Atami Fufu Japanese and Western breakfast is parkroyal on Kitchener road room comfortably beaten.


Atami Onsen inn "Atami Fufu"The breakfast is、Choose either Japanese or Western breakfast、
In addition、Restaurant "YUMEOTO"Or room becomes possible、
Towards 8:00 ~ 11:00Time to leave the pre-reserved in ♪ of


So last night I enjoyed the restaurant、Breakfast is、In the room "And towards food"I asked。
From the style of excavation kotatsu type spacious legroom、Enjoy the verdant landscape、
Pleasant Chaoyang will plug ♪


8:00In the breakfast room, spacious。
On the table、Is a style of lacquerware in Japanese。
No is never more、
We have booked a full-course lunch、Now with moderate volume。
After a meal、Check-out time11When (late check-out for an extra charge also available)Until the、
Hot springs up in fun、I think even just relaxing!


"Fresh mixed juice"

Fresh mixed drink、Mango and orange mix、
Good balance of acidity and sweetness、Ideal as an eye-opener!


"Pesticide-free vegetable salad"

Fresh lettuce、Potherb mustard、Red cabbage、Broccoli、Cucumber、Eggplant、Tomatoes and other vegetables salad、
Enjoy a feeling of appetite、We will with homemade onion dressing。
Mild onion dressing、Are sold at souvenir shops.


"Cut fruit"

The morning is the fruit、Pineapple、
Kiwi fruit、Ruby grapefruit、And pears!


Pottery "mackerel in miso grilled Shirasu and bonito"

Grilled mackerel in miso ingredients: with、Happy with the grated radish。
Boiled in Shirasu、Sauce, topped with bonito、Human drool soy sauce。
Taste is fine and、Want rice!


It simmered "fried out of the red snapper and taro"

The deep-fried Snapper with Taro、Shiitake mushroom、Snow peas served with color。
It is a soft, braised red snapper and soggy and the taro enjoy texture ♪


"I put raw sea urchin squid"

Squid with sweet on luxuriously thick Sea Urchin tastes together,。
Wrapped in shiso leaf were laid、Together and delicious!


"Sauce of the soup stock winding egg"

Is the egg broth rolls moist and、Will be in the 餡掛ke are thick!


"I served with spinach you soaked Kanimi"


Of chef pride "homemade roe"




According to the time of the breakfast、Earthen pots boiled as arranged。
We'll have white rice cooked in a clay pot ♪


Contact us、Last night as rookie of the radiant Princess, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan。
Shiny Princess seeking taste of rice or more rice of Yamagata Prefecture、
10Over the years, has developed。
And the favorable external environment, refreshing spring water generate heavy snowfall and temperatures、
The glossy white that is grown in the fertile、2010Debuted in。
After、In the ranking of rice、5Special A highest ranking has been ranked in consecutive years.


"White shiny Princess、With miso soup.

Including "Koshihikari"、The radiant Princess to inherit the "tail of the turtle" is the founder of delicious rice、
The gleaming white big grain、Flavor and fragrance is spread.、
Have even enjoying the sticky、Taste of luxury spreads in the mouth。
Because it contains more than from any other variety flavor ingredients、
So if you fancy、Flavor is spreading.、Delicious Rice alone also satisfied, it is!


"Atami News"

A newspaper was so、The local "Atami News"I asked。
Morning、When I opened the box for passing in the hallway、
I have been in with a nice message cards。
Now、Before meals、Now it's time for the check-out.

Atami Fufu
Location:Shizuoka Atami-city minakuchi-Cho 11-48

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