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"Japanese restaurant YUMEOTO"

"Atami Fufu"Now、You can choose from two Japan dishes or grilled course dinner。
No dress code in the restaurant、Is possible after check-in to use with a yukata kimono、
It is available in some rooms enjoy dinner in your room。
(To advance to the approximately)
The teppan-yaki、Only 5 tables for、That book always fight to get more popular。
This time we are、Thousands of Sen no Rikyu "wabi-sabiThe theme "、Dinner with ingredients selected by the chef himself, provided
Japanese restaurant "YUMEOTO"In the I want to enjoy the cuisine of Japan。

Japanese cuisine "YUMEOTO"


Atami's food menu、Izu、While the ingredients of everywhere、And you can enjoy a seasonal menu、
Of Chef Good "Gem of specialties"Plus course。
Japan food、In the style of the original Kettle cooked rice per table.、
Is to finish in front of staff, such as stews and grilled dish during the production.、
And offers with the five senses。
Ideal for use, such as your birthday or wedding anniversary ♪


Counter seating

Modern contemporary design。
Private and inside seating、
Counter seating 6 style 1、Table cell 3、Becomes a luxurious private room 3。


Table and a half private room

No stress table seating so take off your shoes women、
Also semi private rooms for guests from abroad, you can use the table type。
Open the sliding doors、The appearance of the courtyard。


Atami Fufu chef:Kawabata Fuminori Fuminori Kawabata

Of seasonal ingredients in the Center、Its smell and taste of the material、
The soup stock、To maximize flavor and taste, focusing on local high-quality bonito。
Instead of flashy presentation、Memorable dishes to belief in pleasant blot、Smell pleasant spots、
Can be expressed in taste and spirit you should try is that it is。


Digging kotatsu type of Japanese-style room

And wrapped in a luxurious room with tatami mat Japanese room、
This time、Our dinner room。
Foot is also happy that dug kotatsu formula enjoy dining in a comfortable style with Orose ♪


11March 9The、Sometimes my 42-year-old birthday、And whats the ryokan than happy celebrations!
Staff us responsible for our tableSuzukiMr. from、I have charged the indescribably lovely flower arrangement! (Happy)
Surrounded by fragrant pink rose、Even cheeks slightly red dyed very will。
SuzukiMr. a、Been assigned here, exactly five years and would like、
Former manager of here's a、Currently, of Toyama is "GARAKUIt can be served as the general manager of "
DAISUKE MATSUMIYAMs. both、At that time、Both works made so。
MATSUMIYASan、SuzukiSan had been very Take care likely ♪


Further good news is that、To cheers and celebrationChampagnePreparing、
Husband and ♪ that I was also up to two commemorative photo (thanks inspiring)


France Champagne

200With years of history while his family、
Spared no effort in quality for exactly what should be called a "handicraft works of art"、
Of rare Maison has been making elaborate Champagne "LOUIS ROEDERER"。
The freshness and maturity、Combining elegance with strength、
Is the main attraction was appeasing the element relative to the fine balance of。
The rich taste、Charming champagne best offers as well in the neighborhood!


Using fresh seasonal ingredients、Amount on a monthly basisKawabata ChefYour shinagaki of the whole body。



We have、This time from Japan ceramists in Toyama's friend
"Gaku Shakunaga"For had to bring instruments of-Kun、
Click hereKawabata ChefAlso"To travel with the series"And entitled、
In his work "Black glaze series dish" And "Tree-ring series"Introduce、
"YUMEOTOBoth dishes and "we have to collaboration! (Thanks inspiring!)
Annual ring dishTo fit、Us picking the leaves all the way from the back Woods、
Appetizer was please decorate so that you can enjoy a sense of the season along with the small bowl!
GakuReally cum with、Will close and both Western and Japanese!


Contact Kakiage narrowing morphisms cheese Hiragai
Sushi of shrimp and greens


Of Whirlpool kelp
Thonburi grated yam seat


Egg custard of crab
Raw seaweed stuffing


Marinated Fuji trout and mushroom
Parent-child served with salmon roe


Shiraae of arrowhead and Seri
The sauce mascarpone


It was immersed chrysanthemum chrysanthemum
Served with fried dried squid


"True length of onion and ginger"
When flax bran gold ginseng axis prostrata

A bowl of、Enjoy the scent of the moment I opened the lid of Bliss:。
To myogadani accents with rich sweet onion dumpling、
So with yuzu citrus flavor、Obtained from kelp and bonito、Enjoy in a soup of slightly sweet。
It will be accompanied by a soft sesame-off and color vivid red kidney Jikuren grass carrot of soggy and the texture ♪


Sashimi "the tuna Ishigaki sea bream sakhalin surf clam"

This tuna, Daikoku book with shimeji mushrooms。
The stone sea bream、Miscellany soy (soy sauce cemented as one) and cut small、Must be accompanied by。
The assorted、Sweet boobs tits enjoy balmy vinegar jelly with vinegar Tachibana miso!


"Natural wasabi Asked soy sauce white ponzu Amagi"

Tianyu is the Izu specialtiesNatural wasabiThe、In front of shark skin grater, grate grated、Provide freshly grated。
So we have two kinds of feedback soy sauce and Ponzu sauce white、We will fit your taste。
A homemade white Ponzu sauce、Fish and squid, and soy sauce is!


"Bullion second sea bream baked Wakasa"
Imoto shrimp fried Manganji pepper
Fried yellow leek and pea sprout

Fried with fried sweet potato shrimp and red pepper、Served with scallion and stir fried bean seedlings、
Enjoy a snapper 漁reta at Wakasa yaki。
Here you will、Black glaze series dishWas please to match the two! (Thanks!)
Sutachibana will squeeze and Kyu ♪


Sommelier Takashi Yamamoto

This time the、And we bring the wine celebration、
The sommelierTakanori YamamotoIs going to be chanting。
(Wine corkage:14, 000 yen)
Here you will、Not to mention a griddle-cooked beef、Japan specialties, also delicious wine
The sommelierYamamotoWho has been selected for、Leave the pairing will be even better!


"Brunello di Montalcino, Tenuta Nuova 2010 Casanova di Neri "Tuscany, Italy

"Casanova of Blacks"The、By Giovanni Neri, acquired the vineyard in Montalcino、
1971Founded in the family-run Winery。
And earn the highest rating among Tuscany's most famous Brunello di Montalcino、
"Wine Advocate magazine"The won the 100 point wines、
As the successor of Antonio galloni、Was responsible for the Italy wine at wine enthusiast
For the first time Ms. Monica Lerner、As Robert Parker points、100Wines with a score will be。
It is a wine wholesaler in Toyama is a husband's family
"Cave l ' onde"ofDaisuke AsanoAnd I to pick your birthday wine。
Feel the rich black fruit、Balanced tannins、
Feel powerful and mellow、Is a lingering wines in an elegant taste.


"Supuni of Japanese beef and turnip"
White onions yuzu pepper

Kuroge Wagyu cheek was soft sweetness with lumps and turnip soup boiled、
And served with finely chopped white onion and yuzu citrus peel、Enjoy a spicy yuzu soup in!


Your last meal、Cooked in a clay pot 1.5 if enough table
Seasonal kettle cook you can have rice ♪


"The rice cooked barracuda and lotus root."
Yamagata Prefecture Tsuyahime novice

Using the new shiny Princess, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan、
With Lotus root with trefoil marinated slow cooked rice。
Shiny Princess fluffy cooked rice、Is a large sticky flavor grains of rice!


"cooked rice"
Pickles red soup

Mix shredded process、The condensed flavor rice、Provides common。
We drink lightly、I think rice and Chow down for supper at。
(Once you give rice、Back in the room and、Table is prepared with a towel、It was very cold! )
The miso soup、In the evening's appetizer、Provided the miso in the morning、Will big mushroom soup with dried wheat gluten。
Finish with homemade pickles、So far my diet、After this、Lounge "TAKA"To hear and tell you、
"Sweet Would you like over there?"And recommended this。
In it、Next lounge "TAKA"In the、I want to enjoy long nights of autumn!

Atami Fufu
Location:Shizuoka Atami-city minakuchi-Cho 11-48

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