Onsen Ryokan "Atami Fufu" attractive to interview the general manager! Atami prospects to re-break!


Atami StationIt is located just a short distance while、Away from the hustle and bustle of the city、
Come surrounded by woods of the shrine、
Quietly standing hot spring inn "Atami Fufu"。
Full room 26To60M2 or moreThe suite specification、
In all guest rooms、And the spring of Atami homemade hot springs open-air bath Onsen ryokan。
In this Inn surrounded by luxurious、Seeking a contemporary comfort、
Friendly ryokan in Japan and、
The service with an emphasis on privacy of Western hotel was fused "RYOKAN style"As of the service has been based。
It's a tradition every year、My11MoonThe birthday trip、This time here "Atami Fufu"To bother you and、
While relaxing and enjoying hot springs、
♪ that I was allowed to spend time healing full of private feeling


Subdued modern overlooking the courtyard lounge。
This time the、Here's General ManagerYasuyuki KanamaruAnd I hear a story from Mr. ♪


Of general manager Kanamaru Yasuyuki (Yasuyuki Kanamaru) Mr.

This time、Former manager of here's a、
Currently, of Toyama is "GARAKUIt can be served as the general manager of "
Daisuke MatsumiyaIs it to introduce、
Of general managerYasuyuki KanamaruAnd I was holding。
KanamaruMr. a、Born in Osaka in Kansai、After graduating from the College of hotel、
Yokohama's Minato Mirai's loaded about 10 years training at the hotel、Please rim, are taking on the incumbent。
"I Shimitsui to learn in that have a long experience of hospitality industryIndecision"The Japan hospitality while carefully、
In all "rapid"To be so that is early。
The original、The bartender was inKanamaruAnd it's behaviour is very beautiful、
Take a step back, but、To sweep me like、
Is the warm support。


Heart horsetail of Mentakumi
Vine Tontan


Kafuu Resort Fuchaku


Clean sea and the four seasons Shun-mi
Nagasaki Onsen peace Iojima

"Atami FufuIs run a ""Ltd. Kato Pleasure Group"The、
"joy"And in total production company creating、
Hotel business、Restaurant business、Hot operations、Be operated in public works projects, such as the four pillars、
Specializing in leisure business development。
Of the representativeTomoyasu KatoMr. a、As the managers keep a dream come true "Let the fun job in the world!"And chanting、
As well as efforts to bring joy to many of our customers who come、
Client is owned by them as well please、
And、Also the motivation of the staff engaged in higher、
To individual staff "joy to work"You could have、Power has been poured for the development、
As a result the、Three "Satisfaction"Professional collective are try to provide an environment and。


ATAMI Haifeng House


ATAMI Sekaie


Hakone Suishoen

This time the、Hotel Amadeus is operated in
"Hakone Suishoen"、"Haifeng House"、"Sekaie"、"Ise Shenzhen"、"Atami Fufu"And、
Able to ask each possess charm。
Atami、Current、AtamiMomentum has launched tourism promotion Division、
"Surprisingly AtamiI am re-break the concept of catch phrase "!
In the shade、The economy was born in Atami and Atami grow Atami City tourismMountain 田久贵Mr. called
1Of the human male "God correspondence"And to say much of the、
Atami is than last year、Film and drama、From the variety of information "LocationWe have received a hot support as "!
And、The more exposure to the media、The approach links immediately, Atami, PR、
I've heard the numbers surprise guest is buzz around 200000 people increased (approximately 7.4% YOY) in the previous year。
From this、Atami will be increasingly in the spotlight。
In such Atami、Want you to know we are looking for a hotel "Atami Fufu"。


Of general managerKanamaruSankarea we have heard a wonderful story in、
Now checkout time。
Room check-out is possible、Only the luggage room to come、
Spoofing the check-out at the front lobby ♪



So it can get crowded check-out times、
Please spend with a margin in time ♪


I will sign the check-out after confirming the contents of the use during their stay ♪

Still a little early in the autumn leaves11MoonOf the Atami、
Sea near Motohiko、A quiet hotel surrounded by nature in the mountains and forests of the Atami、
Relax and soak in the hot springs、Can a private feeling peace time、
♪ that I was allowed to refresh mentally and physically

Kanemaru's started.、Staff、Very helpful! (Thanks! )

Atami Fufu
Location:Shizuoka Atami-city minakuchi-Cho 11-48


  1. Masanori ikejima Kazumi

    3To take care now to Atami Fufu。Very nice trip like、Is never to repeat or following desire fukei column location go to want to become。

  2. lade

    Mr. Masanori ikejima
    Thanks for your comment! Atami Fufu is very popular as well as a retreat.。Lake Kawaguchi opened new Fufu that here wonderfully space further recommended, will come.


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