All-suite room, "Atami Fufu" Comfort Suite King Double "TOKI" room introduction


Atami Onsen inn "Atami Fufu"In the、
rooms now become indebted to "HOSHINOAKARISecond floor most will be in the back of the building of "
Comfort Suites King Double "TOKI"It is。
Click here26RoomRead phonetic equivalent in most of the rooms are many、
Luxury Suite Twin "NEGAU"Or、
Comfort Suite Twin "SUSUMU"、
Stylish Suite Twin "MAKOTO"、
Stylish Suite King Double "ITSUKUSHI"And、
It is not read as it is the Chinese character also is one of the features ♪


Without the use of the auto-lock key, etc.、Put the key in the door classic type。
Room names are carved, and、A chic touch key ring、In ajiro, Atami city "The West Island woodworking"I have been worked ♪


Open entrance、On the right hand side、For passing a utility box and room service are provided、
Ask for the morning newspaper who takes from here。
Can I get back in the mirror to check the appearance stool、There are shoe box、Spacious hallway around。
In front of the door、And toilet、Go to your room and from the left hand door.


In fragrances、Germany fren glass brand "LINARI"Adopted、
Each provides a fit the image of the room。
LINARIThe、It has in-born designer GermanyRainer DierscheThe fragrance is designed、
In a neat and have combined with my beauty、By applying leading-edge technology、
Also known as an exceptional fragrance unparalleled in other。
Simple, stylish bottle、Made of high quality glass of Italy、
The lid is Maple.、African Wenge、Are made, then processing trees zeavola。
To here your room "ESTATE"The smell。
Brilliant summer pastures and lemon flavor、Colours and nuances of the succulent green breeze scent、
Sensual topped with delicate amber and musk base notes。
Its aroma is、Healing and comfort give me good、Guests can pamper themselves feel relaxed!


Comfort Suites King Double "TOKI"The area is、73.4m ²
60 square meters over the full 26 roomThe suite promises only、Relaxing atmosphere。
Beside the living room sofa,、
Kazuo Hori kotatsu style and provide a modern room、Respond to the response of the room。
In that lay out the futon in Japanese、Capacity: 4 persons maximum of is available.


The bedroom from the living room through。
Living room and bedroom became the independent、Unleash the restless modern Japanese colors。
The Interior is、Foreign hotel projects active mainly Tokyo-based
"M-Style, Inc."ofMasafumi SanadaWho has been in charge.


In the table、Hotel brochures and、Includes two books Guide summarizes the menu for room service, etc.、
Next to it、"Business World, Inc."He has
I have in English of Restaurant magazine to recommend the Tokyo restaurant one-of-a-kind
"WINING & DINING IN TOKYO"Has been placed、
Recommended restaurants information chosen by the Japanese living in Western human editor is packed ♪


Of the capsule type "NESPRESSO"The machine has adopted、
12Types of capsules each provides 3 capsules each、This is the full lineup!
Guests can enjoy a coffee break to your liking ♪


Coffee cup "Richard Ginori"


Tumbler and Wine Glass


All drinks in the fridge will be free and、
A rich new summer Orange d link、Onsen Temple insider、Shizuoka popular、Izu mineral waters、
Asahi premium mature's、There are sparklingnaturalumineralwater of team Gerolsteiner。
Even tea cake has cooled、It is nice at times like you care!
On the inside of the door、The trial also has refrigerated、Looking forward to the Beer bath time!


Magazines intellectual magazine for adults "ACT4 (Act Four)"And
"PEACOCK"、"NILE’S NILE"And provides、
Good sense can ask ♪


The tea cake was prepared、
"Atami FufuOriginal "of"Matcha kudzu starch cake"And
"Chocolatier EauRouge chocolatier Au Rouge"The two dryfruitchoco。
Carpe diem-flavored taste with powdered green tea of Shizuoka Prefecture、That is a very tasty kudzu starch cake with、
In the spring limited as "Sakura kudzu starch cake"、In the summer "Apricot jelly"、In autumn "Maron kudzu starch cake"Provides a、Have fun in every season。
1Has been sold at a souvenir shop in the lobby、
Since the very reasonable and is recommended to those souvenir ♪

"Matcha kudzu starch cake"
1Number 160 yen / 1Box (8 pieces) 1,300 yen (tax included)


"Asahi Premium Jukusen"

JukusenThe、Preparation to the finest ingredients、In the long term of ripening premium beer、
You can enjoy fine aroma and deep flavor ♪


A snack serving as a fully stocked refreshment Cabinet、42Type "SHARP"The AQUOS、
"PioneerHome theater system has been the introduction of "♪


Equipped with CD/DVD player、To be chosen from the list of CD/DVD、
The Butler brings us so、Relax and enjoy movies in the room!


Bed、"Sealy" And "Simmons"Of the two companies has been introduced、
Different for every room。
King size bed、In the sense of size and in sofar as
The ♪ gives us a pleasant sleep


To the bedside、Eizo Nanao Corporation the familiar design electronics brand on a PC display
"EIZO"For there are DVD players built-in stand TV、
"A question about the image quality was built、Resistance to sound too decorated、Question to emphasize only the flat "and pursue、
This TV is designed。
"Bang&Olufsen (Bang&Olufsen)"Stylish and remind us of what has、
Not too much and assert their presence even in a simple space design characteristics。
In addition、"SHARPAir cleaner is the comfortable are equipped of plasma cluster of "♪


In the closet、Males have yukata。
Yukata、Belt、Tabi、Good sense of the glove compartment、Also in this yukata is!
That would be only 1 room、
Need a change of clothes?、Please provide a contact Butler!


In simple desk、
This design is housed and refreshing on the wall and so as not to disturb ♪


On the desk、Smartphones and tablets、Pocket Wi-Fi equipment to accommodate、
Various types of USB are available ♪


And also separate rest rooms and spacious building、
Automatic opening and closing with a bidet、Glad you provided a compact hand wash!


From the style of excavation kotatsu type spacious legroom、Enjoy the verdant landscape。
Also available in Japanese-style tatami and Western-style living room sofa、It works because it's spacious rooms is.


Hammock on the terrace。
While taking a break after bath、In a hammock rocked by the forest can be enjoyed.


Charm ♪ of even unique hammock of spend leisurely reading time like this


Taking a shower of green bamboo covering、Enjoy plenty of negative ions.


On the terrace、There was a spring of Atami homemade hot-spring baths、Different guise in every room。
To enjoy the hot springs for a long time、Other amenities include TV monitor。
Here is、And the hot-spring resort boasts a number of accommodation facilities and staff of the leading national、
The history of open water、From now on about 1,250 years ago and very old、
In the Edo period、We have been loved by managers and the Tokugawa Ieyasu Tokugawa Shogun。
Spring quality、In a weakly alkaline a reputation for beautiful skin、
When you bathe、To be moist, smooth skin、Boasts a very popular Spring woman!

[Spring quality and efficacy of the hot spring]
Spring Quality:Calcium-sodium-sulfate-chloride Onsen
Efficacy:Neuralgia、Joint pain、Paralysis、Stiff joints、Chronic digestive disease、For example, fatigue recovery。


Equipped with stylish, modern powder room、
In addition to the full-height glazing、On the left side、Women's make-up includes nice Magnifier。
Thick, full volume、Extremely soft and absorbent hand、Face、Bathrobe in towel。
And、Of separate male and female toiletries and bath item becomes complete.、
It has been prepared for the woman "SISLEY"Company of basic cosmetics pouch You can take home ♪


Thailand originated spa original brand cosmetics "THANNThe Body Milk Oriental essence of Ya "
Hand SOAP、Cotton、Variety of cotton swabs.


Hand Towels & cup


Toiletries for men Goods


Women amenity goods


"Vidal SassoonDryer "


Carl dryer and iron ironing


"TANITA"Health meter


Shower booth seating in the room、
Yutouya and chairs will feel the warmth of natural wood seems inn ♪


Shampoo has 備etsukerete in the shower bath item、Conditioner、Body wash、
Of the same Thailand departure and body cream spa original brand cosmetics "THANN"By providing、
It is wrapped in oriental scent with exotic ♪


With our special services、
Bus item "THANN"For there are other list。
"L'OCCITANE"、"Mila Schon"、
"AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES"、"Shiseido TSUBAKI"And children are provided、
If you request a Butler will delivered to the room。
I、"THANN"The more distinctive aroma of exotic、
Gorgeous and gentle fragrance of flowers is attractive "L'OCCITANE"The preferable for、
♪ that I was allowed to request


Any time、Not to feel hesitant to whom、Wrapped in a private hot-spring time。
And pleasantly birdsong、Close your eyes and listen to sound of trees 葉音、There is another paradise。
Now、Next in line、"Atami FufuThe facility is an introduction ♪ of "

Atami Fufu
Location:Shizuoka Atami-city minakuchi-Cho 11-48

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