEOTO"In private or semi private seating in pleasant and including Japan food、
Or、By feeling the live Teppanyaki meals、
Or、Japan dishes in your room!


If you are experienced in the renowned restaurant and luxury hotel elegantly、
With seafood and fresh ocean waters with plenty of seasonal fruits and ITO, 漁reta、
Are taking advantage of the natural area filled with、
You can enjoy Japanese cuisine that is provided by the elegant and delicate dish dish ♪


Through our lobby、And proceed to the right hand corridor of the new building "MOMONOKA"To the Let's。
Walked down the corridor and still、Never too much guest pass。
Many guests、You can almost leave the room without、
I heard it's time spent。
On the way、Also of convenience stores to buy a little、
Because like all who undertake Butler、It's no wonder no one step from the room as well!
It is hospitable great service ♪


"Atami FufuIs a newly new tow milestone of 7 anniversary ","MOMONOKA"Building、
2013On December 22 (Sun)From、2Rooms and lounge "TAKA"Added、
In addition、Open roof-top terrace you can admire the fireworks in Atami.


I feel the babble and the freshness of the forest of the river
Rooftop terrace of the open-air space "TSUKUYOMI"。
Whilst viewing the Moon after dinner drink or、
To decorate the Atami summer nights Fireworks day、And enjoy a great location、
In the Green silence、You can enjoy the Fireworks soar in the sky.


The new building bar "TAKA"Was moved from the main building、
Easy to spend on leisurely than ever lounge "TAKA"To reborn ♪


Shop、During the tranquillity of floating feel moist and the atmosphere、We produce a warm cozy space。
And again as a LOUNGE BAR、It is possible to use alcohol is a good way。
Here Let's decided to ask after a meal ♪


To respect the privacy box seats、
Toward the garden, so you can place、Design steps and、
Deep deep green garden views from all seats、Has been furnished private feeling.


New Building "MOMONOKA"Out、"KAZENOKA"、"TSUKINOTO"The end past the building where、
Public baths and spa facilities are available ♪


2Spa facilities on the floor、Originating in Japan "Spa by Sisley"Next、
It can not experience the very best the effect of Sisley products to maximize the infinite power that the plant brings to the skin
The ♪ offers a treatment menu


The Sisley Spa、In this "Atami Fufu"And、Amadeus 'Hakone Suishoen"Can only be。
Soothing massage by skilled estheticians and good、You can expect immediate lead Sisley products power。
After counselling by a specialist who knows your skin、
Please suggest the best course to suit guest ♪


Produce high-quality skin care products、1976France this year、Founded in Paris "SISLEY"。
Many of the masterpieces、Born from the fusion and the beauty of Botany (fit cosmetology) and advanced technology。
The "immediate" and "safety" valued more than anything else and only products、
The ♪ us to maximize the infinite power that the plant brings to the skin


Popular menus、In the original massage with hot new menu started from last year、
While it warms the body from、Loosen the stiffness of the body with a mixed with Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu practitioner
"Relaxing Expert Treatment"Next I。
Also、After carefully massage back up from the back of the foot、You can enjoy the Sisley facials
"Phyto Aromatic & Anti-Aging Treatment"Also is very popular。
Supremÿa using luxury、Anti-aging facial treatments menu
"Supuremiya facials trout Molecular Massage"Even made a new start、
In a unique technique to stimulate muscles, using the Palm of your hand and arm with fingers、
It led me to clean and firm bright skin with a resilient after treatment ♪


1On the floor、Public baths for men and women "KIRI" And "SAKURA"Even and、System replaced the morning!


In another woman's replacement-bath。
Though all rooms fitted with bath、Not much visitors。
Both powder and bath is the compact size、
To monopoly is the happy feeling of size!
Towel、All amenities are provided and、Particularly good for、
The rooms can be bathing in Mihitotsu it ♪


Indoor and outdoor baths、And、Dry sauna rooms are also equipped with。
Homemade spring due to enjoy the abundant quantity of water、
Colourless transparent water spring、Calcium、Sodium、Sulfate、And chloride、
Gently also has excellent skin-beautifying effect per mellow skin ♪


After a stay at bath free drink service is。
In room refrigerator more than、As well as beer、Coffee milk is good taste to it!
Now、Next in line、Introduces the different types of rooms.

Atami Fufu
Location:Shizuoka Atami-city minakuchi-Cho 11-48

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