Source rack sink stand bathroom Atami Fufu has 26 rooms of different category rooms introduction!


Atami StationIt is located just a short distance while、Away from the hustle and bustle of the city、
Come surrounded by woods of the shrine、
Quietly standing hot spring inn "Atami Fufu"。
Full room 26To60M2 or moreThe suite specification、
In all guest rooms、And the spring of Atami homemade hot springs open-air bath Onsen ryokan。
In this Inn surrounded by luxurious、Seeking a contemporary comfort、
Friendly ryokan in Japan and、
The service with an emphasis on privacy of Western hotel was fused "RYOKAN style"As of the service has been based。
This time the、Such "Atami FufuWe will introduce the four types of rooms "♪


Comfort Suite Twin Comfort Suite Twin (71.9m²)

"Atami FufuIs a newly new tow milestone of 7 anniversary ","MOMONOKA"Building、
2013On December 22 (Sun)From、2Rooms in the rooms "MIZU" And "HATSUhas been added。
New building the first floor of the Comfort Suite Twin "MIZU"We will let visitors!


The two rooms that were added、In addition to the indoor bath in the room of the private source sink、
A balcony is installed on both sides of the room.、
When i opened the window, the wind of the soft forest came through the room.、Open and comfortable space spreads out。
There was seating at the foot of twin beds and tables、
Has been placed can enjoy TV monitor either bed or sofa。
By original lighting covered the warm lights at night、
It creates a different atmosphere and during the day ♪


Daybed patio also provides、ANS offers relaxing Onsen、
In the open-air bath space、Guests can enjoy a long bath.


Luxury Suite Twin Luxury Suite Twin (96.9m²)

This superlative rooms on the first floor building of Fuka inn "NEGAU"We will let visitors!


At the facility boasts a breadth of 96.9 m ²。
Hardwood floor dining area and sofa space are provided、
It is a full-featured room in pursuit of comfort ♪


The chic and modern independent bedroom、And place the twin、
It offers a spacious space ♪


The bath、"JAXSON"In providing vibra-bath (Eddy current bath equipment)、
Enjoy a bubble bath、
In addition、There are mist luxury!


On the spacious terrace、Foot bath、Bath、Is good standard prepared three different types of hot water bath.、
In the bath、Guests can relax comfortably in the Latin round love sofa。
In the summer、Order outside the beer bath is pleasant looks.


In this room、
Specially"Chocolatier EauRouge chocolatier Au RougeChocolate has is ready for "♪


Stylish Suite Twin Stylish Suite Twin (63.8m²)

This stylish suite twin on the second floor building of the inn star lights
"KAORU"We will let visitors!


Bedroom with twin beds、
With ample depth、
2That floor also available、You can experience the good feelings in the pleasantly sun lit the awakening!


The stylish class and are available in nestled between the rare 2 ♪


The powder room bathroom、
It offers a stand-alone shower room and Ishifuro ♪


Prior to、Baths Western-style room was renovated in the sum of ishiburo、
Tub be 1.4 times so far、
In addition、Stool is also located、Sitz baths while the forest you can enjoy!


Stylish Suite Twin Stylish Suite Twin (65.1m²)

Stylish suite twin on the first floor building of Hatsuka here inn
"KONBE"We will let visitors!


Bamboo forest overlook the twin bedroom、Rooms have a serene atmosphere。


It is available dug kotatsu type of Japanese-style extensible comfortably feet ♪


Stylish and are equipped with modern powder room ♪


Foot bath and soak water with to enjoy the bath damp、
The foot bath soak、It is believed to have relaxing and looking at bamboo garden。
Former manager of here's a、Currently, of Toyama is "GARAKUIt can be served as the general manager of "
DAISUKE MATSUMIYAWho will be responsible for planning and design、Built up "KONBE"The、
I heard particularly have a fondness。
The other day、GARAKUIn proceeding to、MATSUMIYAIs going on regarding the construction of the time and、
Remove from France who was indebted to its original name、
This room name "KONBE"And could even hear the backstory was focused。
Bamboo balance is also considered as the gardener、Boasts a wonderful landscape!
Enjoy relaxing foot bath、After taking a bath couch in time to spend also cosy time will be.


"Atami Fufu"The rooms are、26 rooms and equipped with homemade spring bath open-air bath room、
All60~100㎡The suite is spacious。
Decorated with simple harmony modern interior、Room layout and design are all different、
Charm is overflowing.、And how many times you visit you can enjoy。
Now、Next in line、I'll show you the atmosphere of the night when the sun goes down.

Atami Fufu
Location:Shizuoka Atami-city minakuchi-Cho 11-48

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